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2ix2: Brand overview

In 2020, 2ix2, an online platform for free streaming of German TV channels, was launched in Germany. The company’s mission was clear: to bridge the gap between German TV fans around the world and the content they wanted.

In no time, 2ix2 had access to more than 50 well-known German channels covering various categories: entertainment, news, sports, and movies. Such an extensive catalog proved particularly appealing to German citizens living abroad and those with a penchant for watching German content.

A year later, in 2022, the platform’s offering doubled to offer more than 100 live German TV channels. In addition, 2ix2 has kept pace with technological advances, introducing features such as video-on-demand playback and the ability to record favorite shows.

Moving forward to 2023, 2ix2 is still the top choice for those who want to watch German TV without commission. The platform, known for its user-friendly design and wide selection of channels, has consistently attracted people who want to access German TV without the hassle. Although 2ix2 is relatively new to the market, it has successfully established itself as a leader in German TV streaming due to its unwavering commitment to seamless and cost-free viewing.

Meaning and History

2ix2 Logo History

2ix2 Logo Color Codes:

  • Red: #ff0100
  • Pumpkin: #ff6e01
  • Maximum Yellow Red: #fdbf4f
  • Medium Gray: #bababa
  • Granite Gray: #636262
  • Eerie Black: #262626


What is the significance of the 2ix2 logo?

2ix2 is a German internet portal offering a wide range of German-language TV channels for online viewing. The free service does not require registration and features an uncomplicated and clear user interface.