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Airbus Logo
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Over the past two decades, the Airbus logo has undergone two modifications. Even though the changes were very significant, it is safe to say that each new design was based on its predecessor. Thanks to this, the overall style has remained unchanged.

Meaning and History

Airbus Logo History
Evolution of the Airbus Logo

What is Airbus?

It is an aircraft manufacturer that produces aircraft under its brand name. It is part of the European corporation Airbus Group but is officially registered in France and has the status of “S.A.S.”

2001 – 2010

Airbus Logo 2001-2010

The design is dominated by a circle divided into two identical halves. In each of the halves, there is an abstract and dynamic pattern, with curved lines, vortices, and flashes. At the symbolic level, the emblem can be interpreted as land (circle), and airlines as the fastest way to get from one place to another (dynamic curved lines).

Company name in bold, classic, simple type. The fact that the letters are written in italics adds dynamics.

2010 – 2017

Airbus Logo 2010-2017

Rounding now has a 3D effect by adding a gradient to the backgrounds. The word “Airbus” is written in a new font. The inscription is no longer in italics and has a couple of distinctive details; for example, spaces in the letters “A” and “R.” Besides, the letters have a three-dimensional appearance due to the addition of a gradient.

2017 – today

Airbus Logo 2017-present

What does the Airbus logo mean?

The current company logo contains only the lettering. Until 2017, it was complemented by a circular symbol with an abstract pattern consisting of curved lines. The sphere could be interpreted as the Earth and the curved stripes as the plane’s routes.

The updated Airbus logo is flat and does not contain a swirling logo, but only a verbal inscription. A rather saturated dark blue tone remained almost unchanged.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Airbus Emblem

Who designed the Airbus logo?

The Airbus logo results from the work of a whole team of designers. The modern version with the lettering is based on the previous graphic sign, where the word was supplemented with a round icon. The creators kept the original bold font without serifs.

Is Airbus a brand?

Airbus is a brand with its own corporate identity, trademark, name, and a set of other identity elements. It represents the products of an aircraft manufacturing company.

Where is the Airbus hub?

Airbus is not an airline, so it has no airports. Its headquarters is located in the French commune of Blanc. The main production facilities are concentrated in Toulouse (south of France) and Hamburg (north of Germany).

In the earliest version of the logo, the inscription was in italics. The straight font has been in use since 2010. It was originally a grotesque from the Helvetica Neue family – modern, high-tech, with facets so that the carrier’s name conveys a sense of airy structure. After the redesign, the corporate font B612 appeared. It is the result of the creative work of a team of experts that included Nicolas Chauveau, Jonathan Favre-Lamarine, and Thomas Paillot. Jean Luc Vinot from ENAC supported them.

Airbus Symbol

In terms of color, the priority for the company has been and remains blue. According to the grading of the Ral mesh, it goes under the number 5013, and according to other systems – # 00205b or Pantone 281C. Previously, its light counterpart was used. The background is neutral white.