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The Aer Lingus logo is a green three-leaf clover. The three-leaf clover is one of the symbols of Ireland and is a traditional symbol of good luck. Green is associated with Ireland and is its national color. The Aer Lingus emblem includes the company’s name written in green, using a simple, clear typeface. This creates a balanced and modern design.

The logo symbolizes the company’s Irish heritage and culture and its commitment to providing quality air transport services. The company generally aims to provide its customers with safe, comfortable, and efficient flights.

The company’s key values include professionalism, reliability, quality, and customer focus. Aer Lingus strives to be an innovative and responsible company focusing on environmental sustainability and social responsibility and its commitment to providing quality air transport services.

Aer Lingus: Brand overview

Founded: 15 April 1936
Founder: International Airlines Group
Dublin Airport, Ireland

Meaning and History

Aer Lingus Logo History

1936 – 1945

Aer Lingus Logo 1936

1945 – 1947

Aer Lingus Logo 1945

1947 – 1951

Aer Lingus Logo 1947

1951 – 1965

Aer Lingus Logo 1951

1965 – 1981

Aer Lingus Logo 1965

1981 – 1996

Aer Lingus Logo 1981

1996 – 2019

Aer Lingus Logo 1996

2019 – today

Aer Lingus Logo

Aer Lingus color codes

Caribbean Current Hex color: #036472
RGB: 3 100 114
CMYK: 97 12 0 55
Pantone: PMS 5473 C
Yellow Green Hex color: #82c341
RGB: 130 195 65
CMYK: 33 0 67 24
Pantone: PMS 368 C