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The visualization of the Turkish Airlines company logo demonstrates the brand’s significant advantages, providing a recognizable and memorable identity. The stylized silhouette of a stork symbolizes flight, speed, and safety.

Turkish Airlines: Brand overview

Founded:20 May 1933
Istanbul Airport, Arnavutköy, Istanbul, Turkey
Turkish Airlines is Turkey’s national airline carrier. The company was founded in May 1933 and operates regular flights to 315 destinations. It is based in Istanbul and is part of the Star Alliance.

Meaning and History

Turkish Airlines Logo History

Over its long existence, the airline has had eight logos, each associated with the image of an abstract bird resembling a stork. It is depicted as inclined, soaring upwards as a symbol of moving into the future and reaching new heights.

What is Turkish Airlines?

It’s an airline based in Istanbul and a member of Star Alliance. It ranks among the top ten organizations in its field. Its route network covers 120 countries – far more than other carriers.

1933 – 1956

Turkish State Airlines Administration Logo 1933-1956

Many details characterize the debut emblem. In addition to a graceful bird, it depicts the coat of arms of Turkey, a blue strip along the edge with several abbreviations, and the company’s name. The background is light yellow with red dotted glares in the top right corner.

1956 – 1964

Turkish Airlines Logo 1956-1964

The logo of this period is black and white. The bird’s silhouette is enlarged and turned in the opposite direction, with several inscriptions in Turkish added.

1964 – 1990

Turkish Airlines Logo 1964-1990

In 1964 began, a long era of a red bird in a white circle. The bird symbol was placed above the carrier’s name.

1990 – 2008

Turkish Airlines Logo 1990-2008

In 1990, designers changed the ratio of graphics and text. As a result, the airline’s name became much larger and occupied two rows: the upper – “Turkish” and the lower – “Airlines.” The authors also corrected the color of the letters: instead of black, they used sky blue. They placed a round icon with a soaring bird to the right of the inscription. It is painted red, as is the outline line.

2008 – 2010

Turkish Airlines Logo 2008-2010

To simplify the logo, developers rearranged the company’s name and placed the words on one line, leaving a large interval between them. Although the bird icon remained in its previous place, it also received an update. Designers changed its colors: all white was repainted in red, and red – in white.

2010 – 2017

Turkish Airlines Logo 2010-2017

The changes made in 2010 were minimal. The distance between the words and the space between the letters decreased. The circular frame of the icon disappeared, and the color changed – it became less bright, almost pastel.

2018 – today

Turkish Airlines Logo 2018-present

Although all elements remain the same, the logo looks different than before in its current version. Just the icon with the flying bird is now located to the left of the airline’s name, and the phrase “Turkish Airlines” instead of sky-blue has again become black.

Turkish Airlines: Interesting Facts

Turkish Airlines is the main airline in Turkey, and it’s known worldwide for flying to many places, having great service, and being very reliable.

  1. How It Started: In 1933, Turkish Airlines began with just five airplanes. Today, it’s one of the oldest airlines still flying.
  2. Flying Far and Wide: It flies to more countries than any other airline, reaching over 300 places in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
  3. Main Airport: Its main spot is at Istanbul Airport, which is big and modern. It’s perfectly placed for flights going from east to west.
  4. Lots of Awards: It’s received a lot of praise for its service. For example, it’s been called a “4-star airline” and has won awards for having the best food in business class and being the best airline in Europe.
  5. Part of a Big Team: In 2008, Turkish Airlines joined the Star Alliance, a group of airlines that work together to make flying smoother for passengers.
  6. Amazing Food: The airline is famous for its food, especially in business class. On some flights, they even have chefs who make delicious Turkish and international foods.
  7. Stay Connected: On Turkish Airlines flights, you can use Wi-Fi and check out many movies, music, and games so that you won’t get bored.
  8. Supports Sports: The airline sponsors big sports teams and events and has had famous athletes like Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant help promote it.
  9. Cool Extra Services: They’ve come up with neat ideas like the “Miniport” service, where you can drop off your bags in the city and enjoy your day without lugging them around before you fly.

In summary, Turkish Airlines is a big deal in flying because it goes to many places, offers excellent service, and constantly innovates to make traveling better for everyone.

Font and Colors

Turkish Airlines Emblem

The Turkish airline company’s logo has always featured a bird image. Over the years, from a barely noticeable abstract stroke, it has turned into a full-fledged winged symbol of flight. The bird is directed upwards at a slight angle, much like an airplane taking off. It has a long beak, and its tail and wings touch the edge of the red circle, breaking it at two points. The full name of the carrier is placed behind the icon. On airplanes, it is located in front above the portholes, and a white bird adorns the prominently protruding tail.

The company chose a simple, legible, and elegant font for its identity. The font is called Proxima Nova ExtraBold and is a revision of Proxima Sans. It successfully combines a geometric shape and a modern look. Its creator is Mark Simonson. The color palette is also stable: red, blue, and black – the primary options for the Turkish carrier.

Turkish Airlines color codes

Venetian RedHex color:#c70a0c
RGB:199 10 12
CMYK:0 95 94 22
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What does the Turkish Airlines logo mean?

Like many other airlines, a bird – a symbol of flight – is depicted on the Turkish Airlines logo. Designers did not detail it but used an abstract drawing so as not to betray the brand’s tradition. The silhouette is directed upwards, like an airplane taking off.

Is Turkish Airlines a good airline?

Turkish Airlines received three stars for service quality, cleanliness, food, and comfort. Some dishes and drinks offered on board were awarded four stars. And the luxurious seats in Boeing 787 and A350 aircraft were rated five stars.

Is Turkish Airlines a 5-star airline?

In 2019, the Turkish carrier was awarded the “5-star global airline” title in the APEX Official Airline Ratings.

Which country owns Turkish Airlines?

The Republic of Turkey owns 49.12% of Turkish Airlines shares, while the rest of the shares are freely traded on the market.