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Etsy Logo

Etsy Logo
Etsy Logo PNG

Etsy is a US-based online marketplace for selling handicrafts, antiques, antique materials, and unique limited edition goods over the Internet. The brand was created in 2005 by a group of individuals, including Rob Kalin, Haim Schoppik, Jared Tarbell, Chris Maguire. Jared Tarbell later joined them. It was located in Brooklyn (New York).

Meaning and History

Etsy Logo History
Evolution of the Etsy Logo

The brand was developed from scratch since its foundation had no analogs when its foundation is named with a phrase borrowed from the Federico Fellini movie “8 ½”. It’s just that one of the co-founders got into the soul of the expression “et si.” This is a play on words that means “oh yes” in Italian. Thanks to the support of buyers interested in handmade products, the platform immediately received high consumer demand.

The company chose a simple verbal logo that follows English grammar rules: the first letter is capitalized, the rest are lowercase. Because of this, the debut emblem looks ordinary, standing out only in the classic font.

Then other options appeared. Thanks to the bright background on which the designers have placed the handmade platform’s name, they are distinguished by great originality. At first, the base was white, then orange, in a rectangle, circle, or heart. The spelling of the word “Etsy” has also changed.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Etsy Emblem

The unique typeface President EF Book has been designed for the new website logo by Carl Albert Fahrenwaldt. I used Guardian Egyptian from Georgia as references. He complimented the classic symbols with serifs and rounded the protruding elements. As a result, the label received smooth lines and soft transitions.

Etsy Symbol

The color scheme of the branding was orange and white from the start. Rob Kalin suggested it. This idea came to him while he was sitting in his favorite orange chair. Also, in parallel with the main emblem, variants with the initial letter “E” located in a circle or a heart are used.