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The company logo’s visualization of Turkish Airlines demonstrates important brand advantages, providing a recognizable and memorable identity. The stylized silhouette of a stork is a symbolic representation of flight, speed, and safety.

Turkish Airlines: Brand overview

Founded: 20 May 1933
Istanbul Airport, Arnavutköy, Istanbul, Turkey
Website: turkishairlines.com
Turkish Airlines is the national air carrier of Turkey. The company was founded in May 1933. It operates regular flights to 315 destinations. Based in Istanbul. Part of the Star Alliance.

Meaning and History

Turkish Airlines Logo History

Over the long period of its existence, the airline has had eight logos, each associated with the image of an abstract bird that looks like a stork. She is depicted obliquely, directed upward, as a symbol of movement into the future and new heights.

What is Turkish Airlines?

It is an airline that is based in Istanbul and is a member of Star Alliance. It ranks among the top ten organizations in its field. Its route network covers 120 countries – much more than other carriers.

1933 – 1956

Turkish State Airlines Administration Logo 1933-1956

Many details characterize the debut emblem. In addition to a graceful bird, it bears the coat of Turkey’s arms, a blue stripe along the edge with several abbreviations, and the name of the company. The background is light yellow with red dash-shaped reflections at the top right.

1956 – 1964

Turkish Airlines Logo 1956-1964

The logo of this period is black and white. The bird’s silhouette is enlarged and turned in the opposite direction and added several inscriptions in Turkish.

1964 – 1990

Turkish Airlines Logo 1964-1990

In 1964, the long era of the red bird in the white circle began. The bird symbol was placed above the name of the carrier.

1990 – 2008

Turkish Airlines Logo 1990-2008

In 1990, designers changed the ratio of graphics to text. As a result, the air carrier’s name became much larger and took two rows at once: the upper one – “Turkish,” the lower one – “Airlines.” The authors also corrected the letters’ color: instead of black, they used blue, close to heavenly. A round icon with a soaring bird was placed to the right of the inscription. It is colored red, like the contour line.

2008 – 2010

Turkish Airlines Logo 2008-2010

To simplify the logo, the developers rearranged the company name and put the words on one line, leaving a large spacing between them. Although the bird icon remained in the same place, it also received an update. The designers changed the colors in it: everything white was painted in red, and red – in white.

2010 – 2017

Turkish Airlines Logo 2010-2017

The changes made in 2010 were minimal. The distance between words has decreased, and the letter spacing has also narrowed slightly. The round badge border disappeared, and the color changed – it became less bright, almost pastel.

2018 – today

Turkish Airlines Logo 2018-present

In its current version, the logo looks different than before, although all the elements remain the same. It’s just that the icon with a flying bird is now to the left of the name of the air carrier, and the phrase “Turkish Airlines” instead of sky blue has again become black.

Font and Colors

Turkish Airlines Emblem

The logo of the Turkish aviation company used the image of a bird from the very beginning. Over the years, it has evolved from a subtle abstract stroke into a full-fledged winged symbol of flight. The bird is directed upward at a slight angle, which is very reminiscent of an airplane takeoff. It has a long beak, and its tail and wings touch the edge of the red circle, interrupting it at two points. The full name of the air carrier is located behind the icon. On airplanes, it is located at the front above the portholes, while a white bird adorns a highly protruding tail.

For its identity, the company has chosen a simple, well-readable, and sleek typeface. The font is called Proxima Nova ExtraBold and is a revision of Proxima Sans. It successfully combines a geometric shape and a modern look. Its author is Mark Simonson. In the color scheme, everything is also stable: red, blue, and black are the main choices of the Turkish air carrier.

Turkish Airlines color codes

Venetian Red Hex color: #c70a0c
RGB: 199 10 12
CMYK: 0 95 94 22
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C
Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What is the meaning of the Turkish Airlines logo?

Like many other airlines, the Turkish Airlines logo depicts a bird – the symbol of flight. The designers did not detail it but used an abstract drawing not to betray the brand’s tradition. The silhouette is directed upwards, like a taking-off airplane.

Is Turkish a good airline?

Turkish Airlines received three stars for the quality of service, cleanliness, food, and comfort. Some of the food and drinks offered on board were awarded four stars. And the luxury seats in the Boeing 787 and A350 have been rated five stars.

Is Turkish Airlines a 5-star airline?

In 2019, the Turkish carrier was named a ‘5 Star Global Airline’ in APEX Official Airline Ratings.

Which country owns Turkish Airlines?

The Republic of Turkey owns 49.12% of Turkish Airlines stock, while the rest is freely traded on the market.