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The Fiverr logo, with its business-like appearance, conveys complex tasks, close collaboration, and a focus on work. It captures the most significant characteristics of online business and the most important areas for freelancers. Convenience and simplicity of choice are what it communicates to visitors.

Fiverr: Brand overview

Founded:1 February 2010;
Founder:Micha Kaufman, Shai Wininger
Tel Aviv, Israel
Fiverr is an online freelance platform designed to find clients and execute work. The range of directions is very diverse – including programming, video editing, graphic design, photo editing, audio recording, translations, writing, and much more. This two-sided platform was organized by two entrepreneurs – Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. They launched the service in early 2010 as a commercial system where some people wanted to sell their services, and others wanted to buy. Virtual deals are called gigs.

Meaning and History

Fiverr Logo History

The primary user base of the resource is freelancers and remote workers. They temporarily enter into freelance collaboration for any required term and agree on a price, which on this platform must not be less than five dollars. Performers can be located anywhere in the world – whether at home or in the office, it doesn’t matter. The web service serves as a convenient working environment for them.

Moreover, on the internet resource, one can post tasks of any complexity – from “just draw a postcard” to “need help with jQuery.” Thus, freelancers and employers get exactly what they need. Thanks to the thoughtful approach, convenient usability, numerous options, and practical service, the platform quickly gained popularity. Now, its unobtrusive logo is well known to many users in the country and abroad. The company is the only one that has not changed its concept since its foundation.

What is Fiverr?

It is an Israeli freelance exchange where you can find remote work for representatives of any country in the world. It allows hiring specialists in various internet services.

2009 – 2020

Fiverr Logo 2009-2020

Developers focused on visual simplicity so that everything would be clear at first glance at the logo. Therefore, the main criteria were excellent readability, originality, and a harmonious balance between them. The site’s name is written in one line in lowercase letters.

The intercharacter space is maintained only between the central characters – “v” and “e.” The others are closely connected to each other, creating the main feature of the logo. Thus, “fr” and “rr” are interrelated. The first pair has a bouquet at the level of the crossbar, and the second has a bouquet at the point of convergence of the caps. In 2020, an updated version appeared in which developers changed the font, adding letters with serifs.

The final touch of the logo – a large colored dot. It stands behind the word “Fiverr” and allegorically completes any started process. This same symbol also serves as an icon for the site, although in a slightly different design. In the very center of the dot are the first two letters of the service’s name. They are executed in the same style as the main inscription but only in a white palette.

In the current emblem, Fiverr uses the commercial font Brix Slab Black with tiny serifs. It was developed by two designers – Hannes von Döhren and Livius Dietzel. Its nearest free analog is the font ChunkFiveEx. The logo’s color scheme is simple – black (for the text) and green (hexadecimal shade 00b22d for the dot).

2020 – today

Fiverr Logo 2020-present

In the updated version of the service for finding freelancers, the same font is used but without serifs. The chopped letters look stricter and more serious. Some symbols now have an upper connection – “fr” and “rr.” The transition between them is so harmonious that it does not catch the eye at first glance. In addition, designers slightly rotated the leg of “e” and removed the dot from “i.” But they added it at the end of the word to emphasize the completion of the process: on the principle of “here you will find everything, no need to look anywhere else – period.” Moreover, it allegorically speaks of any completed work. The logo’s palette has been slightly smoothed – muted, with pastel shades.

Fiverr: Interesting Facts

Fiverr started in 2010, making a big splash in the world of freelance work by letting people sell their skills starting at just five bucks. It’s a huge place to find creative and digital help, like making logos, marketing, writing, and translating.

  1. How It Began: Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger created Fiverr. The idea was simple: offer services for $5. This made it easy for people who needed work and those who wanted to do the work to find each other.
  2. Growing Fast: Fiverr didn’t stay at just $5 gigs. Now, people who sell their services there, called “sellers,” can charge a lot more based on what they do and how well they do it.
  3. Fiverr Pro: For businesses wanting the best freelancers, Fiverr made Fiverr Pro. Every freelancer is checked out to ensure they’re awesome so clients know they’re getting top-notch work.
  4. All Over the World: Fiverr is used by people from more than 160 countries. It works in many languages and currencies, so pretty much anyone, anywhere, can use it.
  5. So Many Services: Fiverr has many different things you can get help with, now over 200 categories. Need a unique logo or someone to do a voiceover in a certain accent? Fiverr’s got it.
  6. Going Public: In June 2019, Fiverr became a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. It was a big moment that showed just how much Fiverr has grown.
  7. Learning and Community: Fiverr isn’t just about buying and selling services. It’s got a community vibe and even offers courses (Fiverr Learn) for freelancers to improve their skills.
  8. Changing Work: Fiverr is a big reason the gig economy is booming. It lets freelancers work from anywhere, set their prices, and choose what they want to work on.
  9. Adapting to COVID-19: When the pandemic hit, more people wanted to work or hire freelancers from home, and Fiverr became super important for both sides.
  10. Making Things Smooth: Fiverr adds new stuff to make hiring or getting hired easier, like search filters and tools for freelancers to keep track of their projects and money.

Fiverr has changed how people find work or get stuff done in the digital age, making it a big name in the gig economy and showing how work can be different in the future.

Font and Colors

Fiverr Emblem

The serifs disappeared from the font, so Fiverr’s font is smooth, even, and strict. The name is written in a grotesque style with wide letters. The emblem has two primary colors: black and green. They carried over from the debut version with a similar color scheme.

Fiverr Symbol

Fiverr color codes

GreenHex color:#1dbf73
RGB:29 191 115
CMYK:85 0 40 25
Pantone:PMS 3405 C


Who developed the Fiverr logo?

Fiverr has a text logo with the inscription Brix Slab Black. Its authors are Livius Dietzel and Hannes von Döhren.

How do you sell a logo on Fiverr?

To sell a logo, you need to use the Fiverr Logo Maker service. Once the logo is ready, it will be available to buyers.

How much does a logo cost on Fiverr?

The cost of a logo depends on the designers’ qualifications, the technical task, the number of revisions, and the complexity of the logo’s concept. On average, the price ranges from $30 to $50, but you can find both cheaper and more expensive options for $5 or $200.

Is the logo free on Fiverr?

All services on the Fiverr service are paid, so the logo is also paid.