UDC Logo


The emerging University of La Coruña has a UDC logo that reflects the bright, distinctive features of the educational institution. It is characterized by demonstrating historical continuity. The design and graphics symbolize the brand’s orientation – to serve as a guiding light of knowledge in the twilight of ignorance.

UDC: Brand overview

Galicia, Spain
UDC is the acronym for Universidade da Coruna, a modern university located in La Coruña, in the Galicia region. The university was established in the 1990s and has several faculties educating hundreds of students.

Meaning and History

UDC Logo History

The logo reflects the distinctive features of the educational institution, which are very important for the local community. The debut version was used until 1999, after which it was replaced with updated symbolism. The logo was developed based on the former one and is its graphic continuation, emphasizing continuity. But the original version is not written off – it is used to this day. It is intended for special occasions and holidays and is also preserved on diplomas, university pennants, badges, and flags.

The UDC logo, which appeared after the redesign, echoes the debut. It depicts a lighthouse with rays diverging to the sides: four narrow ones on the left and right, plus one wide one on top. Above the composition is a ribbon with the motto “Hac Luce,” which means “With this light.” At the bottom is the full name of the university. The lighthouse and the surrounding space (it’s oval) are purple; the light is white, and the ribbon and the inscription are blue.

What is UDC?

UDC is the University of A Coruña in the autonomous community of Galicia, Spain. The history of this university began in 1989 when two campuses of the University of Santiago de Compostela decided to separate from it and become independent educational institutions. UDC attracts students with a wide selection of educational programs across several faculties. Mathematics, physics, computer science, medicine, philology, engineering, law, and architecture are just a small part of the available specialties.

UDC Logo 1990

This logo was used until 2008 – until the appearance of updated symbolism. Its key element was the university’s name – “Universidade da Coruña.” It is written in a large sans-serif font in uppercase. The space between the letters is much wider than in the previous version, so the logo is perceived more easily visually.

The design of the graphic sign was radically changed. The tower was removed, leaving only the rays diverging to the sides, piercing the darkness. But their number has been reduced: now there are three rays on each side, and they converge in the center of the ellipse. According to the developers’ idea, this version is a minimalist reflection of the previous one, emphasizing Galicia’s traditions.

UDC: Interesting Facts

The University of A Coruña, or UDC, is relatively new but important in Galicia, Spain.

  1. Starting Out: UDC began in 1989 and was created from parts of another university to bring higher education closer to the local people. Since then, it has grown significantly, offering many types of college and graduate courses.
  2. Two Main Spots: UDC has two big campuses in A Coruña and other places in the city and region. These campuses are designed to blend nicely with the natural surroundings, making them great places to learn and explore.
  3. Cool Courses: UDC is known for its unique courses, especially in engineering and designing for ships and the sea. This shows the area’s strong connection to the ocean and shipbuilding.
  4. Big on Research: Research is a big deal at UDC, with lots of work done in technology, the ocean, and the environment. The university works with other groups from Spain and worldwide to discover new things and innovate.
  5. Celebrating Galicia: UDC loves the Galician language and culture. Its courses include studies about Galicia and support events that showcase the region’s traditions and history.
  6. Reaching Out: UDC collaborates with universities from other countries to share ideas and improve the student and teacher experience. This helps everyone learn from each other on a global scale.
  7. Helping the Community: UDC believes in helping out locally. Students and teachers get involved in projects that improve people’s lives nearby.
  8. Thinking Green: Being sustainable and caring for the environment is important at UDC. The university is part of projects that aim to protect nature and promote ways to live that don’t harm the planet.
  9. Books and More: UDC has a big library system that helps with studying, teaching, and research. It has many books and digital stuff that anyone at the university can use.
  10. Stay Active: UDC encourages everyone to participate in sports and fun activities. It believes that being healthy and active is as important as studying hard.

Since its founding, UDC has played a big role in education and research, helping Galicia and Spain’s culture and economy. It’s all about new ideas, helping the community, and caring for the planet.

Font and Colors

UDC Emblem

The tower, used as the central element, has a real prototype. It’s the oldest architectural monument in Europe – the functioning lighthouse Torre de Hercules. It is located in the north of La Coruña. It is not only a local but also a global attraction, as it appeared during the times of the Roman Empire. Therefore, the university administration draws parallels with the history of the region, remaining true to its native roots.

The emblem is presented in several color variants. The main one is purple (fuchsia), and the additional ones are white, dark blue, and black. There is also a monochrome logo. It is intended for use in business papers, print media, and publications that do not have color.

Universidade da Coruna Logo

Another variant lists the faculties, institutes, and vice-chancellors. It is gray. It is used in official documents. The font used for the inscriptions and the university’s name in the old and new designs is Arial, Helvetica, or its computer analog from free distribution.

UDC color codes

RoseHex color:#f80083
RGB:248 0 131
CMYK:0 100 47 3
Pantone:PMS 213 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C