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The logo of designer footwear and clothing Tommy Hilfiger is presented in the form of an international maritime flag, symbolizing the letter H. The graphics represent an attractive emblem, emphasizing the company’s core values and reflecting its historical heritage.

Tommy Hilfiger: Brand overview

Founder:Tommy Hilfiger
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tommy Hilfiger is a company producing designer clothing, footwear, and accessories, adhering to the classic American style. It appeared in 1985, presenting its debut collection, but only gained widespread fame in 1992 when it went public. In 2010, the company was bought by Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation for 3 billion dollars.

Meaning and History

Tommy Hilfiger Logo History

The Tommy Hilfiger logo has not changed since 1985. All because it was initially the face of the brand: visual identity, determining the success of marketing, was built on the logo. Art director and designer George Lois developed the recognizable trademark. Since then, the red-white-blue pattern has become the central decoration on t-shirts, jackets, and trousers. This is how a new fashion trend emerged, where the main focus was not on Tommy Hilfiger clothing but on its logo.

Tommy Hilfiger

But such a strategy turned out to be a failure. In 1999, the manufacturer’s stocks fell nearly in half, sales slowed, and flagship stores in Beverly Hills and London closed. The brand owner believed that the public was not ready for adventures and no longer wanted to see the famous logo. He reduced its size and even started thinking about replacing the tricolor quadrilaterals with something elegant, like Prada or Gucci. However, the reform idea remained unrealized.

What is Tommy Hilfiger?

It is the name of the designer who founded Tommy Hilfiger BV in 1985. It’s a premium brand of footwear, clothing, accessories, perfumes, and home goods sold in a network of 2,000 retail stores. Since 2014, the company has been owned by the American corporation PVH Corp, but after the change of ownership, its headquarters remained in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Tommy Hilfiger: Interesting Facts

Tommy Hilfiger is a big deal in fashion, known worldwide for its cool styles.

  1. Starting: Tommy Hilfiger kicked things off way before 1985. He started with a small shop in New York during high school, selling jeans. It was his first step into fashion.
  2. Big Ads: In the early ’90s, Hilfiger made a bold move with a huge ad in Times Square. He put his name next to big designers like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, which got people’s attention.
  3. Hip-Hop Love: In the ’90s, hip-hop stars started wearing Hilfiger clothes in videos and public, making the brand super popular with a new crowd.
  4. Cool Partnerships: Tommy Hilfiger partnered with famous people like Gigi Hadid and Lewis Hamilton to make new clothes. These collaborations kept the brand fresh and brought in new fans.
  5. Going Green: Hilfiger is all about being kind to the planet. By 2030, they’ll use materials that are better for the environment.
  6. Tech Savvy: The brand also uses cool tech, like virtual reality fashion shows, to make shopping fun and modern.
  7. Worldwide: Tommy Hilfiger clothes are now sold in over 100 countries, making it a global brand that keeps the American style alive everywhere.
  8. Big Sale: In 2010, the company was bought by PVH Corp. for $3 billion. This helped Tommy Hilfiger grow even more, thanks to PVH’s help with stores and making clothes.

Tommy Hilfiger went from a small shop to a huge name in fashion, always finding new ways to stay cool and relevant.

Font and Colors

Tommy Hilfiger Emblem

It’s hard to believe, but the letter “H” is encoded in the graphic part of the logo. It is symbolized by two rectangles in white and red, stacked horizontally. Also, these two rectangles coincide with the flag named “Hotel” from the International Code of Signals. Sailors use it when they want to communicate the presence of a pilot on board. Of course, Tommy Hilfiger did not put such a meaning into his badge. He chose it only because of the association with the letter “H.”

The emblem conveys the company’s main values, which are based on a hundred percent commitment to the American style. Therefore, it contains two dark blue stripes taken from the first flag of the USA, called “Serapis.” They convey the historical heritage and link the fashion brand to the cultural past of its homeland.

Tommy Hilfiger Symbol

The brand name complements the phrase “Tommy Hilfiger,” executed in uppercase sans-serif letters. Designers used the Gill Sans font for the inscription. Most often, the picture is placed between the two words. But sometimes, the company’s name is placed directly inside the horizontal blue stripes. In this case, the spacing between the letters may change.

Tommy Hilfiger color codes

Dark SapphireHex color:#08154a
RGB:8 21 74
CMYK:89 72 071
Pantone:PMS 2766 C
CrimsonHex color:#d51635
RGB:227 212 173
CMYK:0 4 20 7
Pantone:PMS 186 C


What does the Tommy Hilfiger logo mean?

The Tommy Hilfiger logo denotes the letter H. The fact is that two rectangles in white and red were taken from the international maritime flag H in the Code of Signals. Initially, this symbol meant, “I have a pilot on board.” However, the clothing and footwear manufacturer uses it simply as a substitute for H without additional connotations. The two dark blue stripes symbolize the first flag of the USA, Serapis.

Why did Tommy Hilfiger change its logo?

The Tommy Hilfiger company has never changed its logo. It uses two emblems simultaneously; the old version is encountered less frequently, and the new one more often. The first version contains the famous symbol of four different colored rectangles, and the brand name is written inside the blue blocks. In the modern logo, the inscription is placed outside the geometric figures.