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Iberia Logo
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Iberia is the national carrier from Spain. It is based in the city of Madrid. It appeared in 1927. Since 1999, it has been a member of the Oneworld aviation alliance.

Meaning and History

Iberia Logo History
Evolution of the Iberia Logo

The company’s debut logo is very laconic. But over a long time of its existence, it has often changed, sometimes acquiring a radically different form.

1927 – 1939

Iberia Logo 1927-1939

During the initial period of work, the main focus was on good readability. That is why the first brand name is minimalist: it contains only the word “Iberia,” written in black capital letters.

1939 – 1941

Iberia Logo 1939-1941

The company began to use a winged symbol that directly reflects its line of business.

1941 – 1954

Iberia Logo 1941-1954

The designers changed the logo again. Now the inscription is in red lowercase letters, and the font resembles handwritten handwriting.

1954 – 1963

Iberia Logo 1954-1963

This year, the era of the globe began in corporate identity. It is located to the right of the word “Iberia.”

1963 – 1967

Iberia Logo 1963-1967

After the redesign, the logo received a large uppercase font, a slightly flattened globe, and a ribbon.

1967 – 1977

Iberia Logo 1967-1977

In 1967, against a yellow globe background, an abbreviated version of the airline’s name appeared – “IB.”

1977 – 1992

Iberia Logo 1977-1992

The developers removed the globe, enlarged the “IB” symbols, and placed the decryption under them – “Iberia.”

1992 – 2013

Iberia Logo 1992-2013

During this period, the verbal and graphic signs changed places: the full name became the main design, while the abbreviated version was moved to the end.

2013 – today

Iberia Logo 2013-present

The modern emblem is minimalist: the word “Iberia” is written in simple, thin type, and the “IB” sign is depicted in the form of leaves.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Iberia Emblem

The development of individual symbolism began with a simple version and went a long way, stopping again at a simple one. Indeed, after completing several stages with a complex design, the choice again fell on a minimalistic logo. Leaving behind the globe with parallels and meridians, ribbons, flight signs, broad letters, and geometric shapes, the company executives chose the text version with a small icon. Interbrand designs corporate identity and logo. The emblem consists of two leaf-like strokes formed from the letter “B,” which are now located to the right of the word “Iberia.”

Custom logo typeface based on a sans serif font from the Sans Serif category. The letters are convex, more precisely – curved to the sides, which is seen in the example of “I,” which has a barrel-shaped shape. The color palette is based on a gradient transition from dark to light. It consists of several shades of red and yellow.