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The 4chan logo is a symbol of searching for like-minded people. The emblem shows the unification of people who want communication, love, and friendship. It can be found on the forum; if users are lucky enough to find their four-leaf clover, their good fortune.

4chan: Brand overview

The infamous imageboard 4chan was created in 2003 by New Yorker Christopher Poole, a 15-year-old teenager who wanted to make an American analog to the Japanese Futaba channel site. He even poached some users from there and copied fragments of the source code. 4chan quickly gained popularity, surpassing its predecessor. Unlike other forums, it doesn’t require registration and allows you to remain anonymous. It is a place where people can get rid of any social rules and communicate on different topics.

Meaning and History

4chan Logo History

The famous imageboard influences the World Wide Web as an incubator of behavioral patterns and memes. What happens within the walls of 4chan, sooner or later, goes beyond its borders, forming new trends in Internet culture. Practical jokes and pranks get into other social networks and sometimes into the real world. But this does not always go in favor: due to permissiveness, the site has been involved in several unpleasant stories.

In particular, its anonymous visitors encouraged charging an iPhone 6 in the microwave, posting fake threats of terrorist attacks, and cyberbullying an 11-year-old girl, Jessie Slaughter. But 4chan has dozens of other threads on politics, science, music, technology, fashion, fitness and cooking. Huge segments of the forum are taken up with discussions of Japanese cultural products, which isn’t surprising given its proximity to the Futaba channel.

What is 4chan?

4chan is an anonymous forum where users can exchange text messages and images. It was created in 2003 for anime fans and was used as an alternative to the Futaba channel. Later, the list of topics expanded to include users discussing Japanese animation and sports, politics, literature, video games, and more. Because 4chan allows users to remain anonymous, it often features provocative and offensive content.

The site’s logo is also associated with manga, with a fictional character named Yotsuba Koiwai. The main character of the comic book series “Yotsuba and!” is known for her iconic appearance. She is a green-haired girl with four pigtails that resemble a four-leaf clover with a distinctive shape.

4chan Symbol

On the 4chan logo, four leaves of clover are drawn. They are divided and heart-shaped, which is an allusion to Yotsuba Koiwai’s pigtails. Whoever decided to use the plant symbol chose it because of the play on words. As you know, four-leaf clover is relatively rare, except for specially bred multi-leaf varieties. According to ancient beliefs, it brings good luck to those who find it.

The creators of the English-language imageboard noticed that the words “4chan” and “fortune” sound the same and drew parallels between them at the level of visual identification. This is how the forum got its own logo, complete with the world-famous symbol of luck. The number of clover leaves coincided very well with the number “4” in the name of the anonymous web forum.

The logo had two goals. The first one was to mark the main thematic direction of 4chan: anime, manga, and everything related to them. The second was to attract the attention of new users and create an easy and trustful atmosphere of communication.

4chan: Interesting Facts

4chan is a well-known online forum that’s had a big impact on internet culture since it started in 2003 by Christopher Poole, also known as “moot.” Initially, it was all about Japanese comics and anime, but it quickly grew to include many more topics.

  1. Japanese Roots: 4chan was inspired by Japanese forums, especially 2channel. It began focusing on anime and manga, shaping its early culture and community.
  2. Anonymity: You can post on 4chan without creating an account, which means most people post without revealing who they are. This has led to a mix of creativity and, at times, controversial content.
  3. Meme Factory: Many popular internet memes, including Rickrolling and Pepe the Frog, started or became big on 4chan.
  4. Diverse Topics: 4chan isn’t just about anime anymore. It has boards for various interests, from video games to politics.
  5. Project Chanology: In 2008, 4chan users started a protest against the Church of Scientology, showing the community could also take action in the real world.
  6. Anonymous Group: The hacker group known as Anonymous, famous for its cyber protests, started on 4chan.
  7. Controversies: 4chan has been involved in various controversies, from privacy issues to cyberbullying, raising questions about internet freedom and responsibility.
  8. Change of Hands: Christopher Poole left 4chan in 2015 and sold it to Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder of 2channel, in 2016.
  9. Political Influence: The /pol/ board on 4chan has become a place for discussing and spreading various political ideas and memes.
  10. Community Moderation: Despite its reputation, 4chan has rules and volunteer moderators. The community also tries to keep itself in check.

4chan has played a complex role in shaping internet culture. It is known for fostering free speech and creativity but has also been criticized for its controversial content. Its influence is a mix of innovation, controversy, and a significant mark on the digital world.

Font and Colors

4chan Emblem

Next to the green “hearts” is the name of the imageboard. It is written in grotesque Tahoma Bold font and consists of lowercase letters. Typographer Matthew Carter created the font chosen by designers for Microsoft. It was used in Windows to make text easier to read, even with small windows.

The inscription “4chan” has a dark red color, and fragments of four-leaf clovers are colored in several shades of green. The authors of the emblem decided to do without a gradient and combined colors, separating them with clear borders.

4chan Logo Color Codes:

  • Dark Red: Hex: #990000; RGB: 153, 0, 0
  • Pakistan Green: Hex: #006600; RGB: 0, 102, 0
  • Feijoa: Hex: #a4cf88; RGB: 164, 207, 136
  • Apple Green: Hex: #5ba43e; RGB: 91, 164, 62
  • Deep Green: Hex: #0e700c; RGB: 14, 112, 12


What is the 4chan logo based on?

The 4chan logo features a four-leaf clover, which is considered a symbol of good luck. This design is influenced by the Futaba channel, also known as 2chan, whose emblem is a two-leaf clover.

Why is 4chan’s emblem a clover?

The four-leaf clover in the 4chan logo traditionally stands for good luck and indicates that users are likely to come across engaging content on the site’s various forums.