TOP 65 Best Logos in Sports

TOP 65 Best Logos in Sports

Professional sports impose certain requirements on the participants of competitions, among which the presence of an original logo is one of the most important. Logos of teams, clubs, and federations should provide simplicity, easy remembering, and quick visual recognizability. At the same time, the symbolism should embody the uniqueness of the owner and its history. To have a beautiful, stylish, and eye-catching logo is no less important than owning a winning trophy. It is a real source of pride and the face of the owner.

To fully meet such requirements, the logo must undergo extensive work, the successful implementation of which depends on many people and various specialists. The experience and creativity of designers and artists—professionals in their field—are important emblems in an organization’s history.

What are the top 65 best logos in sports?

It is a selection of the top 65 best logos from all over the world of sports. The first ten places are occupied by club emblems for the New York Yankees, Bristol Rovers FC, Montreal Canadiens, Newcastle United, Dallas Cowboys, Hibernians FC, Notre Dame, El Paso Chihuahuas, Los Angeles Lakers, and Kelowna Rockets.

The emblems include various elements that reflect the essence of the teams. They depict mascots, landmarks of the places where the organization was formed, and a reflection of past successes. But to stand out among many similar ones, you need to find the zest that will ensure the uniqueness of the visualization and implement a unique design idea that will make you pay attention and provide easy memorability and recognizability. This selection contains only 65 of the most unique, beautiful, and original logos, loved and recognized by all sports fans, supporters, and participants of games all over the world. But this is by no means a complete list.

Bohemians Praha 1905

Bohemians Praha 1905 Logo

Soccer club Bohemians from Prague (Czech Republic) has an original round emblem. Made in green – the symbol of the soccer field, it has an accent figure in the center of the inner field in the form of a kangaroo. The unexpected symbol was a tribute to the team’s memorable tour of Australia in 1927. Inside the double circle, echoing the figure’s contours is the team name and the city of its formation.

Derby County

Derby County Logo

The medal-shaped emblem of Derby County Football Club features a sheep as an accent element; black-and-white contours of the animal occupy the central space in the small circle of the sign. The head’s tilt and the body’s position symbolize the readiness to take a blow, persistently striving only for victory. Below the sheep is the date of the team’s creation. The team name occupies the inner space between the circles. The emblem is in one monochrome color.

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos Logo

The representative of American professional soccer – the Denver Broncos team – chose an original symbol – the head of a horse with a waving orange mane and a “bloodshot” eye. The rest of the silhouette is black and white. The dynamics of the head speaks of determination and, at the same time, a threat to all who stand in its way to victory. Below is the team name written in lowercase letters in bold serif font.

Hull City

Hull City Logo

Among the original sports logos, the English soccer club – Hull City emblem stands out for its animalistic orientation. Its “roaring tiger” on an amber shield is the team’s mascot, made with high artistic quality using black and white color. The logo’s color scheme is chosen strictly based on the uniform’s colors. The date of the club’s creation is indicated under the animal’s muzzle. The border of the shield is black.

Penn State

Penn State Logo

A somewhat unusual transformation of the Penn State mascot – the proud lion. In 2001, the Nittany Lion logo was transformed by preserving color shades and the mascot. However, the lion acquired definite features of a lioness, as depicted in the profile. The rather blurred features of the animal’s head and neck on a deeper navy blue gave Penn State’s visual identity a bad impression.

Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox Logo

The story of transforming the logo of Boston’s professional team, the Boston Red Sox, is very interesting. Today, its emblem is the letter “B” – the first letter of the name. The emblem is a pair of red socks. The emblem and logo incorporate the team’s primary colors – navy blue, red, and white. The socks and letters became the basis for forming the club’s visual identity. But over time, the socks have changed their order and appearance, and the letters have changed their execution.


Persebaya Logo

Indonesian soccer club Persebaya chose a crocodile and a shark as mascots, which it placed on its crest. Guarding the symbol of the city—the lighthouse—put forward in the foreground, they demonstrate the effectiveness of protecting the interests of city fans and their gates. Predatory “guards” are symbols that reflect the style of the team’s game, demonstrating cunning, toughness, and surprise. The ball at the base of the lighthouse emphasizes the sporting character.

Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks Logo

The Milwaukee Bucks basketball team chose a noble deer as its mascot. Since its appearance in 1968 as a cartoon character, it has transformed into a modern, noble, but aggressive version. A proud head framed by a crown of branching antlers breaks the circle of the emblem. The silhouette is made in a dark green team uniform. It towers above the name, made in white on a dark green plate.

Changchun Yatai

Changchun Yatai Logo

Chinese soccer club Changchun Yatai made this list thanks to its mascot – a cartoon horned duckling on a red shield background kicking the ball. The emblem is a red shield with a white inner field and a smaller shield with the duckling framed by a green laurel wreath. On a yellow ribbon is the inscription – Yatai FOOTBALL. In the lower red sector is a white inscription in Chinese with the date of the club’s establishment. Above the main shield, in a red rectangle, the team’s name is written in white.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins Logo

Pittsburgh Penguins – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA The NHL hockey team has an animal emblem in the form of a cartoon penguin holding a stick, gloves, and skates. It is depicted against a background of a yellow triangle pointing downward. The character’s lack of a helmet is a comical reference to the love many NHL professionals have for playing on the ice without this mandatory protection attribute. The colors of the emblem completely match the colors of the athletes’ uniforms.

Omaha Mammoths

Omaha Mammoths Logo

The team of soccer players, Omaha Mammoths from the state of Nebraska, chose a mammoth, the largest and most powerful among prehistoric animals, as their mascot. The illusion of the moment when the mammoth emerges from a faceted gemstone – a red rectangular carbuncle – is very effective. Under its tusks, on a black plate with elongated corners, the team’s name is inscribed in white; below it is the city’s name in red.

Shanghai Shenxin

Shanghai Shenxin Logo

The Chinese professional soccer club, Shanghai Shenxin logo, is characterized by originality and is a kind of mascot. Its emblem is a silhouette of a golden rooster on the background of a blue five-pointed star. A red crest, goatee, and ribbon, thrown over two-star rays, immediately attract attention to the composition. The club name is printed on the white ribbon. The golden color is the symbol of the Earth, which characterizes constancy.

Beijing Enterprises

Beijing Enterprises Logo

The Chinese soccer club Beijing Enterprises logo is notable for its effect and brightness. A proud eagle holds a ball in its paws against the background of a shield with a banner at the bottom. The emblem uses the team’s colors—purple, red, blue, and gold. The edges of the shield and the ribbon space are purple. Gold frames the eagle’s wings, and the two ribbons run down the shield and cover the two sectors of red and blue.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo

An unforgettable logo of the representative of the American professional soccer club – Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brevity and originality – everything you need for attractiveness and memorability. Skull and swords, a bright red flag, and an American soccer ball in the form of a crossing of two swords. A flying red flag with a black border on a boarding pirate saber gives the composition the necessary visual appeal.


Benevento Logo

Effectively selected elements of the emblem of the Italian soccer club “Benevento.” The emblem is a shield made in the club’s colors – red and yellow stripes. Its upper part is topped with a red ribbon with the team’s name written in white letters. The central element of the composition is the silhouette of the mascot character. The black silhouette of a witch flying on a broomstick against a background of bright colors makes it easily memorable.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Logo

One of the most beautiful logos in Canadian soccer is the Hamilton Tiger-Cats team emblem. Its tiger, depicted jumping, is very realistic. Its yellow coloring, black stripes, and white details add to its naturalism. The scalp of the animal’s muzzle is so natural that it creates the necessary visual effect, which is enhanced by the red-black color of the open mouth. The club name is inscribed above the animal’s head.


Olympiacos Logo

The Greek soccer team’s emblem pays tribute to Hellenic traditions, history, and sports. Its emblem is the head of Olympiacos Piraeus, topped with a laurel, which is known throughout the world. The badge is a medal with a double circle, in the center of which is the head. In the inner space between the circles is inscribed the team’s name. At the bottom is the year of formation. The emblem uses the rich red color of the team’s uniform.

Las Tunas

Las Tunas Logo

The emblem of Las Tunas, the Cuban national soccer league, immediately tells you the country of origin. A cartoonish green cactus wearing the team’s red baseball cap carries a huge axe on his shoulder. The logo attracts with its extravagance, light black humor, and high-quality, detailed drawing. The character is made on the background of a shield with a yellow field and a symbolic image of red Earth.

Cambodian Tiger

Cambodian Tiger Logo

The ferocious Cambodian tiger is the mascot of the Cambodian soccer team of the same name. Skillfully and beautifully executed against the general background, the beast standing on its hind legs and grinning menacingly makes a strong impression. Behind him is a stylized map of the country, made in the black and red colors of the national flag. Along the top arc of the map is the club’s name in black letters, bordered by a tiger skin.

Oldham Athletic

Oldham Athletic Logo

The British soccer club Oldham Athletic has chosen an owl that bears its name—Cheddi as its mascot. Since 1885, it has undergone several changes in appearance until it has acquired a modern and very beautiful look, taking a central place on today’s club emblem. The emblem, designed as a shield, has a figure in the inner field, like a white triangle, with a space above it.


Tijuana Logo

Mexican club “Tijuana” decided to reflect strength and fury in its emblem, taking as a mascot a Mexican hairless dog breed, Scholoitsvintl. It is also one of the symbols of Mexico, as it has been known here for more than three thousand years. The emblem is circular, with a five-pointed red star in a black border above the top circle. The dog’s head is centered on a red background. The club name and the dog’s breed are inscribed between the outer and inner circles.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs Logo

One of the Canadian hockey teams is the Toronto Maple Leafs, based in one of the country’s most populous cities, Toronto. By making its logo a dark blue “maple sign,” the team did not just demonstrate its identity. The emblem characterized almost everything for the club – home and courage; it had to remind us of its exploits and overcoming difficulties. However, winning significant prizes, including the Stanley, was impossible until 1967.


Lleida Logo

Spanish club “Lleida” chose as its symbol the attributes and image of the eponymous city, the sporting honor of which he defends. The emblem looks very beautiful and aesthetic. The shape of the city shield encloses the image of the city’s symbol – La Seu Vella de Lleida, located in the upper half of the figure. In the center, the name is inscribed in white font. Under it are elements of the city heraldry – red and yellow stripes, on which the trefoil image is applied.

Aukro Berani Zlin

Aukro Berani Zlin Logo

The Czech ice hockey team Aukro Berani Zlin uses a mascot in its emblem, confirming the team’s name. The image of a ram’s head in the team colors—blue and gold—is an integral part of the shield, which is visually determined by a closer look at the whole composition. The drawn expression of the ram’s muzzle very accurately conveys the essence of the club’s name.

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Logo

Among the leaders of American soccer in the National League, the professional club Minnesota Vikings stands out with its bright and original emblem. The image of the head of an old and experienced Viking very accurately conveys reckless impulse, action, and readiness to respond and win. The symbol is made in the colors of the club. The helmet, hair, and mustache are gold. The horns on the helmet are white. The helmet ribbon is dark brown.

East Bay Pit Bulls

East Bay Pit Bulls Logo

The company East Bay Pit Bulls created an original and clear emblem for itself, by which you can immediately determine who it belongs to, how it sounds, and what sport its owner is engaged in. The central element is the head of a pit bull in a spiked collar, above which the club’s name is written in gothic silver-gray font. In the background of the composition is a basketball, above which the first two words of the name – East Bay – are printed in a circle.

Modesto Nuts

Modesto Nuts Logo

The original emblem was created by a small baseball team – Modesto Nuts, from the city of the same name. Despite its low sports fame outside the city, it managed to attract the attention of many with its cheerful emblem. The cartoon image of a nut and peanut wearing club baseball caps with a bat and ball in hand proved very attractive and memorable. The inscription with the club’s name placed underneath them is in the style of the names of the delicious peanut desserts on their packaging.

Spain national team

Spain national team Logo

The emblem of the Spanish national soccer team is characterized by fidelity to historical traditions and compliance with the rules of heraldic construction. Even the world’s leading heraldic scholars can not find flaws in its correctness. It has everything required for such a symbol—a shield, columns, crown, and additional elements. At the same time, it is located in its place by the requirements. Even modern—a retro ball at the bottom and a golden star crowning the entire composition.

Doncaster Rovers

Doncaster Rovers Logo

The English soccer club Doncaster Rovers has an emblem that is not typical for organizations in this country. The club’s emblem is crowned by a golden Viking, depicted in profile with a sword of the same color on his shoulder. On his head is a “winged” helmet. In the foreground is a sign in the form of a white-red shield – the color of the soccer team, in the upper part of which is the abbreviation of the club’s full name – D.R.F.C. The lower part of the emblem on the border of two colors depicts a white Yorkshire rose.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers Logo

Originality and the unexpected are often found in “image circles.” This applies to the visual style of the Pittsburgh Steelers team as well. Pittsburgh is the home of the American Iron and Steel Institute. The Pittsburgh Steelers club, founded in 1961, is a franchise. Under it, the right to the main emblem was acquired. On the left was the word “Steel,” denoting the characteristics of the institute, and on the right were asteroids symbolizing the basic composition of the steel.

Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins Logo

The Miami Dolphins’ mascot, founded in 1966, is the cutest among the attractive emblems of American soccer clubs. A cheerful little dolphin leaps into the air against the background of the sun. The composition is made in the team’s colors—orange, white, and blue-green. In various versions, the emblem has a white or blue-green background on which the mascot is made.


Roma Logo

The capital’s Italian club, Roma, underwent a complete rebranding in 2013. The new emblem retained a commitment to history. The updated version of the Eternal City shield, the inside of which is in the club’s colors – gold and red, includes the city’s historical symbol – a she-wolf nursing Romulus and Remus. Beneath this symbol in large lowercase gold letters is the club’s name, with the year of the club’s founding in white numerals.

FC Santa Claus

FC Santa Claus Logo

Although the Finnish “Santa Claus” has its unique name, Joulupukki, the Finnish soccer team from Lappi, decided to give their mascot the name of an American – Santa Claus. The emblem consists of two circles, the contours of which are made in the red color of the club. The central composition is a figure of Santa Claus writing a letter. The free space between the outer and inner circle is occupied by the club’s name, made in red color, and the text, separated by the image of a ball – ARCTIC CIRCLE. LAPLAND.

Kansas Jayhawks

Kansas Jayhawks Logo

The emblem of the men’s basketball sports team of the University of Kansas is characterized by originality and special appeal. They perform under the guidance of a unique cartoon character – a very “predatory” and cheerful bird in the form of a crow, shod in yellow men’s boots with a buckle. The main colors of the club – red and blue – were used to create the mascot. In the center of the logo, in white letters, is the abbreviation of the team name.

Catalans Dragons

Catalans Dragons Logo

Catalans Dragons – The French rugby team stands out among most sports clubs in France because of the originality of its emblem. The originality of execution provides its memorability and bright colors, repeating the club’s colors and a unique mascot – ease of recognition. The fire-breathing dragon, chosen as the emblem, provided the necessary visual effect. Its head, spewing fire, demonstrates the threat and readiness to fight until complete victory.


Koln Logo

The German soccer club Koln from North Rhine-Westphalia has one of the original logos. It is characterized by simplicity and brevity. In a bright red circle, the symbol of the city of Koln is shown in black. In the foreground, in red font, is the inscription – “1. FC”, which speaks for itself – “Our club is the first!”. Above the city rises a formidable and, at the same time, attractive goat – the team’s mascot since 1957. He has a name – Hennes, in honor of head coach Hennes Weisweiner.


Sampdoria Logo

The image of a sailor on the logo of the Italian professional soccer club Sampdoria from Genoa makes it unique. The chosen symbol is a tribute to the club’s location in the port city. The outline of a sailor in profile with a pipe in his mouth is drawn in black on diagonal stripes of white, blue, red, and black, corresponding to the club’s colors. The emblem is made as a shield, which successfully emphasizes the composition.


Valencia Logo

The Spanish soccer club “Valencia” emblem is distinguished by its originality. The bat of black color embraces the entire emblem in the upper part. In the center of the emblem are vertical yellow-orange and horizontal blue stripes taken from the heraldic shield of the city flag. The most important detail of the emblem is the retro ball. After repeated changes, thanks to the persistence of fans, the ball was retained, giving the emblem a memorable and original character.

Midland RockHounds

Midland RockHounds Logo

One of the bright and original logos that stands out for its cartoonishness belongs to a small baseball team from Texas. The main attribute is a huge brown bulldog with a bat and a ball. With his intimidating appearance, he demonstrates the most serious intentions to defeat the opponent at any cost. In the foreground, gray cartoon symbols make the team name. Midland, the club’s hometown, is written in the upper part of the emblem on a blue background.

Equipe nationalle de France

Equipe nationalle de France Logo

The French national soccer team has an unusual, bright, colorful, and unique logo. Such epithets he owes to the image of the Gallic rooster, which symbolizes the country. In its original form, it is presented against a background of national blue-white-red colors. In addition to the rooster, the French Football Federation – FFF abbreviation is in the foreground. The emblem is crowned with a golden star – symbolizing the national team’s victory at the 1998 World Cup.

Illawarra Hawks

Illawarra Hawks Logo

The Illawarra basketball team from the Australian city of Wollongong introduced its old emblem 2007. The main attribute of the emblem was a hawk with large outstretched wings holding a basketball in its talons. His formidable appearance makes it clear to everyone that no mercy in the fight is worth waiting for. In the center of the composition is the name of the club. The emblem is red and white, corresponding to the team’s colors.

Olympique Lyonnais

Olympique Lyonnais Logo

The emblem of the French professional soccer club Olympique Lyonnais is characterized by its originality. It can be called a veteran of logos. Since 1950, its visual form has not changed. It is made as a white-red-blue heraldic shield, the team’s color. The shield is divided into two parts. The letters “OL” are on a blue background in the lower one. Inside the letter “OL” is a lion – the symbol of FC. In the upper part, the team’s name is written in red.

Michigan State

Michigan State Logo

Michigan State University’s athletic interests are represented by the Michigan State Spartans, a team of 23 drawn from the university’s student body. The team’s mascot is the Spartan warrior Sparty, whose helmet is painted on the athletes’ uniforms. This is especially true on the helmets of soccer teams, where part of the helmet is cut off by the fastening of the defense, which causes some bewilderment among spectators. The main colors are green and white.

Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls Logo

The Chicago Bulls professional basketball team is known throughout big sports for its game and its legendary emblem. Since the club was founded in 1966, it has changed its appearance several times. Currently, it is formed in the form of a fierce bull’s head with powerful and sharp horns, which reflects the readiness of the team to fight for victory to the last. The combination of white, red, and black reflects the team’s color scheme. An interesting aspect is the attempt to look at the bull upside down.

Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers Logo

The Philadelphia Flyers, a professional hockey club from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, owns a unique logo. The logo is based on the letter “P,” representing the city’s name. In the center is an orange circle representing a hockey puck. The four wings on the left symbolize speed and movement in the sport. The palette used to create the logo was chosen to match the club’s color tones.

Guangzhou Evergrande

Guangzhou Evergrande Logo

One of the most colorful emblems of Chinese soccer is the logo of the Guangzhou Evergrande club from the city of Guangzhou. A fiery bright red tiger with a formidable and relentless look conveys the spirit of the whole team – always attack and win. In the foreground is a red ribbon with the club’s name – “Guangzhou.” Behind the ribbon, the ball can be seen. In the upper part – the slogan “Be the best forever,” characterizes the character and mood of the club. The whole logo is made in bright, memorable colors.

Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn Rovers Logo

Blackburn Rovers is an English professional soccer club that is considered to be one of the oldest. It was established in 1875 in the English town of Blackburn in Lancashire. The emblem of the club is made in a strict English style. A scarlet rose in a blue circle symbolizes the county of Blackburn. The date of the club’s foundation and its name are depicted on a blue background in the circle. Below, the club’s motto, “Arte et Labore,” is written in Latin, reflecting the essence of the team.

Texas Longhorns

Texas Longhorns Logo

The men’s basketball team, Texas Longhorns, representing the University of Texas, has a seemingly simple but original and memorable emblem. It depicts one of the most famous Texas Longhorns. He is a symbol of both the state itself and the basketball team. Due to its large size and intimidating appearance, the longhorn, which can reach 180 cm, can be a formidable opponent. The logo’s color matches the team’s primary color.

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Logo

The Boston Celtics team emblem cannot go unnoticed. It is made in white and green tones—the team’s colors. In the composition’s center is the team’s symbol—a cheerful and cunning leprechaun. He is in a hat and vest, with a pipe in his mouth and a ball rotating on one finger. Leaning on a cane and impressively stepping one foot over the other, the leprechaun looks quite imposing and memorable. Black monochrome is used for contrast and appeal.

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers Logo

Since 1919, the Green Bay Packers, a club based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has represented American soccer. The team has attracted attention not only for its athletic accomplishments but also for its emblem. Although the emblem is represented by a single letter that attracts little attention, the Packers’ G symbol deserves that attention. The white lettering on a dark green background with a yellow border – the club’s colors – is the most visually appealing.


Ajax Logo

The emblem of the soccer club Ajax attracts with its simplicity and abstract design. The place of honor on the logo is occupied by an originally executed portrait of the hero of Greek mythology. Eleven lines of “Ajax” symbolize the team of eleven players. Above, on the red stripe, the name of the FC is written in large black letters. On the opposite side of the club is the name of the city – “Amsterdam.” The red and black palette chosen for the logo echoes the club’s colors.

Detroit Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings Logo

The Detroit hockey players applied a literal visual interpretation of their club for their visual identity. Naming themselves the Detroit Red Wings, they added a wheel and wings to their logo, which confirms the name. The wheel symbolizes the motor, which symbolizes the city—Motor City, Detroit. The wings symbolize the team that makes everything “fly” just to win. There have been no changes to the logo since joining the NHL’s top six.


Lampang Logo

The soccer club from the province of Lampang in Thailand attracts fans through the game and its peculiar emblem. Reminiscent of a guitar pick, the emblem is a chariot, “taking off” on its front wheels from a horse in harness, racing after the ball. It is a tribute to the team’s name, the Emerald Chariots. The upper half of the emblem is made on an emerald background. The lower half is black. It features the team name in gold and a white rising sun.

University of Miami

University of Miami Logo

The last logo of the University of Miami rugby club, located in the heart of Miami, retained its two-color scheme adopted back in 1971. This has benefited the club’s visual appeal. The logo fully meets modern requirements, representing the letter “U” from the word “University.” It is simple, concise, and easy to remember. The letter consists of the team’s colors: dark green on the right and orange on the left.

Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks Logo

The Indian head on the emblem of the hockey club Chicago is not only original. It is also the subject of heated discussions about disrespect for national minorities. The club’s emblem, brightly painted in red, white, and black, has kept the team’s history for a long time. The head belonged to the famous chief of the Sauk tribe, who lived in the XVIII-XIX centuries in the territory of the present state of Illinois. The team name is a tribute to owner McLaughlin, his 86th Infantry Division Blackhawk.

Kelowna Rockets

Kelowna Rockets Logo

One of the great logos is the visual identity of the Western Hockey League’s junior club, the WHL, based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Since 1994, the club’s emblem has featured Ogologo, the mythical monster of Okanagan Lake. He is sly and fun despite trying to look menacing and intimidating. A small dragon with a hockey stick, the club’s name consists of all the team’s colors.

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers Logo

The world-famous basketball team Los Angeles Lakers is not only characterized by a bright game. The team’s emblem is memorable and bright. The combination of such difficult “get along” shades—purple and gold—brought the club’s emblem to the leading positions. The club explains these colors with the meaning of royal or imperial personages. They are used on capes—purple as a symbol of power and gold for the crown.

El Paso Chihuahuas

El Paso Chihuahuas Logo

The state of Texas surprises its baseball fans with original team logos. The small club, named in 2013 in honor of the state of Chihuahua, is located near the Mexican border with El Paso. The team’s mascot is an angry Chihuahua puppy who tries to intimidate all of the team’s opponents and prove that he’s a good guy, too. To prove it, the dog was “equipped” with a collar with spikes, and its vicious grin was depicted on the emblem. The emblem features all four of the team’s colors.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame Logo

The University of Notre Dame team represents all Americans’ favorite rugby with an original, memorable emblem. The story of the new emblem began after ten years of the club’s disintegration. The uniform shield is designed in the team colors of navy blue, green, and white. In the inner field, in the upper part, is a black color-printed abbreviation of the team. The central element is – The Celtic cross, the date of formation of the team, signs – “N” and “D,” and the trefoil – the symbol of the disbanded club.

Hibernians FC

Hibernians FC Logo

The professional soccer club, “Hibernians,” from Paola (Malta), can be considered the owner of the most original emblem. In the center, standing on the ball, settled gracefully fluttering peacock. An inscribed name is around the circle on a white, yellow background. Below is a tribute to the historical heritage in the form of a Maltese cloak with a white cross on a red background. Next to it are black and white stripes in the club’s colors. On the bottom ribbon is the date the club was founded.

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Logo

Oddly enough, there are characteristic human errors in assessing one’s capabilities in team sports. The Dallas Cowboys, a team founded in 1960 and competing in the NFL, has no qualms or worries about its lack of meaningful athletic accomplishments. Change Needed: The club from Arlington, Texas, is in no hurry to spend more than 55 years in its game or logo. After all, a blue or red star looks very winning on sexy women’s boots.

Newcastle United

Newcastle United Logo

The English soccer club Newcastle United’s emblem is characterized by its uniqueness and beauty. Two mythical sea horses with fish tails symbolize Newcastle-upon-Tyne over the river and sea. The tower on the coat of arms symbolizes the city’s early history. The coat of arms is in the commanding colors of white and black. At the top of the tower is depicted a lion holding a pennant with the Cross of St. George. A blue motto ribbon with the club’s name is at the bottom of the emblem below the coat of arms.

Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens Logo

The famous logo of the Montreal Canadiens hockey club holds the palm of superiority for its virtually unchanged visual appearance. Since its founding in 1917, the club has kept the brand, showing confidence in winning without resorting to changing the image of a leading brand. Two simple letters – “C” and a placed “H” (“club” and “hockey”) – are enough to recognize the leader.

Bristol Rovers FC

Bristol Rovers FC Logo

The pirate saber ball, originally placed on the logo of the English soccer club Bristol Rovers, reflects the maritime history of the city of Bristol. The circle in the background is in white and blue squares, symbolizing the team’s primary color scheme. Around the circle of the emblem, inside on a blue background, the name FC is inscribed in yellow letters. An accent element of the emblem is a bright yellow motto ribbon with the date of the club’s foundation.

New York Yankees

New York Yankees Logo

One of the most complex logos is considered to be the emblem of the New York Yankees baseball club. The interweaving of lines was created so precisely when forming the abbreviation of the NY team that it provided a clear visual perception. The emblem is shaped like a balloon. The interior space is filled with the club’s name, Yankees, in handwritten script. The foreground depicts an “Uncle Sam” hat worn on a baseball bat.


What is the longest-lasting sports logo?

The Montreal Canadiens logo is among the oldest and most recognizable in sports. It has remained unchanged since its introduction in 1917, demonstrating the team’s dedication to its heritage. The design is simple: the letter “C” for “Club” surrounds the letter “H” for “Hockey,” clearly denoting the sport and the team’s identity. This simple design makes the logo recognizable and loved by fans and players alike. It is the most enduring sports logo in history, representing the team and the sport of hockey itself.

Who has the best logo in sports?

The New York Yankees logo is highly regarded in the sports world. It combines a baseball, bat, and top hat, all painted in the colors of the American flag, making it easily recognizable. This logo successfully combines elements of baseball with symbols that reflect American culture and history. The bat behind the ball and the top hat on the bat add unique touches that tie the logo to classic American themes.

What is the most recognizable logo in all sports?

The New York Yankees logo is recognizable worldwide, even among non-baseball fans. Its simple design, overlapping “N” and “Y,” makes it easy to remember. The team’s caps and helmet logo have become a symbol of the brand itself. Its simple and clean design makes it stand out from other sports logos.

What team has the best logo?

Many sports teams worldwide are known for their distinctive logos, which attract fans.

The Green Bay Packers logo features a simple “G” in a football-shaped oval, symbolizing the team’s long tradition and stability in the NFL.

The New England Patriots logo, dubbed “Flying Elvis,” features the head of a patriot wearing a hat resembling the American flag. This design symbolizes American independence and team spirit.

The Boston Celtics logo features a leprechaun spinning a basketball, tying the team’s Irish roots to its history in the NBA. This fun yet traditional logo is popular among basketball fans.

The Golden State Warriors logo features the iconic San Francisco Bay Bridge, combining modern design with a nod to the region’s geography. The blue and yellow round logo attracts a wide and dynamic audience.

The New York Knicks logo combines a basketball with the team name on a triangular background, reflecting New York’s vibrant culture in a bold and simple design.

The Manchester United logo features a red devil holding a pitchfork. This image has become synonymous with the team around the world. It stands for the team’s nickname, the Red Devils, and signifies their historical dominance in football.

Thanks to their unique designs, these logos have become an integral part of these teams’ identities, making each a strong candidate for the best logo in sports.

What Makes a Good Sport Logo?

A good sports logo combines simplicity, symbolism, and recognition with strategic use of space, thoughtful color choice, and effective shapes. These elements help a logo represent a team, attract fans, and stand out in the competitive arena of sports branding.