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2GO Airlines: Brand overview

The Aboitiz Air Transport Corporation—later dubbed 2GO Airlines—was established on January 28, 1988. The airline was founded as a division of the Aboitiz Group, a significant Philippine conglomerate, aiming to supply air transportation inside the Philippine archipelago to satisfy the increasing demand for quick and easy travel.

The company started regularly operating small turboprop De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter planes in 1989. These were the perfect aircraft for use on isolated islands with limited runways. Flights between Cebu and nearby Visayan islands were part of the original route network.

In the 1990s, it added new destinations around the Philippines to its route network. This strategy allowed the firm to carve out a significant regional air transport industry niche by focusing on routes underutilized by large national airlines.

The business rebranded in 2000 and changed its name to 2GO Group. This modification represented the company’s growth in offering logistics services in addition to air and marine transportation. The aviation branch adopted a new name to align with the rebranding.

In 2004, it started integrating more closely with the maritime transport services of 2GO Group to create special combination routes that enabled travelers to employ air and sea transportation within a single voyage. This creative idea became the company’s unique selling point in the Philippine market.

Between 2008 and 2010, the company purchased several larger, more contemporary turboprop aircraft to enhance its fleet. This allowed for an increase in passenger capacity on well-traveled routes and improved operational efficiency.

In 2012, it increased its presence in well-known tourist locations, especially Palawan and the Visayas. The company started offering unique trip packages to attract more tourists, including lodging, air travel, and maritime transportation.

2015 brought challenges, including growing low-cost carrier competition and rising operating expenses. As a result, the business reorganized, streamlining its network of routes and concentrating on the most lucrative ones.

Significant modifications to 2GO Group’s ownership structure took place in 2017, impacting the airline as well. The company’s development plan was modified by new investors, who gave more weight to the synergies between various means of transportation.

Using its experience in logistics, the company concentrated on cargo transportation in 2018 and 2019. An important aspect of its operations became the provision of specialized air cargo services between the Philippine islands.

Meaning and History

2GO Airlines Logo History

What is 2GO Airlines?

The company is a key player in the logistics and transportation industry in the Philippines. The airline initially focused on passenger services, operating domestic flights to various destinations in the Philippines. However, over time, the company shifted its focus to freight transportation to better meet the growing demand for logistics solutions in the region.

2012 – today

2GO Airlines Logo

The company utilizes a pink logo that represents boldness and technological advancement. The choice of this color sets it apart from other airlines, which typically use red or blue. The logo’s simple design features the brief lettering “2GO” in bold letters with rounded edges. The letter “G” incorporates an upward-curved semicircular arrow, symbolizing movement and speed. These characteristics positively define the cargo airline. The arrow signifies development, progress, and an aspiration for the future.

An upward arrow denotes lift and drive; qualities well-suited for a logistics or cargo company dedicated to fast and efficient service. Selecting pink, an unconventional color in the industry, helps the brand establish a unique identity. The color choice signifies a readiness to break industry norms and presents the company as a forward-thinking entity.

The logo’s pink palette distinctly positions it within the aviation sector. Pink is often linked to boldness and a progressive approach. The simple design, with “2GO” in bold, rounded letters, ensures high recognizability. The upward-curved arrow forming the letter “G” is a significant element, symbolizing speed and movement. This design choice indicates the company’s commitment to swift and efficient service.

The arrow within the logo symbolizes continuous growth and ambition, reinforcing the company’s dedication to development and progress. The upward curve of the arrow adds a dynamic quality, suggesting that the company is consistently moving forward and striving for superior outcomes.


Which country brand is 2GO?

2GO is a well-known brand in the Philippines maritime transport and logistics sector. The company became a major player in 2012 after buying several local brands—SuperFerry, Cebu Ferries, and SuperCat—from Aboitiz Transport System for $105 million. This purchase was a key part of transforming ferry transportation in the country.

The acquisition helped strengthen Negros Navigation’s market position and led to the creation of 2GO Group, Inc. This new group combined the strengths and resources of the acquired companies under one umbrella. The aim was to make operations smoother, improve service, and enhance logistics capabilities. As a result, 2GO has become a significant force in local and regional transportation services.

What is 2GO known for?

2GO Group, Inc. is the Philippines’ biggest integrated transportation and logistics provider, serving a broad range of needs through its five main business units.

  1. 2GO Sea Solutions focuses on maritime transport, providing ferry and cargo shipping services across the Philippine archipelago. This unit is essential for facilitating trade and moving passengers between islands.
  2. 2GO Special Containers transports special or sensitive cargo that requires particular care, such as refrigerated items, oversized equipment, or high-value goods.
  3. 2GO Logistics offers various logistics services, including freight forwarding, warehousing, and inventory management. This unit helps businesses manage their logistics from start to finish, focusing on efficient and scalable solutions.
  4. 2GO Distribution moves goods from production sites to retail locations, distribution centers, or directly to consumers. This unit uses advanced supply chain strategies to make delivery routes more efficient and cost-effective.
  5. 2GO Express specializes in courier and parcel delivery, playing a crucial role in e-commerce by ensuring fast and reliable deliveries directly to customers throughout the Philippines.

These divisions work together to provide comprehensive service options, supporting everything from individual needs to large corporate operations. 2GO Group’s extensive network and deep knowledge in transportation and logistics allow it to offer customized solutions, positioning it as a key contributor to the Philippines’ economic activities.

What does the 2GO logo represent?

The 2GO airline logo features a distinctive pink color, making it stand out in the aviation industry. Unlike other airlines that choose red or blue, 2GO’s pink logo is eye-catching and meaningful. Pink represents bravery and ingenuity, reflecting 2GO’s bold and creative approach. This choice signals the airline’s determination to be different and innovative, emphasizing its readiness to challenge the norms in service delivery, customer experience, and operational excellence. The pink logo identifies 2GO and highlights its commitment to pushing the boundaries and thinking ahead in a competitive industry. It’s a symbol of the airline’s core values and its future goals.

Is 2GO Air a cargo airline?

Yes, 2GO Air is a cargo airline based in Paranaque, Philippines. It specializes in logistics and supply chain solutions, focusing on transporting goods instead of passengers. As a cargo airline, 2GO Air plays a vital role in moving commodities, essential goods, and various other types of cargo both within the Philippines and to international destinations. The airline likely provides tailored services to meet the specific needs of businesses, such as on-time deliveries and secure cargo handling. This specialization helps support commerce and trade in the region, making 2GO Air a key player in the logistics and supply chain industry.

Who owns 2GO?

SM Investments Corporation, a major business conglomerate in the Philippines, owns 2GO. SM Investments Corporation is involved in various sectors, such as retail, real estate, and banking. As 2GO’s parent company, it oversees its operations and strategic planning. This connection provides 2GO with strong corporate support and access to various resources and expertise. Being part of such a large network helps 2GO stay a leading company in the transportation and logistics industry in the Philippines and internationally.

What is 2GO’s official company name?

2GO Group, Inc. is the official name of the Philippines’ largest transportation and logistics company. The company is divided into five main divisions, each focusing on different services:

  1. 2GO Sea Solutions offers maritime transport services, including ferry and cargo shipping across the Philippine islands.
  2. 2GO Special Containers manages the transport of delicate or special cargo like refrigerated items and oversized equipment.
  3. 2GO Logistics provides freight forwarding, warehousing, and inventory management services.
  4. 2GO Distribution oversees the distribution of goods from manufacturing sites to retail locations and directly to consumers.
  5. 2GO Express handles courier and express parcel delivery, which is especially important for the rapidly growing e-commerce sector.

These divisions work together to provide a broad range of transportation and logistics solutions to meet the needs of both individual and corporate clients throughout the Philippines and beyond.

What sets 2GO apart?

2GO Travel is known as the top marine travel service in the Philippines because it prioritizes improving the customer experience. The company offers a wide range of affordable accommodation options to fit any budget, from luxury to more economical choices, providing both flexibility and variety.

2GO Travel enhances the experience with diverse tours and packages that appeal to different tastes and interests. These are designed to create unique and memorable experiences, whether travelers want to explore beautiful islands, enjoy cultural tours, or relax on beach holidays. By focusing on customer satisfaction and providing valuable travel services at reasonable prices, 2GO Travel stands out in the Philippines’ competitive marine travel market.