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Air France Logo
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Air France is a French airline, a subsidiary of Air France-KLM. It was founded in 1933. It is engaged in regional and international flights. The airline is based in several cities – Nice, Lyon, and Paris. In addition to the primary logo, the brand has an individual flag and the Hippocampe Aline trademark.

Meaning and History

Air France Logo History
Evolution of the Air France Logo

What is Air France?

It is one of the oldest airlines in the world and a member of the SkyTeam alliance. Now it is part of the European holding Air France-KLM, and before merging with it, it was the main air carrier in France.

The emblem uses the image of the Hippocampus, a mythological creature in the form of a winged horse with a fishtail. Legend has it that it is the fastest animal that the ancient gods put in chariots. Nereids also rode it. It was him, as the embodiment of extreme speed, who was chosen for his logo by Air France air carrier.

1933 – 1976

Air France Logo 1933-1976

The first corporate logo of the French airline looked like a heraldic symbol with the image of Hippocampe Aline. A winged horse with a fishtail was drawn in the center of a white circle. From its wings come broad lines, which convey a sense of waving them. They fill the emblem with dynamics and a sense of movement. The color of all the elements is dark blue, including the bezel.

1976 – 1990

Air France Logo 1976-1990

In 1976, the era of new brand symbols without a mythical creature began. Designers changed it to a slightly slanted and elongated rectangle with several stripes as on a bar code. Beneath it is the inscription “Air France” in bold. The color scheme is white, red, and blue, as if on the national flag.

1990 – 1998

Air France Logo 1990-1998

In 1990, the developers presented an updated visualization of the logo. All elements on it remained the same, but their proportions and location have been changed. The name of the company is now depicted above a graphic sign, under which a thin black stripe runs. It separates it from the rectangle located in the lower right part.

1998 – 2009

Air France Logo 1998-2009

During this period, designers made another version of the logo. They removed the black line and shifted the bottom element by turning it wide. This made the strokes short, reminiscent of parallelograms. A group of geometric figures is under “Air France,” which is written in large letters.

2009 – 2016

Air France Logo 2009-2016

In this version, the font has become much clearer: letters look thinner and more elegant. The rectangle is replaced by a small red ribbon in the form of a flat parallelepiped. Also, two words are combined into one. The primary colors are dark blue and red.

2016 – today

Air France Logo 2016-present

What is the logo of Air France?

The airline logo contains its name and a red ribbon in the form of a curved parallelogram. The upward-curved speedline conveys the energy of rapid movement.

In 2016 the palette of the logo was slightly softened: the word combination “Air France” acquired a pastel shade.

Is Air France private?

Air France is a private company. Since its shares are available for sale and purchase, it is also a public company.

Is Air France part of KLM?

Air France merged with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in 2004. Together they founded the Franco-Dutch holding company Air France – KLM SA, which now includes the brand Air France.

Who owns Air France?

Air France is divided between several owners. A large share is concentrated in the hands of the Agence des Participations de l’√Čtat. China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited owns almost 10% and Dutch State a little less. Delta Air Lines holds 5.8%.