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The Cathay Pacific logo is a symbol and an expression of many years of history and culture. This flying bird, depicted in front of the brand name, symbolizes freedom, speed, grace, and superiority – all those qualities that correspond to the high level of the nature of the services provided.

The text “CATHAY PACIFIC” in green reflects the unique style of the company, its long tradition, and the main indicators such as innovation, high level of service, environmental responsibility, and commitment to flight safety.

This emblem is among the most recognizable in the world of the aviation industry and demonstrates how seriously the company takes its obligations to its customers. The green color used in the logo symbolizes growth, progress, and care for our planet.

The brand tradition includes such principles as flight safety, attention to the client, respect for the environment, and responsibility to society. The Cathay Pacific emblem reminds us of core values and encourages us to be better in all aspects of life.

Cathay Pacific: Brand overview

Founded: 24 September 1946
Founder: Swire Pacific
Cathay City, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

Meaning and History

Cathay Pacific Logo History

1960 – 1983

Cathay Pacific Logo 1960

1983 – 1994

Cathay Pacific Logo 1983

1994 – 2014

Cathay Pacific Logo 1994

2014 – today

Cathay Pacific Logo

Cathay Pacific color codes

Caribbean Current Hex color: #006b6e
RGB: 0 107 110
CMYK: 100 3 0 57
Pantone: PMS 7721 C