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The Stranger Things logo looks like something on the cover of a rock band. It seems mystical because of the font and colors taken as a basis. And this is no coincidence because the series genre is fantasy, horror, and thriller. In addition, the name of the TV project suggests using the corresponding “mysterious” logo.

Stranger Things: Brand overview

Founded: July 15, 2016 – present
Founder: The Duffer Brothers
United States
The Stranger Things logo is an official trademark of the world’s most popular science fiction series of the same name, which translates as “Very Strange Things” (another name is “Mysterious Events”).

Meaning and History

Stranger Things Logo History

The first season of the series was launched in 2016 on the idea of ​​the streaming service Netflix. The screenwriters were brothers Matt and Ross Duffers. The plot is based on the life of a provincial town in the 80s of the twentieth century.

The quiet, measured life of the inhabitants was excited by the mysterious disappearance of a 12-year-old guy, after which various mystical events began in the town. The local sheriff, investigating the boy’s disappearance, accidentally reveals one strange secret … Let’s not retell the plot further – the series can be viewed on the Internet, four seasons of the television series have already been released. But the story of his logo is very interesting.

What is Stranger Things?

Stranger Things is a science fiction series and horror show created by the Brothers and released by Netflix; the first season premiered in 2016. The second, third, and fourth seasons were released in 2017, 2019, and 2022, respectively. Work on the final (fifth) season began in 2022.


Stranger Things season 1 Logo 2016

The logo for the first season of the science fiction series is based on a text phrase. Graphics are excluded because the emphasis is only on the title, emphasizing the strangeness of the events. To convey the atmosphere of phantom, horror, and style of the 80s of the last century, the directors opted for the ITC Benguiat font. The words are arranged in two tiers: the upper one is “Stranger,” the lower one is “Things.” Moreover, the first part of the phrase is highlighted by a double bar. The letters themselves are contour: hollow inside and solid outside circled the edges by a solid line. “S” and “R” are much larger than the rest of the characters.


Stranger Things season 2 Logo 2017

The second season is first indicated by the corresponding number “2”. It was made completely painted and placed behind the “translucent” name of the series. The atmosphere of mysticism is supported by a red fog enveloping the phrase “Stranger Things.”


Stranger Things season 3 Logo 2019

With the release of the third season, a new emblem has appeared. To emphasize the ominous plot, the designers repainted the words in black, leaving a red border. The number 3 is a gradient: crimson with dark edges. The writing style is the same: ITC Benguiat serif font and uppercase emphasize the first and last letter in the word “Stranger.” Moreover, this year the lines on the logo became solid.


Stranger Things season 4 Logo 2021

The fourth season did not bring drastic changes, but now the figure has come to the fore, and the name of the series serves as its background. The mysticism of what is happening is emphasized in gray letters with a thin red border.

Font and Colors

Stranger Things Emblem

The creators of the series, the Duffers brothers, took part in the creation of the logo, and the creative design company Imaginary Forces, headed by art director Jacob Boghosian, was also involved.

Since the plot of the film takes place in the 80s, Boghosian began to study the pop culture of those years, as well as the work of cult writers and directors of that time – Stephen King, George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg, John Carpenter. He put together a collection of posters for their films, as well as covers for music albums, books, advertising brochures, and created 20 variations of the name of the series.

After a lengthy discussion, producers chose the ITC Benguiat font with adjusted contours. It was used not only for posters but also in the series screensaver, as well as for title commercials.

The ITC Benguiat font was created in 1977 by the typographer Ed Benguiat based on the style of writing letters in the modern style – very decorative, beautiful, readable, with original serifs font. In the same year, he was patented and given the name of the inventor, although he was against it.

According to the representative of Netflix Michelle Dougherty, it is this font that conveys the atmosphere of those days like no other, combining the design of works by Stephen King, the adaptation of “Aliens” and popular culture of the 80s.

The correction of the ITC Benguiat font was to change the initial letters “S” and “T,” which are refined, but have an extension on the left, and also the shape of the serifs is changed. Some other letters also made minor changes. Designers developed a design for the design: a strip above the upper word and on the side, in free places under it.

Some experts considered the design of the words in the title somewhat extended and that it was better to make the words more compact, but the Netflix owners considered it very successful, and the question was closed.

Stranger Things symbol

The color scheme changed for each season. At first, it was red letters on a white background, then it turned black. In the last season, letters were removed, leaving only the outline, which made the inscription look like neon signs of shops and hotels in the 80s.

The Stranger Things logo is one of the most striking examples of successful teamwork on design, when many people’s ideas give an impeccable result, to which nothing needs to be added or removed – everything is in its place.

Stranger Things color codes

Rosy Brown Hex color: #ad8585
RGB: 173 133 133
CMYK: 0 23 23 32
Pantone: PMS 5005 C
Rosso Corsa Hex color: #d30000
RGB: 211 0 0
CMYK: 0 100 100 17
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C