Updated McDonald’s logo that appeared on the streets of London

McDonald's Logo Leo Burnett

The recognition of the McDonald’s logo is undeniable. Golden arches connecting in the letter M have become a symbol of the iconic company since its history. The advertising campaign that appeared on billboards in London shows a modification of the logo – the use of one arch. In this way, the company decided to draw attention to the home delivery service.

McDonald’s is an example of a brand that can safely abandon the use of the name in the logo. The symbol, font, color palette of the company is so recognizable that consumers at first glance understand the key figure of the advertising campaign.

The designer behind the creative ads is Leo Burnett. He used half of the standard company logo and his signature golden yellow color. You can see that the arch illuminates the only window in the whole building, conveying the joy and specialty of consuming the product. The logo is associated with a beam of light that enters the home along with a McDonald’s delivery. Quarantine has impacted business, and large companies are quickly finding good solutions for their customers.

McDonald's New Logo Leo Burnett

Designer Leo Burnett has recently collaborated with renowned typographer David Schwen to create yet another creative ad. Instead of a picture of their favorite burgers, they used the ingredients’ names, arranging them in order, like in a real dish. Famous Sausage & Egg McMuffin, Big Mac, and Filet-O-Fish recipes were used for the campaign. As you can see, the company name and corporate logo are missing, but consumers know their favorite dishes so well that they do not need additional brand presentation.

The trend towards abandoning the use of the brand name in logos can be seen among well-known companies. For example, Shell gas stations and the American chain of stores Target also took such a bold move. Successful design decisions and brand policies help maintain recognition even without the use of distinctive symbols.

McDonald's Leo Burnett