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The online movie streaming platform chose a simple logo. The 2Kmovie logo immediately makes it clear to visitors of the virtual “movie theater” what resource they are on, so they can choose what they like. To make the identity easier and faster to perceive, the designers simplified it.

2Kmovie: Brand overview

2Kmovie is one of the best online resources for watching TV series and movies in high quality (Full HD format) for free. The site offers various categories of media files, including new releases, popular, TOP, etc. TV shows are also available for viewing. Convenient filters will help you navigate through the variety presented.

The tools allow you to select a file by genre and country. The concept of the site’s identity is based on an expressive design, a rather bright color palette, and a combination of fonts of different sizes. Each of the logo elements carries a special semantic load, but together, they are united in a balanced composition.

Meaning and History

2Kmovie Logo History

2Kmovie is an optimized website that offers movie and TV show lovers a wide range of options. Here, you can watch video content without paying, registering, and downloading files without any restrictions. In this format, the online platform has been working for more than a year, and during this time, it has become quite popular in different countries.

The very idea of creating such a site was based on giving users the opportunity to freely watch almost any movie, show, and series. Thanks to the rich experience and knowledge of the developers, this goal was achieved. A platform appeared on the market, which became a profitable alternative to popular movie sites that require users to subscribe or purchase the selected file.

For the new resource, a very modern and stylish design caused associations directly with video clips and high-quality broadcasting. This was evidenced by bright colors: yellow, black, blue, and white, as well as original word marks. The beginning of the logo is a massive 2K sign, followed by the characteristic word movie. At one look at such an emblem, it becomes clear what kind of product the platform offers.

2Kmovie Symbol

Currently, the online resource provides stable access to free streaming of high-definition media files. User-friendly interface, high-quality video content, and no restrictions on viewing made the platform one of the best in its category. Considering the huge number of similar sites, such a position is a high achievement.

The current state of affairs in 2Kmovie fully reflects the corporate style. It does not change throughout the entire existence of the company without losing its relevance. Since its creation, the site was aimed at improving the leisure time of users, who could easily view their favorite content.

In the visual design, this goal was emphasized by a bright yellow color that demonstrated optimism, fun, and joy. This theme was directly reflected in the lettering. The prominent solid 2K lettering and the word “movie” in white emphasize the professional approach.

Font and Colors

2Kmovie Emblem

The website logo is a rather complex figure consisting of two parts connected to each other. The first part is a banner with corners having two diagonal cuts (located in the lower right and upper left corners). The background color is yellow, symbolizing positivity, reliability, and confidence.

In the center of the banner are the letters 2K. They are made in the original style using a bold, massive font. They are also given a special volume by the internal white stripes separating the total space. The chosen design demonstrates the quality functionality of the site, as well as the popular format of video broadcasting. 2K is a recognizable symbol that almost everyone associates with video content.

The second part of the icon is made in the form of a rectangular banner with the inscription movie. It is a conceptual continuation of 2K letters and makes the logo a whole image. A simple, laconic sans-serif font with confident outlines was chosen for the design. Despite the white color of the letters, the inscription looks as expressive as the first part. A special “zest” is given by the game of contrasts – the white inscription is placed on a blue background. The chosen combination of colors symbolizes reliability and professionalism.

2Kmovie Logo Color Codes:

  • yellow banner: Hex color: #ffd101; RGB: 255 209 1; CMYK: 0 18 100 0; Pantone: PMS 109 C
  • blue banner: Hex color: #10a2c7; RGB: 16 152 199; CMYK: 92 19 0 22; Pantone: PMS 312 C
  • black: Hex color: #000000;RGB: 0 0 0; CMYK: 0 0 0 100; Pantone: PMS Process Black C


What does the 2kmovie logo symbolize?

2Kmovie is an online service that provides access to free movies, TV shows, and series in high definition. It allows users to not only view but also download content to various devices.

What services are comparable to 2kmovie CC?

Platforms such as movies2k.pro and videograbber.net are some of the strongest alternatives to 2kmovie.cc.