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2GO Airlines: Brand overview

2GO Airlines, based in Pasay City in the Philippines, is a well-known cargo airline formerly known as Cebu Pacific Cargo. It started its operations in 1996 as the cargo division of Cebu Pacific Air and reverted back to the name 2GO Airlines in 2021 after a split.

The core business of 2GO Airlines is to provide cargo services in the Philippines and several international locations in Asia. With a limited but highly efficient fleet of two Airbus A320F freighter aircraft, 2GO Airlines operates from its main base located at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

Throughout the Philippine archipelago, 2GO Airlines provides continuous domestic cargo service to all major airports. Internationally, the airline serves major cargo hubs in Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Every year, the airline successfully handles a huge amount of cargo exceeding 35 thousand tons. This is a wide variety of cargo: express parcels, industrial goods, fresh seafood, various types of fruit, and even livestock.

The owner of 2GO Airlines is Udenna Corporation. This holding company, owned by billionaire Dennis Uyu, operates in industries such as shipping, logistics, and infrastructure. The airline, which has about 180 employees, is constantly modernizing its fleet and expanding its routes, intending to become a major regional cargo carrier.

2GO Airlines operates under its corporate slogan, which guarantees reliability, flexibility, and quality in air cargo transportation. This reflects 2GO Airlines’ renewed vision of unrivaled service in air cargo transportation.

Meaning and History

2GO Airlines Logo History

2012 – today

2GO Airlines Logo

The company uses a pink logo, which is associated with boldness and innovation. This choice of color distinguishes it from other airlines, which usually choose red or blue. The design of the logo is quite simple and contains the brief lettering “2GO” in bold lettering with rounded edges. The letter “G” is in the form of an upward curved semicircular arrow, symbolizing movement and speed – traits that positively characterize the cargo airline. The arrow also conveys the idea of development, progress, and aspiration into the future.

An arrow curving upward signifies lift and drive, qualities that are well suited to a logistics or cargo company seeking fast and efficient service. The choice of pink, an unconventional color for the industry, helps the brand create a unique identity and signals a willingness to step away from industry norms.

2GO Airlines Logo Color Codes:

  • Philippine Pink: (#EC0C8C)


What does the 2GO logo represent?

The 2GO airline logo stands out in the aviation sector with its eye-catching pink hue that conveys qualities of bravery and ingenuity, which sets it apart from competitors who typically use red or blue.

Is 2GO Air a cargo airline?

2GO Air operates as a cargo airline specializing in logistics and supply chain solutions and is headquartered in Paranaque, Philippines.

Who owns 2GO?

The parent company of 2GO is SM Investments Corporation, the dominant business conglomerate in the Philippines.

What is 2GO’s official company name?

2GO GROUP, INC. is the largest transportation and logistics organization in the Philippines and consists of five major divisions: 2GO Sea Solutions, 2GO Special Containers, 2GO Logistics, 2GO Distribution, and 2GO Express.

What sets 2GO apart?

2GO Travel is recognized as the leading marine travel service in the Philippines, committed to enhancing the customer experience by offering a wide range of cost-effective accommodation options, tours, and packages for unforgettable travel experiences.