WMX from Warner Music Group is a new service to empower music brands

WMX Logo

Difficulties in connecting artists with their fans have led to a new WMX service created by Warner Music Group. The new platform is designed to be user-friendly to the broadest audiences of music lovers, with over 249 million unique visits per month. It was the first to provide a global basis for distributing and expanding the offerings of music companies. The platform was presented immediately after forming its corporate style and visual identity in print and digital versions of the performance. The created services division required a complete rebranding of WEA (Warner-Elektra-Atlantic) and all divisions of the parent company responsible for the creativity of the content provided.

WMX New Logo

The new identity is built on elements that emphasize the core values โ€‹โ€‹of offerings for artists, musicians, merchandise, and D2C. This includes ANATI’s experience in streaming, ticket sales, vinyl distribution and shaping, gaming content, collaboration with fashion, social media, and empirical experience. First of all, a massive information campaign was used in specially prepared tools belonging to the brand itself – Uproxx, Songkick, HipHopDX. As well as YouTube, Pit and Indie Mixtape, social media and streaming platforms.

The use of modern technologies and an unconventional approach to the formation of the visual identity of the service was able to demonstrate the nonlinearity of the modern music business and the possibility of effectively using its complex, multifaceted and interactive reflection in multiple formats. This was achieved thanks to the original corporate colors, the typography of an extraordinary font, and the dynamics of various images, representing some motives on musical themes and trends and providing new information about music brands, performers, and public events.

WMX Emblem

The new font developed based on Neonballroom Regular by LetterStock is especially effective in its informativeness. Its graphic design in letters with negative internal space and highlighted by a clear lilac outline, in its shape creating the impression of symmetrical movement of the waves, provides an indescribable attractiveness and attractiveness. The minimalistic design in the absence of any other elements in the symbol of the new application makes it easy to read and remember. But the main thing is modern and fully consistent with the essence and new style of the brand.