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Our doors are only open to the very best, the USAA logo signals. Their list is embodied in slender columns of a visual sign and echoes the symbol of the US military forces. The emblem is a symbol of pride, greatness, and premium service.

USAA: Brand overview

Founded:June 20, 1922
San Antonio, Texas, United States

USAA insurance, banking, and deposits are available to a limited number of people. This includes former and active US military personnel, as well as their immediate family. Previously, the United Services Automobile Association’s right to membership was granted to agents and special agents of various services, including FBI, United States Secret Service, PTB, NCIS, and others. They were deprived of such an opportunity, so now only representatives of military institutions, officers, and soldiers can use the company’s financial services.

The USAA Mutual Insurance Marketplace was founded in 1922 when twenty-five officers got together and decided to create an organization that would provide military personnel with reliable auto insurance. They had no alternative options because they were in the high-risk group. Over time, the range of services has expanded to banking, financial planning, and investment.

Meaning and History

USAA Logo History

USAA shows its connection with the United States in every possible way – from the name, which stands for United Services Automobile Association, to the logo, which depicts an eagle. As you know, this bird is one of the main national symbols of the country because it personifies courage, vigilance, strength, and readiness to win. For USAA, the eagle is a sign of reliability and high quality of services. And since it is depicted in an unusual style, it is also a sign of the organization’s uniqueness and its desire to be the best in everything.

What is USAA?

USAA is a group of companies that provides insurance, financial, and banking services to the United States Armed Forces employees and their families.

1922 – 1970

USSA Logo 1922-1970

The United Services Automobile Association was founded in 1922, but then it was called the United States Army Automobile Association. It was renamed in 1924, which means that the logo with the monogram of the letters “U,” “S,” “A,” and “A” most likely refers to the period after the rebranding. The center is occupied by large “S” and “A,” superimposed on one another. Two smaller “A” s are located on the top and bottom of the “S.” Moreover, with their horizontal strokes, they merge with the capital letter. The monogram is placed in a white rhombus with a wide black frame.

1970 – today


USAA owners have always worried about how their business looks to consumers. They even hired specialists from Mad * Pow to streamline the insurance buying process. The consulting company representatives tried to use digital technologies as much as possible to improve the quality of customer service. Based on the research results, the experts have developed a unified approach to the design of all United Services Automobile Association products.

But this did not affect the organization’s logo in any way – now it looks almost the same as a hundred years ago. The wordmark contains the inscription “USAA.” It is an abbreviation of the name received in 1924. Until then, the mutual insurance exchange was known as the United States Army Automobile Association.

Above the letters is an image made up of long curved lines. Parallel stripes are split into two columns and connected at the top. They are similar to a flying eagle’s wings, while the hooked upper part resembles a bird’s head. This is not just a feathered predator, but the national symbol of the United States, which is found on seals and coats of various states’ arms.

This patriotism is because the emblem belongs to the organization providing banking and insurance services to the military United States Armed Forces. Also, the bald eagle is a universal image. It is associated with freedom, strength, and independence, and all these qualities characterize the USAA group of companies from the best side.

But there is another unofficial interpretation of the logo. According to her, the bird depicted is a phoenix – a mythical creature reborn from the ashes. This version is unlikely given the popularity of the bald eagle in the United States.

USAA: Interesting Facts

USAA, short for the United Services Automobile Association, stands out in the financial sector for its commitment to military members, veterans, and their families. Starting in 1922 with 25 U.S. Army officers to insure their cars, USAA has expanded into a full-service financial group. Here’s a straightforward summary of USAA:

  1. Who Can Join: USAA serves U.S. military members, veterans, and their families, focusing on those who’ve served honorably.
  2. Wide Range of Services: Originally an auto insurer, USAA now offers banking, various insurance policies, investments, retirement planning, and real estate services.
  3. Customer Service Innovation: Known for exceptional customer service, USAA embraced technology early on, such as mobile check deposits and voice recognition for phone systems.
  4. Military Financial Readiness provides resources and advice tailored to military lifestyles, supporting members through deployments and transitions to civilian life.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: USAA is highly rated in customer satisfaction, building strong loyalty within the military community.
  6. Quick Disaster Response: It uses technology, like aerial imagery and mobile apps, to speed up claims processes after natural disasters.
  7. Socially Responsible Investing: USAA offers investments considering environmental, social, and governance criteria, allowing members to invest according to their values.
  8. Supporting Military Causes: USAA supports military and veteran causes through philanthropy, event sponsorship, and assistance to military families and wounded veterans.
  9. Innovation Leadership: USAA holds numerous patents and is a leader in developing banking and insurance technologies, from transaction security to mobile app interfaces.
  10. Headquarters Reflecting Military Ties: Located in San Antonio, Texas, USAA’s headquarters displays military memorabilia and is environmentally friendly, showcasing its military connection and commitment to sustainability.

USAA’s focus on the military community has made it a top financial services provider for service members and veterans, renowned for customer service and innovation.

Font and Colors

USAA Emblem

As the word mark is enlarged, it becomes noticeable that both A’s have a small triangular projection at the top. It looks exactly like a bird’s beak, but it is not because the typeface was developed much earlier than the logo – in 1992. This is FF Quadraat Sans OT Bold, created by the typographer Fred Smeijers. The typeface is sans-serif, although the letters look like they have short serifs at the ends.

USAA Symbol

To design the USAA logo, the designers chose the simplest color combination: white plus blue. The graphic elements are painted in a shade called Space Cadet (# 1A3258). Also available in silver with a gradient. It is intended to be used against a dark background.

USAA color codes

Space CadetHex color:#1a3258
RGB:26 50 88
CMYK:70 43 0 65
Pantone:PMS 648 C

What is USAA logo?

The USAA logo features a stylized eagle made up of many lines. Two “wings” diverge from the upper part, which looks like a head with a beak. Stripes perform the role of feathers with curved edges. The name of the organization is written at the bottom.

What is USAA slogan?

The main slogan of the USAA marketing campaign is “We’re Ready to Serve.”

Why does USAA only serve military?

USAA serves not only the military but also their families. A limited number of clients are associated with the history of this company. The fact is that it was founded by officers who were not issued insurance for cars due to their risky activities.

What does the letters USAA stand for?

USAA stands for United Services Automobile Association.