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The Batman logo radiates darkness, which helps the superhero sneak up on criminals unnoticed. The iconic sign represents the animal that inspired Batman’s mask and winged suit. It is also a symbol of unbending will, fearlessness, and speed.

Batman: Brand overview

Founded: March 30, 1939
Founder: Bob Kane, Bill Finger
Gotham City
Batman is a popular character in American comics. He first appeared in Detective Comics magazine published in 1939. He is currently one of the most legendary superheroes.

Meaning and History

Batman Logo History

In most versions, the Batman logo is a black bat silhouette with its wings spread wide. This image is repeated in more than 30 modifications, in which the designers used a wide variety of wings, combining them with a wide cloak. Moreover, in parallel, there are two directions of the logo: for comics and cinema. The first list includes 21 varieties, the second – 12.

Overall, the emblem has an incredibly turbulent past. The current version is created by Cathryn Laver (Calm the Ham) and is inspired by themed comics. Moreover, its evolution was continuously moving from simple forms to multicomponent ones.

What is Batman?

Batman is a superhero, one of the most popular comic book characters. He has been known since 1939 when he first appeared in the magazine of the American publishing house DC Comics.


Batman Logo 1939

When Batman appeared in Detective Comics # 27, his chest’s emblem looked like a pair of spread wings with five points. There was no head or ears. This option has the shortest history because only one issue existed.

1939 – 1941

Batman Logo 1939-1941

The 28th issue of the magazine features a superhero with an updated logo. Ears and a small head appeared on it, and the lateral tips of the wings became longer. Moreover, the designers have made an impromptu “cloak” not with five, but with seven protrusions.

1941 – 1944

Batman Logo 1941-1944

The Batman symbol went through a whole series of changes: over the first years, DC artists constantly changed it, adding interesting design formats. In 1941, they stylized a bat’s wings, making them angular, and the head was removed a little, so only the top of the head is visible. The lower points of the wings were reduced to five and significantly sharpened due to elongation.

1944 – 1946

Batman Logo 1944-1946

During this period, the bat’s figure gradually increased in size, and the number of points in the wings varied from five to nine.

1946 – 1950

Batman Logo 1946-1950

Since 1946, the wings have lost their angularity. A distinct head with extended ears appeared on the logo. The number of “rays” has been reduced to five, due to which this option is as close as possible to the modern version.

1950 – 1956

Batman Logo 1950-1956

The bat in the Batman emblem is enlarged in size and has a rounded upper wing section.

1956 – 1958

Batman Logo 1956-1958

This period is characterized by a logo that reverted to one of the earliest modifications – the compact and triangular.

1958 – 1960

Batman Logo 1958-1960

Two years later, the superhero received a radically changed logo. It depicts a slender bat with long, pointed projections on its wings and a large head.

1960 – 1964

Batman Logo 1960-1964

This time was characterized by a volumetric design, reflected in the 1960 version, to which the emblem returned.

1964 – 1966

Batman Logo 1964-1966

In the 327th issue of Detective Comics, artist Carmine Infantino barely changed the existing image. She only added width and angularity to the wings and also shortened the ears. Her main merit is in the intense yellow oval, where the impromptu image is placed. Then this version became a cult. The reason for using the ellipse is very practical: it was necessary to find a background that would make the logo easier to perceive as a trademark.

1966 – 2000

Batman Logo 1966-present

In 1966, Batman’s personalized badge was redesigned to make the wings larger and fill the oval. This logo is still used today, but not in comics, but other areas.

2000 – 2011

Batman Logo 2000-2011

With the advent of the new millennium, designers have presented a redesigned version. He acquired clarity, proportionality, and harmony. The yellow ellipse has been removed.

2011 – 2016

Batman Logo 2011-2016

Batman debuted with this emblem in the first issue of Detective Comics Vol. 2 after DC Universe. It is distinguished by an elongated central element and the absence of upper points.

2016 – 2018

Batman Logo 2016-2018

When Rebirth appeared, the superhero did not return the old logo but redesigned one early modification. Therefore, there is no head in the image, but only sharp, triangular ears and narrow wings outlined with an orange line.

2018 – today

Batman Logo 2018-present

In this version, Batman’s wings are spread wide, which maximally resembles a cloak fluttering in the wind. The bat image is visible in the contours thanks to the five sharp ends at the bottom: one in the center (long) and two on each side (short). The clawed top of the improvised wings almost closes over the head with the mask. Ears protruding high up are visible on it. The dark color adds ominous mystery and mystery to the character, hiding him from prying eyes.

Font and Colors

Batman Emblem

The logo symbolizes Bruce Wayne. As a child, he experienced a tragedy: his parents were killed before his eyes, so the boy vowed to devote his life to fighting criminals. Hence his indomitable fortitude: when the hero is faced with adversity, he is reborn, becoming stronger. So the bat turned into the personification of the eternal resistance to evil and the desire for the triumph of justice. The emblem also denotes an ordinary person’s ability to find strength and hope in himself, even in the most difficult times. The logo has never changed dramatically, remaining within the harmonious symbiosis of man and bat.

The Batman logo is not labeled as it is graphic, not textual. Therefore, the main focus is on the image. It is she who carries the key information. The color palette harmoniously emphasizes it in a monochrome combination of black (bat, superhero cloak) and white (background).

Batman color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What is the original Batman logo?

The original Batman logo features a black bat silhouette with its wings spread. This image is present in all variants, starting with the most minimalistic one, which took up very little space on the superhero costume.

When was Batman logo created?

The debut version of the Batman logo was created in 1939. The version with a yellow oval appeared in 1964; in 1966, it received an update, still used today. The latest version was presented in 2018.

How many Batman symbols are there?

There are at least fifteen major versions of the Batman symbol and a large number of additional ones.

Why is Batman’s symbol yellow?

Yellow highlights the black bat silhouette on the gray Batman suit. The bright oval first appeared in 1964. In the comics, the character says that yellow attracts opponents’ attention, and they immediately shoot him at the sign, under which there is a bulletproof vest.