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Facebook Logo
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Facebook is a global online community and company of the same name. The time of their appearance is February 2004. The founders are Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskowitz, and Chris Hughes. Location – Menlo Park, California (USA).

Meaning and History

Facebook Logo History
Evolution of the Facebook Logo

The Facebook logo has always been and remains its distinctive symbol. This is the name of the social network, written in white letters on a blue rectangular background or in black on white. Also, there is a graphic designation in the form of a single โ€œf.โ€ Over the entire period of existence, the emblem underwent minor changes, remaining recognizable and standing out from the rest.

2003 – 2004

FaceMash Logo 2003-2004

In the year preceding the final appearance of a unique platform, which had no analogs in scale, it was called โ€œFACEMASH.โ€ This resource was the impetus for the creation of the first logo. The word is written in white font in the upper case and placed in an elongated red rectangle.

2004 – 2005

[thefacebook] Logo 2004-2005

Then drastic changes took place, and a platform called โ€œthefacebookโ€ appeared in a single spelling. It became the basis of the logo. The phrase is made in blue lowercase letters and taken in square brackets, located on a dark blue rectangular background.

2005 – 2015

Facebook Logo 2005-2015

The year 2005 is crucial for the social network, which affected its visualization. After purchasing the appropriate domain, the owners redid the emblem: facilitated and perfected. As a result, the article โ€œtheโ€ was removed from it, so that the name could be read easily, the font was enlarged and made white so that the word immediately caught my eye. That is, โ€œfacebookโ€ scaled, filling almost all the space on the blue field. Since then, branding has a classic rectangular shape.


Facebook Icon History

During this period, Microsoft acquired shares of the network, which was reflected in its business format. Turning to the status of a business company, she received a brief but catchy sign. For the role of the logo for official documents, a simple graphic element was proposed – the first letter of the name. It is used in the same form as in the logo: lowercase, white, on a blue geometrically accurate background – only already on a square.

2015 – present

Facebook Logo 2015-present

In 2015, the new logo was finally approved. In it, as before, they used only one word – โ€œfacebook.โ€ Moreover, they made small amendments, even imperceptible at first glance. But, looking closely, you can see that โ€œaโ€ has become completely different: without an upper segment and with increased intra-letter clearance. The letter โ€œbโ€ has also changed. Also, the color palette varied: in parallel with the original version, black and white were introduced into everyday life. But the size of the protruding elements โ€œf,โ€ โ€œb,โ€ โ€œkโ€ was left the same.

2019 – present

Facebook Logo 2019-present

In 2019, the company released a special logo for mobile screens.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Facebook Emblem

The last update of the logo was forced and related to the transition of Internet users to personal gadgets. To adapt the branding to the smaller screens of smartphones, tablets, and other modern devices, the developers made certain adjustments. The new design retained the brand identity, but became more streamlined, which allowed the logo to avoid pixelation when enlarging pages. The creators tried to fine-tune it for displays of all sizes.

The most difficult was the work with the old icon – a distinctive sign in the form of a single โ€œf.โ€ The lowercase letter was almost in the middle of the blue square with rounded corners. But then she was shifted to the right and lower. Thus, the beginning of the leg now coincides with the edge of the frame, which is why the white color naturally changes from the icon to the surrounding space. This adds to its hidden symbolism. In 2013, the graphic emblem was re-updated: the restrictive line was removed, and the โ€œfโ€ itself was moved even more to the right. She also added a slight 3D effect.

The font used for the text part of the logo remains the most popular in the world and is one of the subspecies of the Klavika typeface. The corporate palette also gained recognition – a blue background and white letters. Moreover, the colors were chosen not by chance, because Mark Zuckerberg suffers from deuteranopia and 100% distinguishes only shades of blue.