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At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Ottoman Empire did not have a single national bank. Thus, farmers suffered the most because they could not receive financial support and were forced to turn to usurers. Given that the overwhelming majority of the population was engaged in agriculture, the problem was serious. To solve it, the Governor of Midhat Pasha in 1863 organized the Memleket Sandıı foundation, which after 25 years became known as Ziraat Bankası. Now it is the second-largest bank in Turkey, with more than 1400 branches throughout the country and subsidiaries in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Moscow.

Meaning and History

Ziraat Bankasi Symbol

What is Ziraat Bankasi?

Ziraat Bankasi is one of the state-owned Turkish banks founded under the Ottoman Empire. He provides financial services all over the world.

The full name of the monetary institution is Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Ziraat Bankası. The first two words for the Turkish Republic were once abbreviated as “T.C.” in the logo. But then the designers removed the letters with dots and left only the second part of the inscription.

The owners of the company have been planning to do this for a long time. They even wanted to do a complete rebranding to change the bank’s name. The old name did not suit them only because it was not universal and took different linguistic forms abroad. In 2012, leaders seriously thought about this problem and began to look for an option that can be used anywhere in the world. Versions with acronyms like TCZ Bank, Z Bank, ZRT Bank, or ZRTB were considered, but none came up.

The logo also had to change to represent Ziraat Bankası as a world-class financial institution. However, the matter did not go further than talk: the CEO left everything as it is and preserved the old elements of the bank’s identity. The most global change concerned the letters “T.C.,” which used to be in front of the inscription, but now has disappeared.

The text on the Ziraat Bankası brand name is supplemented with a stylized image of an ear. This emblem was created in 1867 and has survived unchanged to our times. Its author is the renowned Istanbul artist and designer İhap Hulusi Görey’i. With him, Turkish graphics began: he created most government bodies’ corporate identity, including the Ministry of Finance.

Ziraat Bankası logosunu kim yaptı?

The spike-shaped emblem of Ziraat Bankası was created by the artist İhap Hulusi Görey’i. He was at the origin of Turkish graphics and designed the logos of many government organizations.

The spikelet of wheat symbolizes the bank’s history, which emerged based on a “farm” fund. By the way, the word “Ziraat” in translation means “agriculture,” which also corresponds to the chosen concept. This is one reason why the executives decided not to change either the logo or the company name.

The financial institution’s initials are encrypted in the ornament: the lower part of the symbol consists of “Z” and “B.” The upper part consists of “T” and “C.” So the abbreviation “T.C.” has not disappeared anywhere: it is still present on the emblem but in encrypted form.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Ziraat Bankasi Emblem

Ziraat Bankası logosu ne anlama gelir?

The ear on the Ziraat Bankası logo is a tribute to the company’s historical past. After all, it was created based on a “farm” fund to provide financial support to people working in the agricultural sector.

Ziraat Bankası BH Mobile nedir?

This is a mobile application for Ziraat Bankası customers. It gives them access to transactions and accounts.

The current logo is a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters. The bank’s name is written in Turkish, so there is no dot above the last “ı.” Both words are in sans serif, but the typography is slightly different: “Ziraat” is bold.

The black text is supplemented with a red emblem. Until recently, it was monochrome and two-dimensional, but the latest redesign has added a 3D effect to it. The unusual monogram in the form of an ear of wheat shimmers in many shades, with a linear gradient from the middle to the edges. The combination of red and black is the classic combination by which you can recognize Ziraat Bankası.

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