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The Fiverr business-like logo conveys challenging tasks, close collaboration, and focus on work. The most significant characteristics of the Internet business and the most important areas for freelancers fall into his field of vision. Convenience and ease of choice – that’s what it broadcasts to visitors.

Fiverr: Brand overview

Founded: 1 February 2010;
Founder: Micha Kaufman, Shai Wininger
Tel Aviv, Israel
Fiverr is a freelance online platform designed to find customers and work performers. The range of directions is very diverse, as it includes programming, video editing, graphic design, photo processing, audio recording, translations, writing texts, and much more. The two-way platform is organized by two entrepreneurs, Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. They launched the service in early 2010 as a commercial system, where some people want to sell their services, while others buy. Virtual trades are called gigs.

Meaning and History

Fiverr Logo History

The main contingent of resource users is freelance contractors and remote workers. They temporarily enter into freelance cooperation for any necessary period and agree on a price that on this platform should not be lower than five dollars. The performers can be located anywhere in the world – even at home, even in the office, which does not matter. The web service serves as a convenient working environment for them.

Moreover, on the Internet site, you can post tasks of any complexity – from “just draw a postcard” to “you need to help with jQuery.” Therefore, freelancers and employers get exactly what they need. Thanks to its thoughtful approach, convenient usability, many options, and practical service, the platform quickly gained popularity. Now its discreet logo is well known to many users not only in the country but also abroad. And the company has only one and has not changed its concept since its inception.

What is Fiverr?

This is an Israeli freelance exchange where you can find remote work for representatives of any country in the world. It allows you to hire specialists in the field of various Internet services.

2009 – 2020

Fiverr Logo 2009-2020

The developers have put a basic emphasis on visual simplicity so that everything is clear at first glance at the logo. Therefore, the main criteria were excellent readability, originality, and a harmonious balance between them. The site name is written in one row in lowercase letters.

Intercharacter space is preserved only between the central characters – “v” and “e.” The rest are closely related, which creates the main highlight of the logo. So, “fr” and “rr” are interconnected. The first pair has a bunch at the crossbar level, the second – at the place where the caps meet. In 2020, an updated version appeared, in which the developers changed the font, adding serif letters.

The final chord of the logo is a large colored dot. She stands behind the word “Fiverr,” and allegorically completes any process started. The same symbol acts as a website icon, albeit in a slightly different design. In the very center of the point are the first two letters of the service site name. They are made in the same style as the main inscription, but only in a white palette.

The current Fiverr emblem uses the commercial Brix Slab Black typeface with miniature serifs. It was designed by two designers – Hannes von Dohren and Livius Dietzel. Its closest free counterpart is the ChunkFiveEx font. The logo’s color scheme is simple – black (for text) and green (hexadecimal shade 00b22d for a point).

2020 – today

Fiverr Logo 2020-present

The updated version of the freelance search service uses the same font but sans serif. Chopped letters look more strict and serious. Some characters now have a top connection – “fr” and “rr.” The transition between them is so harmonious that the first time it is not striking. Moreover, the designers slightly turned the leg “e” and removed the dot from the “i.” But they added it to the end of the word to emphasize the completeness of the process: according to the principle, “here you will find everything, you don’t need to look anywhere else – period.” In addition, she speaks allegorically about any completed work. The palette of the logo is slightly smoothed – muted, with pastel shades.

Font and Colors

Fiverr Emblem

The serifs have disappeared from the typeface, so the Fiverr font is sleek, smooth, and austere. The name is written in a grotesque style with wide letters. The emblem has two primary colors: black and green. They switched from the debut version with a similar color scheme.

Fiverr Symbol

Fiverr color codes

Green Hex color: #1dbf73
RGB: 29 191 115
CMYK: 85 0 40 25
Pantone: PMS 3405 C

Who designed the Fiverr logo?

Fiverr has a text logo with Brix Slab Black lettering. Its authors are Livius Dietzel and Hannes von Dohren.

How do I sell on Fiverr logo maker?

To sell a logo, you need to use Fiverr Logo Maker. When the logo is finished, it will be available to buyers.

How much is a logo on Fiverr?

The cost of a logo depends on the qualifications of the designers, the terms of reference, the number of edits, and the complexity of the logo concept. On average, the price ranges from $ 30 to $ 50, but you can find cheaper and more expensive options for $ 5 or $ 200.

Is Fiverr logo free?

All services on the Fiverr service are paid, so the logo is also paid for.