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Emirates Logo

Emirates Logo
Emirates Logo PNG

Founded in 1985, Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East. The full name of the company is Emirates Airlines. The company is based in Garhud, Dubai, UAE.

Meaning and History

Emirates Logo History
Emirates Logo Evolution


Emirates Logo 1985-1999

The Emirates Airline logo has always been dominated by the name of the company itself. It was made in Arabic, and the English version is written a little lower. Because of this, European users perceived Arabic writing as a company logo. Both versions were quite stylish, but at the same time perfectly readable. The design was developed by the British company Negus & Negus.

The company logo was usually applied to the fuselage, and the UAE flag was depicted on the tail of the aircraft.


Emirates Logo 1999

The overall style of the logo has remained unchanged. Most people would not have noticed the difference if they had not compared the two versions side by side.

And yet, if you place the original logo next to the current one, you will notice some differences. The overall style has become lighter and more elegant, luxurious.

While the serifs on the previous Emirates logo had a classic look, the designers behind the current brand chose a more creative approach. For example, “E” has one notch and elongated sharp ends. The general shape of the glyphs has also become more elongated. The way the terms of the letters are directed adds a bit of dynamism.