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As the 20th Century Fox logo shows, the studio is at the center of global attention. Glory, universal recognition, and love convey the emblem. The film company is the creator of cult films that are sold out in cinemas and on TV screens.

20th Century Fox: Brand overview

Founded: May 31, 1935
Founder: Joseph M. Schenck, Darryl F. Zanuck, William Fox, Spyros Skouras
Los Angeles, California, United States
Website: 20thcenturystudios.com

The American film studio 20th Century Fox has become famous for its animated series Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama, and other comedy TV shows designed for a wide audience. She also owns many cult films such as Titanic, Avatar, and Star Wars, breaking world box office records.

The foundation of the television corporation was laid in 1935 when the bankrupt Fox Film studio was forced to merge with the powerful Twentieth Century Pictures. Together, they launched 20th Century Fox. Everything that came out on screens under this trademark became a real cinematic sensation. Moreover, the affiliation of the films could be easily recognized by the opening fanfare, upward-facing floodlights, and a three-level logo. The film studio inherited it from one of its “progenitors” – 20th Century Pictures.

Meaning and History

20th Century Fox Logo History

The iconic emblem was changed many times until the spotlights from the opening credits were included. It survived even after The Walt Disney Company bought 20th Century Fox and got rid of the famous television brand by giving it a different name. So the film studio lost the word “Fox” and is now called 20th Century Studios. The reorganization, which took place in early 2020, became part of a large-scale rebranding. Picturemill’s design team redesigned 20th Century Studios while retaining the aesthetic of the old. The specialists reworked the inscription, for which they used a modified version of the Proxima Nova font.

The changes that took place before were also very noticeable. Global experiments with style accompanied them because the corporation tried to create a positive image for itself.

What is 20th Century Fox?

20th Century Fox – this was the name of the American film company, known today as 20th Century Studios, from 1935 to 2020. It is owned by media conglomerate Walt Disney and specializes in film production.

1935 – 1945

20th Century Fox Logo 1935-1945

The first printed logo of the company did not have spotlights, although they did appear in the animated version (on the screen). Immediately after the debut, the studio was called Twentieth Century-Fox, but its name in the logo was written without a hyphen: the first line contained the word “20th”, the second – “CENTURY” and the third – “FOX.” Moreover, all letters and numbers were three-dimensional, strongly elongated back. Wide diagonal lines separated the three parts of the inscription. The corporate intro had the italic word “Presents” on it. It is known that Emil Kosa Jr. developed the first design; it can be considered the “progenitor” of the modern emblem.

1945 – 1972

20th Century Fox Logo 1945-1972

The 1945 version rightfully earned the status of the studio’s most minimalist logo. The designers retained the 20th CENTURY FOX lettering but simplified it so that there were no transverse lines or three-dimensional effects. The most noticeable element they made is the number “20”: the numbers were increased and lined up with a ladder. A perfectly round zero in shape and thickness resembled the letter “O,” as in the word “FOX.” The lowercase “t” (from “th”) has a missing horizontal stroke on the left side, so it merged with the adjacent zero. The last two words of the company name were on the second line and were written in bold black type with rounded ends.

1972 – 1982

20th Century Fox Logo 1972-1982

In 1972, the studio tried to combine two old logos into one new one. She kept the font from the second version, but straightened the numbers a little, removed half of the horizontal stroke from the “t,” and stretched the letters in words to create a three-dimensional effect. The structure was borrowed from the very first logo. At the same time, the back of the text turned black, and a kind of “pedestal” appeared below. Another new element is a semicircular arch made up of two dark lines of different thicknesses.

1982 – 1987

20th Century Fox Logo 1982-1987

Following a redesign by Landor Associates, the 20th Century Fox logo first featured spotlights that illuminated the studio’s name from two sides. Before that, they were used only in the intro to films and cartoons. Two beams of light replaced the arch. The inscription has been preserved, but the font has become bolder. At the same time, the number “0” and the letter “O” have acquired the shape of squares with rounded sides. The long shadows behind the words disappeared, and the dividing diagonal lines curled downward on the right side. This time, all elements were black, unlike the previous version of the emblem.

1987 – today

20th Century Fox Logo 1987-present

The artists have detailed the spotlights to show the lamps pointing upwards. The logo was inside a rectangular frame. The old font was replaced by a new one – similar to the one that has been used since 1972. The distance between the lines has decreased, so the tops of the words “CENTURY” and “FOX” are crossed out with diagonal stripes. Each number and letter in the top row has one thin line, directed to the right and slightly down.

Font and Colors

20th Century Fox Emblem

20th Century Fox is now 20th Century Studios, but this has little effect on its logo. The spotlights on the right and left create a frame with their light on both sides of the lettering. These devices are a traditional attribute of cinematography. They are used during filming to illuminate the stage space and play with dynamic effects.

20th Century Fox Symbol

The TV studio has always used sans-serif fonts for its name. Recent options include a modified Franklin Gothic Heavy and a custom version of Proxima Nova. The designers have adapted them to the uneven as if receding into the distance lines. The color scheme of the printed logo is also consistent: it was and remains black and white.

20th Century Fox color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

Is the 20th Century Fox logo real?

Yes, the 20th Century Fox logo is valid. After the renaming of the film concern to 20th Century Studios, the owner (Walt Disney Company) did not replace the old symbol with a new one but simply wrote the word Studios instead of Fox and translated the logo into a monochrome format.

Does 20th Century Fox still exist?

No, neither the name nor the 20th Century Fox film company exists anymore. She was replaced by a new structure – 20th Century Studios.

What is the 20th Century Fox logo?

It is a three-level sign. The top row says “20th”, the middle row says “Century,” and the bottom row says “Fox.” On the sides of the tall structure, there are floodlights-ramps.

How old is the 20th Century Fox logo?

The 20th Century Fox logo is over 85 years old: created in 1935 by designer Emil Kosa Jr.