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The Zendesk logo symbolizes an unusual company of the future. The logo depicts software solutions that create interaction between businesses and customers. They are comfortable, practical, and fit like a puzzle to the castle.

Zendesk: Brand overview

The American company Zendesk offers a range of software solutions for customer interaction. Its core products include the Sunshine CRM platform that automates business processes, Connect for multi-channel communication, the Gather forum, Explore, the Sell app for sales teams, Talk software for call centers, and more.

Meaning and History

Zendesk Logo History

Zendesk Inc. was founded in 2007. To position herself as a friendly startup at the time, she chose a humorous symbol—Buddha with headphones. He embodied the awareness and innovation that drove the technology brand. Bright colors, three-dimensional graphics, and a comic style emphasized the unusualness of the image.

The main element of the identity was the logo with the words “Zendesk” and a heart shape. Buddha, although considered a talisman, always remained in the background. Company executives were afraid to animate it or use it for marketing purposes so as not to offend the feelings of believers accidentally. Due to such restrictions, they decided to change the Zendesk identity completely.

What is Zendesk?

It is a US company that provides software products for sales and customer support, and communication. It entered the market in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and then moved to San Francisco, California

2007 – 2016

Zendesk Logo 2007-2016


The brand’s first-word mark was light green and consisted of lowercase rounded letters. It was complemented by the same green spiral shape, in the center of which was an unpainted (white) heart. Due to the effect of negative space, the emblem looked like a flower with a tiled arrangement of petals.

2016 – today

Zendesk Logo 2016-present

Zendesk Inc.’s designers rebranded when executives realized the old visual style was limiting their options. They handled this issue by developing a symbol, such as a large letter “Z,” of triangles and semicircles (two on each side). Geometric shapes are mirrored. They are based on the word “zendesk,” which, as before, is written in lowercase.

The new logo is simplified as much as possible compared to the old one. He conforms to the principles of Zen even more than the humorous image of the Buddha. Z combines elements inspired by the company’s Danish roots. The design originates from ordinary toy cubes and works by Dutch artisans: the geometric EKC emblem created by Poul Kjarholm in 1956, stylish designs on furniture by Arne Jacobsen, and the famous monkey Kay Bojesen.

Zendesk: Interesting Facts

Zendesk is known for its top-notch customer service software and has a fascinating story of growth and innovation.

  1. Danish Beginnings: It all started in a tiny loft in Copenhagen, but Zendesk quickly moved to San Francisco to tap into a bigger talent pool and market, marking the start of its global influence.
  2. Public on the NYSE: By 2014, Zendesk’s rapid growth led it to go public on the New York Stock Exchange, highlighting its success and the high demand for its services.
  3. More than Support Software: Zendesk has grown beyond customer support tools. Now, it offers a variety of products to improve customer relationships, such as sales CRM and communication platforms.
  4. Leading with AI: The company is a leader in using artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve customer service.
  5. Growing through Acquisitions: Zendesk has expanded its services by acquiring companies like Base CRM for sales automation and Zopim for live chat.
  6. Focused on Doing Good: Zendesk is committed to social responsibility and works on community, education, and environmental projects through its Neighbor Foundation.
  7. A Great Place to Work: Thanks to its innovative and inclusive culture, Zendesk has won many awards, making it a desirable tech workplace.
  8. Worldwide Operations: Zendesk has grown into a global powerhouse with a worldwide presence, showing how far it has come from its small startup days.

Zendesk’s journey from a small Danish loft to a leading global tech company showcases its innovative spirit, dedication to social good, and status as a great workplace.

Font and Colors

Zendesk Emblem

The brand icon consists of geometric shapes, which the brand team calls “relationshapes.” These same blocks are used in pairs as logos for each product of the diversified company. In this case, they symbolize two people and their relationship. In the context of the Zendesk logo, triangles and semicircles represent different industries. Their contrasting shapes look bold and balanced.

The brand name is written in a modified Sharp Sans font. All letters, except for “n” and “k,” are reminiscent of Aspira Wide Demi—a versatile geometric typeface with unchanging stroke width and open apertures. This makes the inscription more readable. The lowercase “k” looks like a similar character to the Cartograph Mono CF Demi Bold font created by typographer Connary Fagen. The “n” is individually designed and looks like an upside-down “u.”

Zendesk Symbol

The brand’s main color is Kale (# 03363D), a dark shade of emerald. It is used in everything, including the logo. The color is complemented by a neutral white background that adds clarity.


What is the meaning of the Zendesk logo?

The Zendesk logo symbolizes the company’s connection with its customers. The shapes suggest balance, simplicity, and connection, which are elements of strong customer relationships.

The logo uses geometric shapes that fit together to form “relationship shapes.” These figures show how different parts of the customer experience ecosystem connect and work together. The logo’s simple and clean shapes reflect the brand’s desire to make interactions easier and more manageable.

How do I add a logo to Zendesk?

To add or update a logo, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Customize” on the theme you want to update. The theme page will open.
  2. In the Settings panel, click Brand.
  3. Under Logo, click Replace to browse and select a new image.
  4. Select the image you want to use as your new logo. Make sure it meets the size and format requirements.
  5. Save your changes to update the theme with the new logo.

These steps will help you update your logo and ensure it accurately reflects your brand’s visual identity.

How do I update branding in Zendesk?

To update your branding, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Administration Center and click Account in the sidebar.
  2. Select Brand Management and then Brands to view a list of your brands.
  3. Find the brand you want to change, click the menu icon next to it, and select Edit to expand the settings.
  4. Make the necessary changes to the fields with the new brand information.
  5. Click “Save Changes”.

This process will help keep your brand relevant and consistent across the platform.

What is a Zendesk brand?

The brand offers customer service and communication software to help businesses manage customer interactions. Founded by Alexander Agassipour, Morten Primdahl, and Mikkel Svane, the brand focuses on simplifying and improving the customer experience.

The software includes tools such as ticketing systems, chat, and help center solutions. These tools streamline communication, ensuring customer requests are handled quickly and efficiently. The goal is to improve customer satisfaction through a seamless and intuitive experience for service agents and customers.

How do I change the logo in Zendesk?

To change the logo, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Administration Center from the main menu of your account.
  2. Select Appearance from the main menu.
  3. Open the Branding section.
  4. Find the Logo section.
  5. Click Select File next to the logo option.
  6. Select the image file you want to use as your new logo on your computer and upload it.
  7. Save your changes to update the logo.

These steps will help you update your logo while keeping your brand consistent.

Where is Zendesk support located?

The Zendesk support team is headquartered in San Francisco, California, where customer support and queries are handled. The San Francisco team helps clients resolve issues and ensures they receive timely and effective assistance. Headquartered in a major tech city, it helps the brand stay current with industry advancements and maintain high service standards. The team focuses on solving problems efficiently and providing a positive experience for users.