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The emblem shows a strong, fast, and very energetic hero. His power is associated with the dissection of space and time and instantaneous movement between destinations. The Flash logo points to a champion who has no equal.

Flash: Brand overview

Founded: January 1940
Founder: DC Comics
United States
Flash is the superhero name of several characters who have appeared in comics in the American publisher DC Comics. The very first of these was named Jason Peter “Jay” Garrick. He made his debut in 1940 in Flash Comics #1. It was invented by writer Gardner Fox and portrayed on paper by screenwriter and cartoonist Harry Lampert.

Meaning and History

Flash Symbol

The Flash emblem reflects a superhero’s ability, just as the bat symbol hints at the Batman image. The lightning bolt symbolizes the character’s ability to develop lightning speed. His superhuman reflexes and superluminal motion contradict the existing laws of physics.

Four people were hiding under the pseudonym Flash. The first is Jay Garrick, a college student who gained superpowers while working in a lab. He did not wear a mask because he could move quickly and unnoticed. This character was wearing a red shirt with a simple yellow zipper.

The next Flash is Police Officer Bartholomew Henry “Barry” Allen. He became a superhero in 1956 and disappeared in 1985. His emblem looked like a yellow lightning bolt in a white circle.

In the December 1959 issue, the second Flash had an assistant, his nephew Wallace Rudolph “Wally” West. After the death of Barry Allen, he adopted the pseudonym and costume of his mentor. As such, the lightning bolt has remained virtually unchanged.

The fourth Flash first appeared on the pages of the comic in 1994 but was originally called Impulse. It was Bartholomew “Bart” Allen II who inherited superpowers from his grandfather Barry Allen. Growing up, he followed in the footsteps of famous relatives and also became Flash.

All four characters are united by one emblem, only in the first one; it was not placed in a circle. Lightning symbols also adorned the costumes of episodic Flash from the future and alternate realities. There were many variants of the same logo: the number of zipper bends, color, shape, and size varied. In most cases, the zigzag went outside the circle.

The modern version has a thin gold outline at the circle’s border, although versions with a black ring exist. Sometimes the badge is placed inside a red rectangle that matches the color of the suit. There are 3D lightning bolts with a gradient. Most often, the circle is white, but burgundy is also found.

The lightning symbol perfectly captures the essence of Flash’s superpowers. It is a graphic representation of the “lightning speed” phrase that characterizes the iconic DC Comics character. The logo format changed as often as the Flash alter ego. The variant, most similar to the modern one, first appeared in Showcase # 4 in 1956. Before that, the circle was absent: Jay Garrick had a zigzag directly on the red suit.

Font and Colors

Flash Emblem

There are no inscriptions and letters on the superhero emblem – only lightning. As for the common word mark “FLASH,” which has been used in comics and on covers, has always been written in a custom font with stylized letters.

The color palette is unstable: the zigzag is yellow, orange, or gold with a gradient. The background circle is often white, although red is also acceptable. Sometimes it is placed in a ring colored the same color as the lightning. However, this element may be black or absent altogether.

Flash color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C
Cobalt Yellow Hex color: #fdec0a
RGB: 253 236 10
CMYK: 0 7 96 1
Pantone: PMS 3955 C