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The Cathay Pacific logo is a symbol and an expression of many years of history and culture. This flying bird, depicted in front of the brand name, symbolizes freedom, speed, grace, and superiority – all those qualities that correspond to the high level of the nature of the services provided.

The text “CATHAY PACIFIC” in green reflects the unique style of the company, its long tradition, and the main indicators such as innovation, high level of service, environmental responsibility, and commitment to flight safety.

This emblem is among the most recognizable in the world of the aviation industry and demonstrates how seriously the company takes its obligations to its customers. The green color used in the logo symbolizes growth, progress, and care for our planet.

The brand tradition includes such principles as flight safety, attention to the client, respect for the environment, and responsibility to society. The Cathay Pacific emblem reminds us of core values and encourages us to be better in all aspects of life.

Cathay Pacific: Brand overview

Founded:24 September 1946
Founder:Swire Pacific
Cathay City, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong
Cathay Pacific is a major Chinese carrier with over 170 liners. It connects China by air with 29 countries. The company’s revenues exceed $6 billion. It is owned by Swire Group (45%) and the larger carrier Air China (29%). It is a member of the Oneworld alliance.

Meaning and History

Cathay Pacific Logo History

Interestingly, despite the founding of Cathay Pacific in 1946, its first known logo appeared only in 1960, after it absorbed its main competitor, Hong Kong Airways. Becoming a true regional carrier, the company created a superb sign that reflected its scope and support from the famous parent group. Since then, the emblem has changed several times, but aircraft symbols have always been present.

What is Cathay Pacific?

It’s an airline based in Hong Kong, ranking second in cargo transportation and ninth in passenger flights. It services routes to 81 destinations. It has the highest five-star rating from Skytrax for its work quality. Since 2001, it has been 11 times topped the list as the best airline in the world. The carrier employs over 21,000 staff.

1960 – 1983

Cathay Pacific Logo 1960

The first logo consisted of a large red name and the following symbol – Swire Group’s logo with a drawn airplane contour. There were blue inscriptions above and below Cathay Pacific explaining what company is represented on the emblem.

The carrier has belonged to the British corporation Swire Group (at that time John Swire & Sons) since 1948, which absorbed the first Cathay Pacific Airways. The former owner was renamed Cathay Pacific Holdings and only received 10% of the updated airline. Therefore, the Swire Group name and its logo – a red and white flag with a blue stripe in the middle – were used in the sign. It is made after the motif of the British heraldic canvas and symbolizes the connection between the colonies and Britain across the ocean.

The name was coined in 1946 by Cathay Pacific’s founder, American Air Force pilot Roy Farrell. Cathay is an ancient name for China. It was chosen to avoid the popular word China. Pacific implies that the company’s planes would fly over the Pacific Ocean, which happened 25 years later. Interestingly, the name wasn’t used in China itself until 1950. The phrase represents a well-known idiom that translates to “peace and prosperity.”

The Swire Group logo is surrounded by lines forming an airplane view from above. The contours resemble the Douglas DC-3, Cathay Pacific’s first cargo liner. The aircraft’s nose is pointed forward, symbolizing ambition for growth and leadership.

1983 – 1994

Cathay Pacific Logo 1983

The company established itself in intercontinental flights, launching routes to Sydney, Dubai, and London in the late 70s and Vancouver in 1983. The aircraft’s name and tail represent an international carrier’s visual identity.

The keel and the rudder ensure the aircraft stay on course. Therefore, the emblem demonstrates reliability and coordinate precision, which is important for long-haul flights. Two white stripes on a green background – the main coloring of the liners since the company’s foundation – are their distinctive feature.

All previous inscriptions about the Swire Group and Hong Kong Airlines were removed to focus attention on the name. Cathay Pacific is executed in bold red capital letters, emphasizing the carrier’s scale.

1994 – 2014

Cathay Pacific Logo 1994

In 1994 addition to passenger transportation, the freight company Air Hong Kong was acquired, further expanding Cathay Pacific’s capabilities. An image update and launching a multimillion-dollar customer service improvement program highlighted growth.

The company’s new logo became an image of a green flag with a red stripe at the bottom, against which a white bird takes off. The image was designed by the American branding firm Landor Associates and was named the brush wing.

The bird symbolizes airplanes. It points to the theme of flight and travel. As a symbol of freedom, the animal ascends to the clouds to set off in any direction. The choice represents Cathay Pacific’s numerous flights worldwide. It resembles an image of a white Japanese crane. In Chinese mythology, the bird travels between the world of spirits and humans. Its image predicts longevity.

The green color demonstrates the changes and growth that await the carrier. The red color conveys:

  1. The dawn or the sunset line. The bird flies higher than the Sun, guiding the company into the future.
  2. Hong Kong, whose flag is red. The planes depart from Hong Kong to other countries.
  3. Lights surround the runway. After rushing along it, the plane soars into the sky.

The bird’s wings extend beyond the background, enhancing the feeling of freedom and the boundless sky. The green inscription Cathay Pacific follows the image with serifs at the ends. The pointed elements added clarity and sophistication to the name.

2014 – 2023

Cathay Pacific Logo 2014

In 2014, the company expanded its routes to Europe and the USA. The expansion was emphasized by rebranding. The emblem moved towards minimalism, typical for global corporations. The logo includes a monochrome image of a bird taking off and the company name. The rebranding was done by a brand consulting company from Hong Kong called Eight Partnership—the glyphs in the inscription on the new logo gained thickness, indicating the growing number of flights.

2023 – today

Cathay Pacific Logo

Font and Colors

Aquamarine is the logo that emphasizes flying over the ocean, which the founders aspired to. Routes to Australia and the USA have firmly entered Cathay Pacific’s schedule, reflected in the color palette. The shade speaks of development and expansion.

The font is reminiscent of LP Saturnia Pro Bold. Sharp and small protrusions embody precision and punctuality.

Cathay Pacific color codes

Caribbean CurrentHex color:#006b6e
RGB:0 107 110
CMYK:100 3 0 57
Pantone:PMS 7721 C