XR Unveils New Brand Identity Reflecting Its Innovative Ad Technology Platform

XR Logo New

Previously known as Extreme Reach, XR introduced a new brand identity, marking a significant evolution for the global technology platform that simplifies the advertising ecosystem. Since its inception in 2008, XR has provided innovative solutions for top global advertisers, managing over half a billion creative brand assets and facilitating $150 billion in video ad spending worldwide. Operating across 130 countries and available in 45 languages, XR’s platform has become an indispensable tool for nearly 1,000 employees, empowering them to unite the complexities of advertising and film production onto a single AI-assisted platform.

The company’s comprehensive services include content analytics, production services, rights management, content library, content delivery, content optimization, and more. By enabling clients to manage creative assets globally and harness data and insights for incremental ROI, XR has delivered content to 19,000 TV and digital platforms across the globe.

XR Logo Evolution

In line with its innovative approach and global reach, the recent transition from Extreme Reach to XR is accompanied by unveiling a new logo designed by Brooklyn, NY-based Athletics. The new XR logo represents a departure from the old identity, which resembles the branding often associated with pharmaceutical or medical equipment companies. The previous logo’s blue-mint color scheme and friendly yet corporate typography did little to convey XR’s platform’s technological prowess and cutting-edge nature.

The redesigned logo, however, embraces a bolder and more distinctive aesthetic that immediately signals XR’s status as a tech-driven entity. Using ink traps in the “X” and “R” creates a unique visual effect, enhancing XR’s perception as an edge company. The design intricacies, such as the swelling joints of the letters and the organic curve on the “R,” add character and sophistication to the logo, reflecting the company’s forward-looking vision.

XR Logo Old

While the new wordmark maintains a simplicity that ensures legibility and brand recognition, the overall rebranding effort positions XR as a more cohesive and integrated unit. This shift towards a more integrated appearance is crucial for a company that prides itself on unifying the fragmented aspects of the advertising world onto a single platform.