Zensar – rebranding confirming the leadership

Zensar Logo

The Indian company Zensar Technologies announced the completion of the rebranding on July 29, 21. The need for it arose as a result of fundamental changes in the company’s strategy and additional investments. With the funding received and the latest developments in software and services, it has become possible to accelerate the time it takes to bring ready-made revolutionary ideas and products to market. Together with the accumulated experience and well-deserved world fame, all this provided a real breakthrough in the company’s development, which required a new approach to the formation of the image, the creation of an updated logo design, and corporate identity.

Zensar Emblem

The new visualization of the brand very successfully reflects the modern engineering and technological strategy, demonstrates the successful orientation towards the implementation of innovative ideas and the desire to meet the needs and tasks of each client fully. The latest proposals in the field of digital products and services, their subsequent development, engineering solutions that help accelerate and improve any business, increase profitability while maximizing cost optimization using products developed by the company and analytical capabilities – this is just not a complete list of what is today provided by Zensar Technologies.

Zensar New Logo

Following current trends, the company does not just strive to move forward quickly, occupying a leading position in its production field. She strives to create all conditions for predictable, sustainable, and profitable growth not only for herself but also for each of her clients. Thanks to the development of powerful and flexible software in an effective combination with high-quality analytics of the processed data, as well as the use of the capabilities of spacious and secure cloud platforms, each client of the company will be able to receive the required acceleration to successfully and purposefully move forward to new directions. At the same time, the company makes every effort to attract the most talented specialists from all over the world to its team, making them especially advantageous offers, creating the best conditions for work and the implementation of their creative ideas.

Zensar Before and After Logo (history)

Reflection of all these features and innovative changes in the company’s renewed strategy found its place in every element of the new corporate identity of the famous Indian brand. Time will tell to what extent the Zensar Technologies team succeeded. But already today, one can see significant successes, which speak of the correctness of the chosen path and its reflection in one’s advertising.