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Playboy Logo
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Playboy is a men’s magazine that became the basis for the publishing house Playboy Enterprises. It has been published every month since 1953. The pages contain content for adults, articles on show business, merchandise, sports, fashion, short stories by classic writers, and anecdotes.

Meaning and History

Playboy Logo History
Evolution of the Playboy Logo

The Playboy logo is the head of a rabbit. Graphic designer Arthur Paul created the famous drawing. He was asked about this by the founder and editor-in-chief of Hugh Hefner magazine, who wanted Playboy to have the same memorable mascot as The New Yorker and Esquire.

The Playboy Bunny logo is an important component of the cover. She appears in every issue in all sorts of variations: somewhere the rabbit closes its eye, and somewhere it hides, forcing readers to look for it. Most often, artists play with the visual context.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Playboy Emblem

It is believed that Arthur Paul came up with the image of the rabbit in just ten minutes. The drawing is really simple:

  • An oval head with a round eye
  • Ears in the shape of pointed ovals
  • A bow tie consisting of two triangles and a beveled line

There was also a feminine version that appeared in 1956. It was used on souvenir items such as T-shirts, bracelets, or cufflinks.

The logo has an amorous connotation: a rabbit’s image evokes subconscious notions of playfulness. The bow tie, in turn, is associated with the elegance of nightclubs. Simultaneously, the emblem is perceived ambiguously because the drawing looks like part of the animation, and rabbits are considered harmless pets.

There is not a single inscription on the Playboy brand name. The designer relied on the mascot, choosing black as the main color. The title of the magazine is shown on the cover in standard bold serif type.