Updated Ground News app

Ground News Logo

The mobile app, Ground News, was designed with a single goal in mind: to bring clarity to the most chaotic news environment. The platform can analyze data from thousands of sources in real-time. With a simple and intuitive interface, the application provides simplicity and ease of getting acquainted with the latest and most important world news, freeing people from various algorithmic restrictions, revealing less illuminated areas, focusing on the frequent bias of modern media, helping to read “between the lines.” The use of the service opens up the possibility for free comprehension of modern problems across the entire spectrum of their manifestation. The main difference of the brand from similar aggregators is the placement of its news feed directly on the air without the use of manipulative algorithms, providing impartial access to the available facts.

Ground News New Logo

In developing its new visual representation, the brand emphasized the principle of transparency. It became possible to realize this with the help of the classical design of diagrams, drawings, diagrams, with the help of which since ancient times, humanity has presented the most complex information—adopted so original design philosophy opens up ample opportunities for users to make informed decisions. It manifests itself in all aspects of the external identity – from text modules to the chosen color palette.

Ground News Symbol

When creating the logo, the designers drew inspiration from the structure of news headlines. The original solution in the form of cut letters became a symbol of earthiness, correspondence to the world around physically and emotionally. This aspiration is expected to be understood and shared by all application users. The font chosen for text modules is distinguished by a high visual clarity, making it easier to read the information presented at different scales in digital form. This makes the logo easily recognizable, and the texts quickly perceived and processed.

Ground News Before and After Logo (History)

The color palette was chosen with a subtle nod to the history of the news outlet. Colors such as “parchment and ink” became the basis for the formation of the brand’s visualization, where soft black – ink refers to the colors of printing and the natural discoloration of newspaper pages. With its help, mitigation of situational moments is achieved. A wide range of complementary colors is used to convey political messages quickly and effectively.