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The Tory Burch logo proclaims clothing for all people for all time. A stylish lineup helps to create a complete image. The emblem indicates styles for men and women and outfits for cold and warm seasons.

Tory Burch: Brand overview

Founded:February 2004
Founder:Tory Burch
New York, New York, U.S.
The Tory Burch brand celebrates the name of its founder, a businesswoman who in 2004 decided to become a fashion designer. Oprah Winfrey brought fame to her, calling the emergence of a new clothing label “a big event.” The company now owns an extensive network of several hundred stores, including flagship boutiques in Tokyo, Paris, London, and Los Angeles. It sells branded outfits, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, and perfumes.

Meaning and History

Tory Burch Logo History

One of the key success factors for Tory Burch is the logo featured on almost every product. It appeared in 2004 and has never changed since then because the design turned out to be very successful: fashion connoisseurs recognize it by its characteristic cruciform shape. The symbol is associated with the preppy style, namely with its two directions: bohemian luxury and boho-chic, which Tory Burch uses.

A metal medallion with carved ornaments adorns bags, jewelry, and shoes, and on clothes, there are prints in the form of a circle with patterns. Regardless of the form of incarnation, the emblem retains its classical structure. It consists of two stylized letters, “T,” combined with horizontal lines and located inside the ring. This design was inspired by the symbol of talented interior decorator, sculptor, painter, photographer, and fashion designer David Nightingale Hicks. The Tory Burch brand borrowed from fashion gurus the combination of cruciform elements with prominent ribs.

The full version of the logo contains the brand name, which is symmetrically divided into two parts. The word “TORY” is to the left of the circle, and “BURCH” is to the right. A simple black sans-serif font was chosen for the inscription. This was also borrowed from David Hicks and copied with minor changes (Tory Burch’s font is more proportional and less angular).

Despite the obvious similarity of the two graphic signs, the creator of the fashion brand took great care that no one violated her trademark copyright. In 2013, she even sued three Youngran Kim companies for plagiarism. In turn, the defendants said that the symbol they use is called Isis Cross Design and has nothing to do with the Tory Burch logo. But the court was on the applicant’s side, so they had to pay 41 million dollars.

Tory Burch: Interesting Facts

Tory Burch started her American fashion brand in 2004 from her kitchen table in Manhattan. Her unique blend of bohemian and preppy styles quickly captured people’s attention.

  1. Beginning: Tory opened her first boutique in New York’s Nolita neighborhood in 2004. The brand stood out for its mix of styles and soon became popular.
  2. Oprah’s Effect: The brand’s popularity skyrocketed after Oprah Winfrey featured Tory’s designs, including a tunic from her first collection.
  3. Empowering Women: In 2009, Tory created the Tory Burch Foundation to help women entrepreneurs. The foundation offers loans, education, and resources to support women in business.
  4. Reva Ballet Flats: Named after her mother, Tory’s Reva ballet flats became iconic. With their double-T logo, these shoes were a big hit and embodied the brand’s mix of comfort and style.
  5. Social Change: Beyond fashion, Tory Burch promotes social change, especially for women’s rights and well-being. It shows that her business cares about making a positive impact.
  6. Awards: Tory Burch has been recognized for her work in fashion and entrepreneurship.
  7. Global Growth: Tory Burch has grown from a single store to a global brand with locations worldwide, except Antarctica. This expansion has made Tory Burch a well-known name globally.
  8. Expanding Products: The brand offers handbags, shoes, watches, home decor, and beauty products, making it a comprehensive lifestyle brand.
  9. Digital and Fashion Shows: Tory Burch uses digital technology to reach customers. This includes online retail innovations and virtual fashion shows, helping the brand stay connected with its audience.

Tory Burch’s rise from an aspiring designer to a global brand leader highlights her creativity and commitment to empowering women. Her brand combines fashion with a mission to contribute positively to society.

Font and Colors

Tory Burch Emblem

The brand’s trademark contains two stylized “T” letters. One is located at the bottom, and the second is at the top, and it is turned 180 degrees, like a mirror image. In general, the monogram resembles a cross with curly elements. Due to the characteristic cutouts, its middle is similar to a razor blade. The ring in which the emblem is placed creates a sense of completeness and emphasizes the symmetry of the T-pattern. Throughout the existence of Tory Burch, the logo has remained unchanged. It has become a kind of business card of the company, a cult element that adorns bags, clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Tory Burch Symbol

Since the Tory Burch logo creators looked up to the David Hicks graphic symbol in everything, they chose a similar font type – a low-contrast geometric grotesque. Perhaps this is a modified version of the HWT Tuscan Extended because they share some details. Bold sans-serif letters are easy to read. The color scheme is classic: black is used as the main one, and white is used as an additional one.

Tory Burch color codes

Blue BlackHex color:#000a2f
RGB:0 10 47
CMYK:100 79 0 82
Pantone:PMS 282 C