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From the Decepticon logo, a warlike mask stares at the user. The elements of the emblem create a sharp, evil, and fantastic image of fighting machines. The mark conveys the desire for power and the iron will of the invaders.

Decepticon: Brand overview

Decepticons are a race of robots from the Transformers media franchise. They are characters from the comic books released from 1984 to 1991. The author of most issues was Simon Christopher Francis Furman. According to the original story, an animated series was made where the Decepticons acted as invaders. The warlike villains wanted to establish complete control over the world and, led by Megatron, destroyed the Autobots. In addition, in 1984, the American conglomerate Hasbro, Inc. began selling Transformers toys. Among them were ten Decepticons capable of transforming into airplanes and weapons.

Meaning and History

Decepticon Logo History

Each faction in the fictional universe has its own emblem, with different subgroups and even individual characters having different symbols. As for the Decepticons, who are a subrace of the Cybertronians, they use an emblem in the form of a purple mask. There are two versions of the emblem, but the second one was designed for Generation 2 and went out of use in the mid-1990s.

What is Decepticon?

Decepticon is a representative of the main characters of the Transformers media franchise, an enemy of the Autobots who transforms into various vehicles, including flying. Its name is made up of two bases, “deception” and “construction”.

1984 – today

Decepticon Logo 1984-present

The current logo first appeared on Hasbro products in the 1980s. Designers created it based on the stylized head of Soundwave from the debut toy line. This is a simplified depiction of the face of the character, who, according to the story, was Megatron’s most loyal soldier.

However, in the animated series, the Decepticons’ badge has a completely different version of its origin. It is believed to be based on a blurred “portrait” of Fallen. The other faction, the Autobots, have similar discrepancies in the history of the logo.

On the first toy packaging, the race symbol looked nothing like it does now. The designers made it three-dimensional and used a metallic effect. They also decorated the top with a small white triangle, which misled the creators of the Transformers animated series and made them add one extra protrusion that shouldn’t be on the logo. Thus, the Decepticons’ main icon does not match the one in the cartoon.

It consists of many geometric shapes stacked together: basically polygons forming a “fox face” with a sort of “crown” at the top and two symmetrical triangles at the bottom.

1993 – 1995

Decepticon Logo 1993-1995


In the early 1990s, the Decepticons G2 logo appeared, based on the previous version. It was used by the new generation of Decepticons. They did not know that the same symbol had long existed for the Cybertronian Empire but in a different color.

The second symbol also consisted of polygons and looked like a stylized robot face. However, the shape and arrangement of the geometric figures were different from the previous ones. In the center was a large white triangle pointing upside down. The other elements, with few exceptions, were purple and were in or around this triangle.

Decepticon: Interesting Facts

The Decepticons, the main villains against the Autobots in the “Transformers” world, are quite interesting. Made by Hasbro and Takara Tomy, they aim to gain power and often change into vehicles, weapons, and more.

  1. Start: They come from Cybertron, and their fight with the Autobots is a big part of the story. They want power and are usually led by Megatron.
  2. Name: “Decepticon” hints at their sneaky ways. Unlike the Autobots, who stand for honesty and courage, they’re all about trickery and ambition.
  3. Leaders: Megatron is their most famous leader, turning into a gun. The Decepticons often see power struggles, especially from Starscream.
  4. Key Members: Starscream, Soundwave, Shockwave, and the Constructicons form Devastator. Each has special skills and transformations.
  5. Symbol: Their emblem, with scary eyes and sharp lines, shows they’re the bad guys, unlike the Autobots’ symbol.
  6. Transformations: They often transform into military equipment, like jets and tanks, showing that they’re more about fighting.
  7. Civil War: Their battle with the Autobots comes from wanting to take over Cybertron and rule by strength.
  8. Pop Culture: They’ve been in TV shows, movies, comics, and toys, becoming a big part of ’80s culture and the Transformers legacy.
  9. Different Stories: In various “Transformers” series, the characters sometimes have more backstory, making them more relatable.
  10. Bigger Picture: They also deal with other alien races and are usually the main villains in these larger stories.

The Decepticons are key to the “Transformers” series, representing themes like ambition and conflict. Their depth and internal dynamics make the story between Cybertron’s two sides more interesting.

Font and Colors

Decepticon Emblem

The Decepticons now have the same symbol as at the beginning. It depicts a robot face, though it’s hard to guess due to the fuzziness of the drawing. The emblem looks like a complex multi-part ornament of geometric shapes. But it has perfect symmetry: the right side coincides with the left.

Decepticon Symbol

None of the insignia of Transformers does not have an inscription, and the emblem Decepticons is no exception. It is simply a stylized “portrait” of one of the robots, painted in two colors: purple and white.

Decepticon color codes

Purple HeartHex color:#692789
RGB:105 39 137
CMYK:23 72 0 46
Pantone:PMS 2603 C


Who is the Decepticons logo?

The Decepticons logo is based on the first versions of the Transformers toys and is a mask from the face of Soundwave, who became one of the leading characters of the Transformers universe.

What is the Decepticon symbol?

The Decepticon symbol consists of complex geometric shapes separated by a thin line to form a multi-structured mask.

Why are the Decepticons evil?

The Decepticons are an inherently evil, high-tech race of robots incapable of positive emotions. They want to find energy sources on Earth to defeat the Autobots and subjugate the entire universe.

What is the motto of the Decepticons?

The Decepticons have several mottos. In the original Generation 1 cartoon, the heroes used the invocation “The Decepticons attack!” and in Transformers, “Transform and Rise!”.