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Patreon Logo

Patreon Logo
Patreon Logo PNG

Patreon service allows users to fund the developers of their favorite digital content: music, photos, videos, podcasts, webcomics. For this, fans are rewarded with special privileges, such as no ads or exclusive access to new products. Thanks to the crowdfunding platform, people have the opportunity to buy certain perks, and authors, in turn, receive additional income.

Meaning and History

Patreon Logo History
Evolution of the Patreon Logo

The commercial website Patreon was launched in 2013 and is popular with musicians, writers, artists, video bloggers, and other internet content creators. Also, “patrons” are well familiar with him, who provide financial support to their idols. Therefore, the recognizable logo with the words “PATREON” has been seen by millions of users. But many were unhappy with the latest redesign: the new version of the logo seems boring and non-conceptual to them because it is made in the spirit of minimalism.

2013 – 2017

Patreon Logo 2013-2017

The first logo of the crowdfunding platform looked out of the box. The developers depicted a stylized white “p” inside an orange teardrop shape to represent Patreon in the internet space. On the right, with a small indent, was the service’s name – “Patreon.” Each letter had something special: “p,” “a,” and “o” were the same shape, “e” “rolled back,” and the left side of the horizontal dash “t” was disproportionately short. Moreover, all characters were in lower case.

2017 – 2020

Patreon Logo 2017-2020

In 2017, the website changed its logo and did not limit itself to a minimal redesign – it completely updated the font and abandoned the usual teardrop element. This is because the old logo looked outdated, especially the typography with strange geometry. In the new version, the word “PATREON” is written in capital letters and is located to the left of the thick vertical line.

Patreon uses red in the shade of Fiery Coral (# FF424D). He painted the circle shown on the small icon. The main logo is black and blue – both an inscription and a vertical stripe. This is a good choice because both colors are not tied to other popular brands.

2020 – present

Patreon Logo 2020-present

In the current logo, there is a transition to modern trends in icon graphics. These are three main factors: simplicity, lack of volume, and clear clarity of everything depicted in the logo. At the same time, each element is veiled and symbolizes its concept. In this case, this is how the first letter of the name “Patreon” is transferred. “P” is bifurcated. It consists of round and rectangular fragments located at some distance from each other. It is an emblem in the style of cubism, where there is only one vertical rectangle and one circle. Despite the criticism, the leadership of the crowdfunding platform has left a laconic image that meets the requirements of the present.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Patreon Emblem

Having abandoned futurism, Patreon relied on minimalism, which many users did not like. The main arguments of critics were that the updated design did not correspond to the crowdfunding platform. The combined sign turned out to be too general: it can equally belong to any company associated with financial services. The icon, consisting of a blue rectangle and a red circle, seems too abstract – it is impossible to understand what the site specializes in.

The minimalistic lettering is executed in GT Walsheim Bold font, characterized by the absence of serifs. His inspiration was Otto Baumberger, a 1930s Swiss poster designer. Until 2013, a modified Opificio was introduced on the logo, vaguely reminiscent of SF New Republic.

Patreon Symbol

Although the logo is textual, there is no single word since the “P” has been turned into graphic detail. The corporate palette now contains two colors: coral (used for the circle) and black (used for the rectangle).

Patreon Emblem