UGG Logo


The UGG logo is as creative and defiant as the brand’s shoes. Moreover, there are no unusual hand-drawn elements in it: the designers managed to beat the company’s name using a minimum of graphic means. They turned out to be a universal symbol with a minimalistic design.

UGG: Brand overview

Founder:Brian Smith
Goleta, California, United States

The UGG logo is present on all branded products because it is the manufacturer of the famous uggs. The founders of the brand of shoes made of tanned sheepskin (inside) and fleece (outside) are two surfers – Brian Smith and Doug Jensen. They introduced this type of warm footwear in the U.S. so that fans riding the wave quickly warmed their feet frozen in the water. The time of origin of the brand is 1978. The headquarters location is Goleta of Santa Barbara County (California). The e-commerce center is headquartered in Flagstaff, Arizona. Industry sites are concentrated in Vietnam and China. The current owner of the company is Deckers Outdoor Corporation.

It all started with Shane Stedman. In 1971, he invented warm shoes that warmed the feet of surfers freezing in Australian waters. That’s when he registered the brand UGH-BOOTS in Australia. In 1982, the businessman shortened its name to the word UGH. At the same time, in 1978, two surfer friends brought these shoes to the USA and created their trademark UGG to distribute sheepskin boots made by Country Leather. Then Brian Smith and Doug Jensen set up their own company. That’s how the company Ugg Imports appeared.

At first, sales of uggs were difficult, so Jensen gave his share to Smith and withdrew from the business. But the popularity of warm sheepskin boots started to grow. In 1985 Brian Smith created Ugg Holdings Inc. and registered a unique emblem – a trademark with a ram’s head and the phrase “Original UGG Boot UGG Australia.” Special attention to uggs appeared after American athletes used them during the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer.

Meaning and History

UGG Logo History

In 1995, Deckers Brands bought the American brand from Smith. And another year later, it bought the Australian brand UGH from Shane Stedman. Sales grew at double-digit rates. This did not please the Australian companies from which the idea of warm lambskin shoes was borrowed. They banded together and formed an association to fight the American corporation. As a result, litigation for the right to the trademark began.

To avoid further problems, Deckers Outdoor Corporation rebranded its brand from UGG Australia to simply UGG at the request of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission in 2006. The competitors argued that it was misleading customers by producing sheepskin boots in Vietnam and China and labeling them with the word “Australia. As a result, the line referring to that country disappeared from the logo. There is now only one three-letter word on the brand label.

What is UGG?

UGG is an American brand of lambskin footwear with wool. Under it, warm boots of different heights on soft soles are produced and sold, named after the brand – Uggi. The company originated in the United States in 1978, founded by Brian Smith and Doug Jensen. Its current owner is Deckers Outdoor Corporation. The location of headquarters is in Goleta, California. Production facilities are located in Vietnam and China.

The UGG trademark is located on a rectangular label on the back and bottom of the warm boots. This is how the original products are labeled, so you should look down at the backside when buying a branded product. The most common logo of this brand is the text version – the company uses no other labels. The emblem is the property of Deckers Outdoor Corporation and is registered in more than 140 countries.

UGG Symbol

The logo features the original letters “U,” “G,” and “G.” They are in gothic script in upper case. The style is an antique monogram. The central glyph is the largest. It is so large that it partially overlaps the other two characters, which are located on the sides. All the letters are bold and designed with large serifs, resembling bent nails or massive horseshoes. Both “G’s” have a rounded curve, while the “U” has an elongated, funnel-shaped curve.

There are no other elements in the emblem, so the place where the word “Australia” used to be is empty. The brand owners did not fill the vacated space: they simply cut off the extra space. The reason is that now after the legal disputes about the rights holders, it is automatically implied: this is an American trademark.

Font and Colors

UGG Emblem

For their logo, the owners of the UGG brand chose a typeface similar to Bog Standard Regular from GemFonts. They generally have the same depth of curves, a similar radius of semicircles, and identical smooth lines but only present serifs. The classic logo palette is restrained – mostly monochrome. However, there are exceptions, as the color of the shoe plays a key role.

UGG color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C