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Twitter Logo

Twitter Logo
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Twitter is an online messaging service. It allows you to publish the so-called “tweets” of up to 140 characters. It appeared in July 2006 when Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Noah Glass and Jack Dorsey presented the final version of the social network for posting short notes.

Meaning and History

Twitter Logo History
Evolution of the Twitter Logo

The microblog Twitter is known not only for its unusual format but also for its original logo with the image of a bluebird. However, this character began to be used only in 2012. Until then, the service had other equally popular icons.

2005 – 2006

Twttr Logo 2005-2006

It was originally supposed that the social network would be called twttr. Biz Stone even created for her several relevant emblems that never became official. One of the proposed versions contained a green inscription “twttr” dotted with dewdrops. She served as the prototype for the first Twitter brand.

2006 – 2010

Twitter Logo 2006-2010

The debut logo is the word “Twitter” in light blue. Linda Gavin developed the original font. He is characterized by incomplete lines, smooth outlines, rounded shapes, and the absence of serifs. It is also noteworthy that the letters do not have a single corner.

Also, in 2006, the service acquired a small graphic symbol in the form of a light bluebird. He bought this drawing on iStock for just $ 15. Illustration author Simon Oxley did not even realize that his work would ever be on the BBC and CNN news. True, a small bird named Larry, named after the basketball player Larry Bird, was not part of the logo, but an icon on the site. Companies were prohibited from using images from iStock as logos.

Based on the existing image, Biz Stone came up with his bird: with wings, a large white eye, and a sharp tail. The designer Philip Pascuzzo took up the idea. Then came two more options for a graphic symbol. The first is in a cartoon style; the second is in a minimalistic style.

2010 – 2012

Twitter Logo 2010-2012

On the new logo, the company combined the familiar “twitter” inscription (left) and the Larry mascot bird (right). The developers of the final version of the drawing are Philip Pascuzzo and Douglas Bowman. They followed the path of conciseness, removing all unnecessary elements, in their opinion. There was a one-color silhouette symbolizing tweets.

2012 – present

Twitter Logo 2012-present

On June 5, 2012, an updated icon called “Twitter Bird” was introduced. The owners of the social network decided that the corporate character speaks for itself, so they removed the word “twitter.” At the time of the creation of the logo, its author Martin Grasser just graduated from the Art Center College of Design and began working at the West agency. The notorious microblogging service turned out to be one of its first customers.

Grasser painted at least a thousand birds before achieving perfect proportions. After that, the artist offered Jack Dorsey 24 ready-made sketches, and he, without hesitation, chose the 5CS option.

A fluttering hummingbird inspires the current logo. The illustration is formed of 15 circles superimposed in layers on top of each other. Due to this, the bends of the beak, head, wings, and chest have an impeccable shape. Moreover, the ratio of large and small circles is close to the golden ratio.

The bird is directed upwards, which is a symbol of hope, freedom, development, and limitless possibilities. The circles with which it was created mean the connection of ideas and interests of different people.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Twitter Emblem

The logo in the form of a blue chirping bird did not appear immediately: at first, it was a small icon. It was purchased from a specialized service for just $ 15 from Simon Oxley. The figure shows from the side a small bird flying upwards with a pointed tail and spread wings. The lines are sloping, smooth, without angularities. Now “Larry the Bird” is not only the emblem but also the mascot of the website.

Twitter Symbol

A special typeface was created for the text part of the social network. It is characterized by rounded shapes, streamlined lines, and lack of serifs. The letters are chopped, lowercase, equal in height, with protruding “t” without the upper crossbar’s left half. The corporate logo color is light blue.