Triumvirate through the eyes of a designer


When the forces and resources of different companies are consolidated, a powerful modern and innovative tool is obtained for solving urgent practical problems. And suppose this union consists of such eminent companies as Inter-American Development Bank, CAF, and FONPLATA. In that case, it turns out an incredible collaboration that provides technical and financial support to regional infrastructure projects. In 2020, ILAT (“Integración y Desarrollo de America Latina”) was founded, an evocative brand that deals with 100 integration projects in South America with an annual profit of $ 10 million.

The logo design and corporate identity were developed by Asís (Buenos Aires, Argentina), and it should be noted that it came out very briefly, brightly, and solidly.

Firstly, beautiful colors have been chosen – orange and dark blue-green. The logo consists of a brand name and a graphic element in an unremarkable clumsy Arial typeface. But what character and potential are put into the logo!

ILAT Emblem

The figure in the logo consists of three checkboxes-brackets. At a glance, these are birds or arrows that catch up with one another. At the same time, they are connected, which speaks of their union, consistency, and partnership.

The creators of the creative concept managed to exclude the competition of companies in the image and tie together their leading areas of activity. Next to the symbolic orange arrows, the union’s name – ILAT – is sustained in severity and formality.

ILAT New Logo

A beautiful logo, there is not a single gram of excess. Emphasized formalism, and at the same time, the association of prospects and growth. What else is needed to give the character of formality and a sense of victory? It is worth asking ILAT, South America’s technical infrastructure leader.