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Freedom, height, and flight are what the Ryanair logo reflects. Following this trend, Ryanair chose an appropriate logo. The wings symbolize flight and freedom – a person striving forward; height represents the aspiration towards the sky. Together, they form a harp – the national symbol of the country.

Ryanair: Brand overview

The Ryanair logo directly reflects the carrier’s business and geographical location. It uses an icon in the form of a harp (the main musical instrument of the Irish, a symbol of their country since the 13th century) and a figure of a person with wings instead of arms (this means flight). The company appeared in 1984 and is known for its low ticket prices. A balanced pricing policy makes it recognizable among residents of 40 countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe, where its planes fly. The main bases are located in Dublin and London (Stansted) airports.

Meaning and History

Ryanair Logo History

The airline was founded by three Irish businessmen, two of whom were well-versed in the specifics of travel and flights. One of them was the owner of Club Travel (Liam Lonergan), and the second – was the founder of Guinness Peat Aviation (Tony Ryan). The third founder was Christopher Ryan. Initially, they named the new firm Darren Enterprises and then renamed it in their honor, using their surname. Having gained wide recognition and consumer trust, the company started charter flights.

At each new stage of its development, Ryanair modernized its logo. Initially, it was a round composition of three letters, “R.” It was difficult to read as the letters were almost unrecognizable. The modern version is radically different from the debut one: it is simpler, clearer, and more precisely expresses the concept of the airline. It encodes two key elements: a harp (the main symbol of Ireland since the 13th century, an adaptation of the coat of arms) and a figure of a winged person (it embodies the desire to fly).

What is Ryanair?

It is Europe’s largest airline, reducing ticket prices by limiting the range of services. It was founded in Ireland in 1984 and is based in Dublin County.

1984 – 1986

Ryanair Logo 1984-1986

The initial design featured an emblem consisting of three letters “R” in red and blue colors. The word “RyanAir” was composed of very unusual glyphs. Instead of one line, the inscription was executed in three lines (two blue and one white in the center).


Ryanair Logo 1980s

This logo is a simplified version of the previous one. It removes the repeating lines, so both the inscription and the icon are visually easier to perceive. Designers removed the red dashes inside the three circular letters “R” and parallel stripes from the airline’s name. Additionally, they moved the letter “Y” from the lower case to the upper and separated the letters “N” and “A” on the right, aligning them with adjacent glyphs.


Ryanair Logo 1990s

In this logo, the main changes occurred in the airline’s name. As a result, bold symbols of the same size appeared. Designers intensified the italics and made the internal elements of the letters open. Therefore, the “R” and “A” crossbars do not reach the opposite legs. The emblem’s color changed to dark blue.

1990s – 2001

Ryanair Logo 1990s-2001

During this period, the image of a winged person bent in the form of an arch first appeared. He stands sideways, and behind him are large wings. They are so long that they form a space with four lines of different lengths. The stripes symbolize the strings of the harp and the movement of flapping wings. The company name Ryanair is in a subdued blue color.

2001 – 2013

Ryanair Logo 2001-2013

The company’s name on this logo is highlighted in bright yellow and placed over a blue rectangle for better contrast and perception. The letters are executed in a rounded and pleasant font.

2013 – today

Ryanair Logo 2013-present

The design repeats the 1987 version, although the font is simplified.

Font and Colors

For the Ryanair logo, designers proposed several types of custom-developed fonts. Of course, they differed from each other over time, but they always remained grotesque and cursively written. Changes in modernity have led the inscription to a completely different style. Letters became flat, vertical, and smooth, resembling the symbols of Core Sans N 83 Ex Heavy and Core Sans N SC 83 Ex Heavy fonts from S-Core.

The color palette of the carrier is traditional for its type of activity: blue and yellow. The company name is in blue, and the figure of the winged person in the shape of a harp is in yellow. The first symbolizes the sky, and the second – the sun.

Ryanair color codes

YellowHex color:#f4ca35
RGB:244 202 53
CMYK:0 17 78 4
Pantone:PMS 7408 C
Metallic BlueHex color:#2b4779
RGB:227 212 173
CMYK:0 4 20 7
Pantone:PMS 654 C


What does the Ryanair logo mean?

The Ryanair logo is an adaptation of Ireland’s coat of arms. It features a yellow harp, the country’s main symbol since the 13th century. The word sign is next to the coat of arms – the inscription “RYANAIR.” The blue color symbolizes national unity, constancy, and the sky.

Why is the company called Ryanair?

The company Danren Enterprises was renamed Ryanair in honor of its founders, Tony Ryan and Christopher Ryan. The third of them, Liam Lonergan, was not so fortunate in this respect.

Why is Ryanair so bad?

The fact is that Ryanair is a low-cost carrier – an airline offering a limited set of services to reduce the cost of flights. In the Which? Rating, it ranked first among the worst short-haul carriers in the world.