White Heart Emoji

White Heart Emoji

The White Heart Emoji 🤍 is not a very well-known symbol. When it comes to hearts, people prefer to send the red emoji. The white design looks pale, unnatural, and uninteresting. However, sometimes it’s the best way to convey your thoughts. The smiley was added to emojis in 2019 under the code U+1F90D.

Its grey outlines and light gradient allow the drawing to stand out on a white background. The smooth, finely-edged contours indicate the delicate work of artisans who have carved such a masterpiece from ice and snow.

Meaning and use of the White Heart Emoji

Emoji White Heart

The color white combines coldness and purity, which forms the basis of the symbol’s interpretation. It complements the image of the heart as a vessel of love and emotions in general. The emoji is like a crystal, meaning it is beautiful, tender, and fragile.

  • Cold Heart. Snow and ice are cold. Touching them can freeze the body. Metaphorically, coldness represents a lack of emotion and indifference. It’s always chilly next to a person devoid of love and compassion. Such an individual causes pain without understanding it. They don’t know how to put themselves in others’ shoes. They don’t strive to understand others’ feelings and concerns. In a message with a white heart, it’s about a selfish person who is oblivious to those around them. This symbol is appropriate in messages about unrequited love, a person with a cruel heart: “He has an ice cube instead of a heart.”
  • Pure Heart. A white sheet, a new beginning – these are the meanings of the color white. The symbol indicates innocence and lack of malicious intent. The readiness to love. The emoji represents a young girl or boy who has never known love. Naive and open-hearted. Sometimes, it’s about a more sublime feeling, like love for God.
  • Bloodless Heart. The image represents a lovelorn individual. A wound inflicted by a loved one gradually drains their strength and emotions. In the white heart, there is no more love and life. The symbol conveys suffering.
  • Old Age. White is the color of gray hair. Age and experience have freed the heart. Passions are a thing of the past. The soul is not tormented by emotions. The person is surrounded by tranquility and peace. This is a wise heart.

White Heart Emojis

Since the heart is a symbol of love, the emoji conveys a feeling without romantic coloring, vulgarity, or passion. Usually, the smiley pertains to relationships with children and parents. It’s selfless, devoted, and pure love. White infuses the image with tenderness and indicates the importance of a caring attitude.

For the centenary of the International Council of Nurses, the White heart was chosen as a symbol of care and compassion. The sign represents medical workers and hints at the appearance of nurses – white coats, and their inner qualities – selflessness and humanity. Therefore, in a message, the emoji may indicate medical assistance.

Final thoughts

White heart – an epitome of nobility and pure intentions. The sender of the message treats you respectfully and warmly, admiring your purity and innocence. However, sometimes, it’s a hint of coldness that wounds the interlocutor.

Therefore, in interpreting the message, one should focus on the content of the letter and other drawings. A snowflake or a broken heart will underscore the pain of indifference. And a dove of peace will enhance the good intentions.