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The TikTok logo, recognized by all, is distinguished by its simplicity and originality. The graphic representation of the social network’s tremolo sign and its choice symbolizes the possibilities of the service and its musical and video orientation, demonstrating the creative potential of the user.

TikTok: Brand overview

TikTok is a web service that allows shooting short video clips and viewing them through a browser. It was launched in 2016 by ByteDance Ltd., specializing in internet technologies in Beijing. It is one of the most downloaded applications in China and other countries.

Meaning and History

TikTok Logo History

The TikTok logo features an eighth note. The symbol was chosen because the media platform is often used for shooting small musical clips. The pattern looks unusual thanks to the combination of three colors: black, purple, and blue. According to the designer’s idea, the black color resembles a hall during a rock concert when it’s dark and light falls only on the stage.

In this case, the emblem seems stereoscopic. Many think it should be viewed with 3D glasses. However, this is a misconception because the developers did not aim to create an anaglyph and did not make a horizontal shift in the picture. They tried to depict the effect of tremolo – a trembling sound when repeating a single note. After all, the TikTok application in China is known as Douyin, which in English means “trembling music.” As a result, the logo looks as if it is distorted by electromagnetic waves.

What’s the Inspiration behind the TikTok logo?

The TikTok logo is meant to reflect the essence of the app, which serves as a platform for creative self-expression and enjoyment worldwide. In the app, various communities engage in different activities such as humor, dance, sports feats, and interesting music clips.

The creator of the emblem had his vision: to embody the virtual stage that TikTok provides to its talented users. As a young man who enjoys live music events, especially rock shows, he found his muse in the crowd under the glowing stage. He decided to transfer this atmosphere into the logo design, choosing a black background to create dynamic content in the app.

As the main element, he drew a musical note. To make it stand out against the black background, he superimposed an image of an electric wave onto the flat sketch. Several design options were tested before one visually appealing was chosen.

In creating the final version of the logo, the designer aimed for it not to blend into the sea of app icons and, at the same time, reflect the bright user experience of TikTok. He strove for the logo to emanate an aura of excitement and appeal.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is the international version of the Chinese program Douyin. It’s a social network where users can post and view short video clips up to 3 minutes long. The TikTok platform debuted in 2016 but went public only two years later when it turned into the largest video community thanks to merging with Musical.ly.

September – December 2016

TikTok Logo 2016

Before the stereoscopic effect, the TikTok logo was much simpler. It also represented a note, formed by overlaying many similar notes but looked unstructured. To show musical “infinity,” the designers slightly rotated the main element, demonstrating the presence of many layers colored in different shades of amaranth. Shadows were also added. At the bottom, they placed a brief inscription – “A.ME.” The first letter is a classic print; the other two are handwritten and seem drawn with a wide-tip black marker.

2016 – today

TikTok Logo 2016-present

The new app’s symbol was chosen to be a note. However, the designers added an effect reminiscent of 3D colors when looking at the image without glasses.

2017 – 2018

TikTok Logo 2017-2018

The name is TikTok was added to the symbol for greater brand recognition worldwide. The “Nota” logo, present in the app or other promotional products, didn’t always guarantee brand recognition and memorability. With the addition of the “TikTok” name to the symbol, users began to remember the brand better.

2018 – today

TikTok Logo 2018-present

In 2018, the well-known Chinese app Musical.ly became part of TikTok. At the same time, a new logo design appeared. The letter “O” received a 3D effect. Otherwise, the logo remained unchanged.

TikTok: Interesting Facts

TikTok is a popular app that allows people to share short videos. It was started in 2016 by a company called ByteDance. First, it was for people in China, but then they made a version for everyone worldwide.

  1. How it Started: ByteDance made TikTok for people outside China and had another app called Musical.ly. They put them together in 2018, making TikTok even more popular.
  2. Many Users: Many people use TikTok—millions worldwide! It’s especially popular with teens and young adults.
  3. Cool Algorithm: TikTok shows you videos it thinks you’ll like. It learns what you enjoy watching, so you always find fun new videos.
  4. Different Kinds of Videos: You can find all sorts of videos on TikTok – from funny ones to videos about learning new things, doing crafts, and lots more.
  5. Music: TikTok helps new songs get famous. When a song is used in many videos, more people like it.
  6. Making Videos: TikTok has many tools for making cool videos. You can change the speed, add filters, and use timers.
  7. Some Problems: Some people are worried about privacy and safety on TikTok, but many still love using it.
  8. Helping Creators Make Money: TikTok also helps people make money by partnering with brands or getting support from TikTok if their videos get a lot of attention.
  9. Trends and Culture: TikTok has started introducing new trends and styles that are becoming popular everywhere, not just on the app.

TikTok has changed how we think about social media, making short videos a big deal for fun, learning, and sharing new things. It’s a big part of today’s digital world.

Font and Colors

TikTok Emblema

Since 2017, the graphic part of the logo has been supplemented with the inscription “TikTok.” Initially, “Tik” and “Tok” were written separately, with a wide margin, but then they were combined into one word. This happened in 2018. Then, the letter “o” acquired a purple-blue outline, similar to “note.”

The designers also slightly changed the style of the symbols: they replaced the square dot above “i” with a round one and shortened the strokes of “T” and “k.” But the main typography remained the same. The developers opted for a well-readable sans-serif font, believing it ideally suits the brand name.

The placement of elements is not regulated: the text can be placed both under the note and to the right of it. Depending on this, its size changes slightly. When both parts of the logo are close to the horizontal plane, the “TikTok” inscription aligns with the graphic symbol.

TikTok symbol

To convey the musical tremolo effect, the designers combined several colors. The primary color is black (№ 010101). It depicts the note. Additional colors are a purple shade of red (№ EE1D52) and Light Aqua turquoise (№ 69C9D0). They are superimposed unevenly, creating the impression that the pattern sways under the influence of the electromagnetic field.

TikTok color codes

BlackHex color:#010101
RGB:1 1 1
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C
Middle BlueHex color:#69c9d0
RGB:105 201 208
CMYK:50 3 0 18
Pantone:PMS 325 C
AmaranthHex color:#ee1d52
RGB:238 29 81
CMYK:0 88 66 7
Pantone:PMS 1925 C


Who designed the TikTok logo?

The name of the person who designed the TikTok logo is kept secret. According to legend, this young man supposedly loves going to rock concerts. Whether this is true or not is unknown.

What is the basis of the TikTok logo?

The basis of the TikTok logo is the letter “d,” stylized as a musical note. As is known, the name of the Chinese platform Douyin, which is the progenitor of TikTok, starts with “d.” Meanwhile, the basis of the image lies in the tremolo effect: artists tried to convey the trembling sound through an unusual combination of colors. After all, “Douyin” translates as “trembling music.”

How was the TikTok logo created?

The person who created the TikTok logo was inspired by rock concerts. He liked the contrast between the dark hall and the lit stage so much that he reflected it in the design. As a result, the black middle note is complemented by bright contours in the form of neon reflections. The word “Douyin” (“trembling music”) was used to play on the visual effect of trembling.