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Wonka is the name of the original chocolate bars, which have cinematic origins. They appeared several times in R. Dahl’s famous novel. Dahl’s famous novel is about an eccentric chocolatier and his young assistant who wanted to learn the confectioner’s trade. The creation is known as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Inspired by the screen version of the novel, the famous company Quaker Oats decided to make the fictional sweetness real. Confectionery products received the appropriate design. It was a bright, colorful design with elements reminiscent of the legendary film. The style changed many times, but each new version did not deviate from the original concept.

Meaning and History

Wonka Logo History
Evolution of the Wonka Logo

Wonka Bar compares favorably with other sweets. The main reason is the special story of the appearance, which is associated with fairy tale characters. The candy bar became the real embodiment of a fictional product that was at the center of the plot of a fascinating children’s novel. Moreover, its production was launched at about the same period when the movie based on the famous creation was released.

A new kind of chocolate quickly became popular, so the company began large-scale production of candy with magical overtones. Throughout its existence, the candy bar was produced in different wrappers. Almost all of them had a bright color scheme, the original font associated with magic, and elements from the movie. Such a product was instantly recognizable in the shop window.

1971 – 1996

Wonka Bar Logo 1971

1980 – 1982

Wonka Bar Logo 1980

1982 – 1996

Wonka Bar Logo 1982

1996 – 1999

Wonka Bar Logo 1996

The presentation of the new candy brand took place a month before the release of the screen version of the novel. Wonka Bar candy was introduced to the market in the spring of 1971 by Quaker Oats, who worked in tandem with two manufacturers – Chocolate Factory and Willy Wonka. A little later, viewers got a chance to watch an interesting movie in which the tasty bar repeatedly appeared. It was a marketing ploy, providing the brand with good profits.

The first candy bars had a stylish thematic design. The following elements could be seen on the wrappers:

  • A large Wonka Bar inscription;
  • a dark background;
  • an impressive hat.

The last part was associated with the movie’s main character, the chocolatier Willy Wonka. A feature of this style was the emphasis on the fairy tale format. This was evidenced by the magician’s hat, the unusual typeface, and the distinctive color scheme. The letters had artistic curves, and each had a unique design.

As for colors, the designers used shades of gold and red and basic white. The hat and the word Bar had a golden hue, and white was used to decorate the word Wonka. The play of such colors created the effect of contrasts and attracted customers’ attention well.

1999 – 2008

Wonka Bar Logo 1999

During this period, the brand was owned by one of the world’s biggest corporations, Nestlé. It turned Wonka into an umbrella brand; as a result, other sweets began to be sold under this name. This list included Laffy Taffy, SweeTARTS, etc. In connection with this, a rebranding was carried out. The new visual concept differed significantly from the original version.

The wrapper changed color, the font became more complex, and the overall picture was updated with new elements. But, at the same time, the traditional brand icon of a magician’s hat was preserved in the updated packaging. It was made in blue and moved to the center of the letter W. The twisted ends were removed from the font, while the overall magical style was retained.

The coloring was updated with blue and brown. The first one was used as a background, and the second one was used to design the new element – chocolate drops. The word Bar changed its golden hue to a basic white. The updated design proves that the company strives to develop and constantly improve its product. In addition, the new design became more bright, positive, and understandable to children. And they were the main target audience.

After some time, the Nestlé company decided to release a new line of bars, “Wonka Exceptionals.” But, the company did not stop with this, and several more flavors appeared in the future. The concept of the iconic during this period changed again. Management decided to change the color palette and design in general.

The basis was taken version, which existed from 1996 to 2009. The luxurious purple color appeared on the package, harmoniously combined with gold, white and red shades. The font became simpler again and lost the fancy curls.

2008 – today

Wonka Logo

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Wonka Symbol

Wonka’s corporate style was based on a combination of bright colors, which created a single color scheme. It evoked pleasant associations with a warm fairy-tale atmosphere, especially appealing to children. In the center of the emblem, there was a fascinating word mark Wonka Bar. The first part was done in basic white, which symbolizes purity and trustworthiness.

The second one was blue and had a stylish red ribbon complemented with thin golden stripes. The typeface was also different. The word Wonka was written in a more massive font to accentuate the brand itself, and a simple, smaller font was chosen for the word Bar. In the background was the traditional hat icon for almost all logos.