YouTube changes its logo every week in February

YouTube logo in February

Active YouTube users may have noticed that the platform received a new logo on February 1. In honor of Black History Month, the company announced that it would show us the work of black artists. In addition to the logo change, the official YouTube page on YouTube (sounds strange, but it does exist and has 31.3 million subscribers) is decorated with a colorful banner. You can also check out short videos where the designers themselves explain what became their main inspiration.

The first artist to introduce the new logo was Leandro Assis, a native of Brazil. He is also known for his robots for Nike, Disney, Apple, and others. The designer kept the famous red YouTube play button on the logo but added the stylized BHM lettering. The logo consists of a combination of brown, red, and blue colors with painted reflections.

The artist also created a colorful banner filled with vibrant colors, inscriptions, and symbols. The dancing people and the variety of hairstyles are especially attractive. As Leandro Assis himself told in a video for a YouTube page, he was inspired by the dark-skinned people who surrounded him with their unique rhythms, hair, and skin tones.

YouTube BHM new logo

On February 8, YouTube introduced its users to North Carolina artist Keisha Okafor. Her main inspirations are young women in math and science. The logo, which the artist created, consists of two parts: a standard red button and an image of a smiling black girl.

Like Leandro Assis, the North Carolina-based designer created a colorful banner for her YouTube page. The main characters of the image are women and girls who are enthusiastically studying mathematics. The banner symbolizes the connection between generations and the active participation of black women in science development.

This week’s logo was created by Marco Cheatham, a designer, and illustrator based in St. Louis. The artist added a dark-skinned man who listens to music and gestures with a peace sign to the famous red button. The banner adorning the YouTube page is no less colorful than previous works. It consists of images of dark-skinned people who are engaged in different types of creativity. Marco Cheatham emphasized that black writers, artists, singers, and other creative people are just as talented as the rest.

On February 22, you can see the last work of this month. We are confident that the new artist, logo, and banner will be less interesting and mesmerizing than the previous ones. YouTube’s new campaign is uniquely inspiring and empowers designers to make their mark.