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The Cosmopolitan logo, used as the magazine’s cover title, is both striking and universal. The logotype is somewhat glamorous but not to the extent of being intrusive, as the strict forms balance out this glamour.

Cosmopolitan: Brand overview

Founded:March 1886
Founder:Hearst Communications
New York City, United States
Cosmopolitan is a well-known glossy magazine for women. It covers beauty, fashion, celebrities, gossip, health, psychology, self-improvement, career, sex, and relationships. Hearst Corporation published it in the USA and has been issued monthly since 1886.

Meaning and History

Cosmopolitan Logo History

The media brand immediately received its distinctive sign. Initially, it was a family magazine. Then, it was a literary periodical for some time, and only in the 1960s did it become an adult publication primarily oriented towards women. The logo, unlike the magazine’s themes, has not changed. It has always been a restrained inscription of “Cosmopolitan,” denoting a cosmopolitan person who holds global views and is modern and progressive.

What is Cosmopolitan?

Cosmopolitan is an international women’s magazine created in the USA in 1886. Initially, it was a family and literary-artistic publication, but now all its articles are targeted at a female audience. They touch on topics such as fashion, health, beauty, career, relationships, and psychology. The publications are unified by a common approach to the “cosmo girl” lifestyle – a confident, successful, and independent woman.

Old logo

Cosmopolitan Logo Old

The cosmetic company chose a single text for its logo – it was meant to be informative. A font with thin lowercase letters was perfectly suited for this. Only the first letter “C” was uppercase: it was very large, so it encompassed “o,” “s,” and half of “m.” Moreover, the inscription didn’t have a standard color palette – it existed in several versions. In the early version, each character had a thin black line along the edge.

New logo

Cosmopolitan Logo New

The modern logo contains just one element – the inscription “Cosmopolitan.” The letters are elongated and placed so close to each other that it seems as if they are connected. But this is merely an illusion, as there is a thin separating line between the characters. The text style is business-like and official. The characters are even, smooth, and expressive, and despite the close placement, they are easily readable. There are several color options, so there is no single standard, meaning the word can be neon pink, black, gray, white, etc.

Cosmopolitan: Interesting Facts

Cosmopolitan, also called “Cosmo,” is a famous magazine discussing fashion, beauty, relationships, and helping women feel powerful. It’s been around since 1886, starting as a family magazine, and has changed significantly since then.

  1. Start: It began in 1886 in New York, mainly focusing on stories and articles for families. Later, it changed its focus to more women’s lifestyles.
  2. Big Changes with Helen Gurley Brown: In 1965, Helen Gurley Brown became the editor and changed Cosmo to focus on the modern woman. She talked openly about topics like women’s sexuality that weren’t commonly discussed in magazines at the time.
  3. Worldwide: Cosmo is read in over 100 countries and many languages, making it a big name worldwide.
  4. Famous Faces: Many well-known people, from movie stars to politicians, have been on the cover of Cosmo, which many consider a big honor.
  5. Supporting Women’s Rights: The magazine has helped fight for important issues like sexual health and the right to choose, and it supports women standing up for their rights.
  6. CosmoGirl!: Cosmo started a teenager magazine called CosmoGirl! in 1999. Although it stopped being made in 2008, it was important for talking to younger girls about things that mattered to them.
  7. Going Digital: Cosmo isn’t just a paper magazine anymore. It’s also online, which means even more people can read it on computers and phones.
  8. Awards: Cosmo and its creators have won many awards for their work in journalism and for helping society.
  9. Helping Others: Cosmo does a lot to help women and girls worldwide, such as supporting education and health.
  10. Not Just About Relationships: While Cosmo is known for advice on dating and sex, it also has helpful information on jobs, money, health, and big issues worldwide.

Cosmo has changed a lot over the years. She always tries to keep up with what’s important to women and strongly advocates for their rights and interests.

Font and Colors

Cosmopolitan Emblem

The branding of this legendary publication is very recognizable—all thanks to the original palette of pink color with a bright neon shade. The variety is used for both the background and the title – mainly, it all depends on where the logo is placed. It’s usually paired with white, but there are also fuchsia + black and rich red versions.

The font for the word “Cosmopolitan” is Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed, considered the most popular of all serif fonts. Morris Fuller Benton developed it at the beginning of the last century. These are thin, elongated, and elegant letters written in uppercase. They are positioned almost tightly against each other.

Cosmopolitan color codes

RubyHex color:#e61471
RGB:230 20 13
CMYK:0 91 51 10
Pantone:PMS 213 C