Vomit Emoji

Vomit Emoji

The Vomit Emoji 🤮 is not a very pleasant symbol. Just seeing the sign can evoke a feeling of disgust. However, in some cases, it’s necessary to convey exactly such emotions. Today, we will discuss when to use this image.

The Vomit Emoji line includes two symbols. They appeared sequentially and demonstrated an escalation of negative emotions and sensations.

  • 🤢 Nauseous – a smiley face that has turned green from nausea. This image was added to Unicode 9.0 in 2016 under the code U+1F922.
  • The actual process of expelling stomach contents. This symbol was added a year later in Unicode 10.0 under the code U+1F92E.

Sometimes, Poop Emojis are also included in this line as these signs represent very similar emotions.

Meaning And Use Of The Vomit Emoji

Face Vomiting Emoji

The simplest interpretation of the Vomit Emoji is illness. The symbol indicates stomach problems and poisoning. It suggests that a person feels ill and is currently unable to participate in social life. The sender should be sympathized with and wished a speedy recovery.

The sign also speaks of hangovers. The image can be used after or during a wild party to reflect the consequences of alcohol abuse.

Combined with other medical signs, the emoji shows a reaction to chemotherapy.

Vomiting Emoji

There are also several figurative meanings of the image.

  • Non-acceptance. Stomach upset, in a metaphorical sense, speaks of the inability to accept a certain situation, action, or thought. We are forced to endure something against our nature or compelled to do something we internally disagree with. Sometimes, the issue concerns our beliefs and global matters: a loathsome job, a loveless marriage. Other times, it’s about simple everyday moments: hated spinach that mom makes us eat or bitter pills.
  • When a person sees something extremely unpleasant, it can make them nauseous. Some feel sick at the sight of blood. Others can’t stand certain smells, etc. In a metaphorical sense, the symbol shows that something or someone is very repulsive to you. “He makes me sick 🤢.” “Ew, what filth.” “Today’s lunch in the cafeteria looked like vomit 🤮.”
  • The symbol has a more positive meaning when it talks about getting rid of something. Saying goodbye to what has long troubled you. Resolving a long-standing situation. Parting with an abuser, quitting a job with a tyrannical boss, dividing property, and moving away from terrible relatives. Here, Vomit Emoji is used in combination with other emojis to convey the meaning of what’s happening accurately.

Nauseous Emoji

Vomit describes personalities living in discord with themselves, people who have to lie and pretend. The difference between inner desires and external circumstances has reached its limit. Therefore, the situation is nauseating to them.

By sending a symbol in response to pretense and hypocrisy, you underscore support for truth, sincerity, and honest people.

The image is appropriate as a response to foul language. It’s a way to show that you find swearing and insults distasteful.

The emoji is a reaction to negative news. It embodies disgust when encountering unpleasant things, both literally and figuratively.

Final thoughts

Nauseated Face Emoji

Sending the emoji conveys that you are deeply repulsed by the situation or person. However, in the case of Nauseous, you turn away, unwilling to look and restrain yourself with great effort, while in the case of Vomit, patience has reached its limit, and you begin to take action.

If you receive such a symbol, the sender is expressing extreme dissatisfaction with your behavior, words, or you personally. In such an interpretation, the sign is quite offensive. And the issue with the person who sent the message needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Whether to provide an explanation, seek mutual understanding, or stand up and put the offender in their place is up to you.