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The Ubuntu logo demonstrates the communication between the user and the system. Shows the connection between all programs and their correct representation on the screen. The emblem conveys a friendly OS interface that is easy to understand.

Ubuntu: Brand overview

Founded:20 October 2004
Founder:Canonical Ltd.
Ubuntu is an open-source Linux platform based on Debian software. It was launched in October 2004. It is now a popular OS with OpenStack support.

Meaning and History

Ubuntu Logo History

The operating system logo was introduced in the year of its foundation. It is associated with a name based on the same name’s philosophy, common in South Africa. This is a humanistic ethical movement. Therefore, the word is translated as “humanity” and is considered the highest value – a relationship to other society representatives. All this is directly reflected in the official logo, which exists in two versions.

What is Ubuntu?

It is an operating system that uses the Linux kernel and contains utility programs and libraries created by The GNU Project. It is based on the Debian GNU / Linux OS. The first version of Ubuntu was developed by Canonical Ltd. in 2004.

2004 – 2010

Ubuntu Logo 2004-2010

The debut emblem was released on October 20, 2004, and symbolizes freedom, reliability, accuracy, cooperation. This variation is currently used in the Mahjongg game. The logo features three segments arranged in a circle. Each of them has a large spherical point.

Next to the stylized sign is the word “ubuntu” in black. The letters are as streamlined as possible, rounded. The characters “u” and “n” are almost identical and look like an inverted mirror image.

2010 – today

Ubuntu Logo 2010

In 2010, the logo was revised and came out at the same time as Lucid Lynx. It consists of the same elements as the previous version, but with some changes. Now the title is made in the center, and the graphic sign is reduced and is located at the top behind the word. The font has become clearer and stricter, the letters have vertical strokes, and on the contrary, the “t” has half of the horizontal line cut off.

The logo has an encrypted meaning. Each segment and point in the circle is a stylized image of three people who joined hands and formed a round dance.

In both versions, the text portion contains lowercase letters. The typeface is an individual. The color scheme is bright: the debut logo uses yellow, red, and orange; the current uses a rich orange.

2022 – today

Ubuntu Logo

The new Ubuntu logo was created by the same person who created the previous version: Marcus Haslam, one of the leading employees of the British company Canonical. After the redesign, the name of the Linux-based operating system was on the right. The font looks the same as before; only the first “U” is capitalized. As for the Circle of Friends, in the form of a ring of three arcuate lines with dots, it has been moved to the left side. And now, this element is not in the center of the orange circle but the lower half of the vertical rectangle. The quadrangular shape is more dynamic and complex, and in combination with the ring, it creates a contrast of geometric shapes.

The symbolism of the emblem has not changed. Abstract people holding hands represent the name of the operating system. After all, the word “ubuntu” means the South African ideology, which is based on the principles of mutual respect, humanity, openness, and love for others.

Font and Colors

Ubuntu Emblem

The Ubuntu wordmark font was custom designed. The designers created rounded sans-serif glyphs and tried to make them as symmetrical as possible so that each had the same line shape. The thickness of all strokes is the same. Letter spacing is balanced for maximum legibility. Until 2022, all characters were lowercase, but after minor changes, the first “U” was converted to uppercase. The name of the operating system is still black. In addition, the new logo uses the already familiar orange and white color scheme.

Ubuntu color codes

VermilionHex color:#dd4814
RGB:221 72 20
CMYK:0 67 91 13
Pantone:PMS 172 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What does the Ubuntu logo mean?

The white logo elements represent three people standing in a circle, holding hands and looking up. It is a symbol of affection, cohesion, and humanity – the core values of Ubuntu. No wonder the emblem has the unofficial name circle of friends.

Is Ubuntu a platform?

Ubuntu is an operating system based on Debian GNU / Linux software. It is not a platform consisting of an OS and architecture, but only a part of it. On the other hand, the term “platform” can refer to the operating system itself.

Can I use the Ubuntu logo?

The copyright holder restricts the use of the Ubuntu logo. To obtain the appropriate permission, you need to apply to Canonical Ltd.

Is Ubuntu a Linux?

No, they are not the same thing. Linux, in this case, is the kernel for distributions, one of which is the fully functional Ubuntu operating system.