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The Yelp logo is as simple and concise as the name. This is a real flash of enlightenment, which screams: “Eureka!”. The glee is associated with a successful search for information because the website provides complete overviews of the services of different companies.

Yelp: Brand overview

Founded: October 2004
Founder: Jeremy Stoppelman, Russel Simmons
350 Mission Street San Francisco, California, United States
The Yelp service helps you navigate the large-scale service market by offering numerous reviews and ratings. The service belongs to the Yelp company of the same name, which two American businessmen created: Jeremy Stoppelman and Russell Simmons. They were opposed to the name of their project, Yelp, because they associated a short word with the sound of a kicking dog. But David Galbraith of MRL Ventures found the name, and Jared Kopf bought the corresponding domain for $ 5,000 and handed it over to the company.

Meaning and History

Yelp Logo History

Michael Ernst designed the current logo. The previous brand name was created by Chad Hurley, one of the creators of YouTube. The old version contained a cartoon image of a footnote in the form of a speech bubble. Michael Ernst was tasked with creating a different site identity because the existing one did not fit the concept. He made many sketches and even drew a dog making sounds. But it was all wrong. Something fun, simple, and dynamic was required to capture Yelp’s mood accurately.

Ultimately, the designer remembered the star from the Calvin and Hobbes comic. Every time a character made a discovery or came up with something, a small flash would appear over his head. The artist reworked the “star” several times because he got a flower. Therefore, he was forced to choose an abstract style and eliminate the lines’ angularity.

Also, Michael Ernst designed the logo typeface himself. And he did not just develop it but made it so that the inscription perfectly matches the drawing in shape and proportion. He positioned the word “yelp” on the left and the asterisk on the right and positioned both elements on a white background, outlined with a thin grayish line.

What is Yelp?

Yelp is an American company that owns a mobile app of the same name and a website containing various businesses’ descriptions. Businessman Jeremy Stoppelman owns it. He, along with Russel Simmons, founded Yelp in 2004.

2004 – 2021

Yelp Logo 2004-2021

The designer had about a hundred original ideas that could become an emblem. But he chose only one that matched the concept of a site with reviews and ratings. After all, people visit Yelp to find suitable services, which means that each user discovers himself. And this moment can be marked with a flash – as big and bright as on the service logo.

The abstract form avoided the resemblance to a flower. Therefore, the “star” consists of five triangles facing inward with sharp ends. They have rounded corners and outer sides and are distanced from each other at a sufficient distance. Although many people see pizza slices in the drawing, it looks like a pop visualization, a flash.

The font was written by designer Michael Ernst, hired in 2004 after meeting one of its co-founders. He wanted all letters except “e” to be capitalized. But “y,” “e,” “l,” and “p” turned out to be lowercase. Also, the poster intended to use serifs. However, they are not in the finished version – the inscription is made in Mesmer typeface.

The main color of the corporate palette is a dark shade of red (# af0606). The company name is black, the background is white, and the outlines are gray.

2021 – today

Yelp Logo 2021-present

As a result of the redesign, the lettering has disappeared in the form of a thin line, which formed free space around the word “Yelp” and made it stand out against the white background. In the modern interpretation of visual identity, neither the text nor the graphic element has a border. The structure of the icon on the right remains the same – it is a five-petal element with an emphasis on the upper part, which is much larger than the rest. Trapezoidal shapes are elongated and narrowed towards the middle: the edge is wider on the outside than on the inside. In addition, the update also affected the writing style.

Font and Colors

Yelp Emblem

The current logo uses a typeface with wider letters, reminiscent of the Proxima Nova Soft Bold font from Mark Simonson Studio. They are almost identical as they only have different characters’ weights (they are much larger now than before). In addition, the logo has received a new shade of red: the badge on the right has become scarlet.

Yelp Symbol

Yelp color codes

Yelp Red Hex color: #AF0606
RGB: 175, 6, 6
CMYK: 0, 97, 97, 31
Pantone: PMS 485 C
Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What do the symbols in Yelp mean?

The red element in the logo was originally conceived as a star that appeared above the heads of the Calvin and Hobbes comics characters when some unexpected idea dawned on them. Even though the figure looks more like an abstract flower than a star in the current version, its meaning remains the same: a sudden insight, a brilliant discovery, a lucky thought.

What is the Yelp logo?

The Yelp logo can be compared to a flash because it looks like five “star” fragments like triangles with sharp corners facing inward. These elements are colored red. To the right is the wordmark, the black lettering “yelp” in bold, rounded sans-serif.