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The University of Kentucky logo is businesslike and serious. It exemplifies the mark of a public institution of higher learning closely associated with the state. The emblem demonstrates the most comfortable environment for students and the service of students for the good of Kentucky.

University of Kentucky: Brand overview

Founded:February 22, 1865
Lexington, Kentucky, United States

The University of Kentucky is the University of Lexington, ranked in the top 5 percent of institutions in America. More than 2,000 teachers teach nearly 31,000 students in 93 undergraduate and 99 graduate programs. Physics, medicine, economics, and business are considered the strongest fields of study. The University of Kentucky logo includes 16 colleges, 19 dormitories, 30 dining halls, and 15 libraries.

The institution was founded in 1865 with grants and private donations as an agricultural college. In the early 20th century, the institution became a university. Due to many places, almost 100% of applicants come. Tuition costs about $8,000 a year. The campus consists of two parts, north and central, and offers six types of super-modern living rooms.

Meaning and History

University of Kentucky Logo History

What is the University of Kentucky?

A full-discipline university from Lexington with 200 undergraduate, master’s, graduate, and doctoral programs. The campus has about 100 buildings. Rector Eli Capilouto.

The University of Kentucky (UK) is an ancient educational institution that has become the largest in the state and strengthened its image with a consistent corporate style. Its official colors – white and royal blue – were adopted in 1892. This combination of shades has been used for all subsequent logos to emphasize their affiliation with the university.

As the university grew, so did the recognition of its brand. In 2016, it was decided to unite all centers, departments, faculties, and colleges in the UK with a common wordmark. At the same time, the leaders of the educational institution introduced a set of standards, according to which all secondary emblems should be eliminated. Since then, the strict and business-like wordmark of the University of Kentucky has been complemented by a stylish monogram of the letters “U” and “K.”

before 2016

University of Kentucky Logo before 2016

At the center of the logo is the blue abbreviation “UK.” In the negative white space between the letters, the Memorial Hall clock tower is depicted. It is presented in a frontal view, with one round clock face, which is outlined by a thin blue ring. Memorial Hall is one of the most important symbols of the university. This building was constructed in 1929 in memory of the students who died during World War I. It hosts performances, lectures, and graduation ceremonies. However, the architectural landmark gained fame most by appearing on the University of Kentucky emblem.

Below, the name of the educational institution is written in blue capital letters. It is divided into two lines, centered. The same serif font is used in both cases, but the glyphs below seem bolder. This impression is created because the lower half of the wordmark is larger than the upper one.

2016 – today

University of Kentucky Logo

The university’s logo is demonstrates the stability and reliability of the institution. It consists of two parts:

  • The beautifully intertwined letters of the abbreviation.
  • The deciphering of the inscription on the right in two levels.

The letters U and K are in a wide serif typeface, one above the other. Their elements fit together perfectly, like puzzles, creating a stepped composition. The figure represents the steps on the way to gaining knowledge, the movement through the ladder of academic degrees offered by the university: from Bachelor to Doctor of Science.

The clutch of letters demonstrates the close connection between the university and the state. The institution was created and exists through a special program administered by Kentucky. The state raised about $1 billion for improvements in 2007. At the same time, the university conducts research in an effort to be ranked 20th in the nation, according to the state Assembly’s wish.

The inscription in black lettering contains the institution’s full name: University of Kentucky. The words are arranged in two tiers, matching the initial letters of the acronym. University is at the top, and Kentucky is at the bottom. The state’s name is in a larger font, indicating a state institution that depends on the administration of the territorial unit.

The Seal

University of Kentucky Seal Logo

The seal details the history of the university. It consists of a double circle, the outer rim of which is made in the form of a twisted rope. In large letters, the name of the institution is between the first and second rim, and at the bottom is the motto: united we stand, divided we fall.

The inscription’s meaning is embodied by the image in the center, in which an Indian and a gentleman settler make a deal, and the gentleman thanks the native by shaking his hand. The intertwined rope on the outer rim symbolizes this union.

The composition points to the Morrill Act. The document allowed their land to be taken from the Indians by treaty or simple confiscation. The land was then divided into tracts and distributed among the states. Each state could sell the land and use the proceeds to establish and maintain educational institutions to teach the necessary trades. Kentucky had two such institutions, and the Agricultural and Mechanical College was one of them.

The seal shows the land treaty process between the government and the Indians, without which the college could not exist.

The center circle of the seal has three significant dates for the institution:

  • 1865, the founding year when educator John Bowman, using Morrill’s Law, founded the Agricultural and Mechanical College as a branch of the University of Kentucky, which later became Transylvania University. This relationship is one of the meanings of the motto of the seal.
  • 1878 – separation of the college from the University of Kentucky into an independent unit.
  • 1916 – renaming the college a university.

The entire composition duplicates certain elements of the seal of the state of Kentucky, in which the university is located.

Font and Colors

University of Kentucky Emblem

Blue and white are the primary colors of the university.

  • The royal blue – demonstrates the university’s values: learning and innovation. It expresses the businesslike approach and desires to educate students in science and provide the most up-to-date facilities.
  • White indicates the upbringing of the younger generation, growing up. Hints at one of the nation’s best on-site medical centers.

University of Kentucky Symbol

Fleischman BT Regular inscription font.

University of Kentucky color codes

Dark Powder BlueHex color:#0133a0
RGB:1 51 160
CMYK:99 68 0 37
Pantone:PMS Dark Blue C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C