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The strict logo of A24 does not imply the strictness of the company it represents. On the contrary, it is associated with the entertainment industry, which means that it brings joy and relaxation to those around it. So, where does this seriousness in visual identity come from? It’s all about the movie, which can be either comedic or dramatic. There’s another reason, too. The studio positions itself as a source of movies with a unique look by using an unconventional logo.

A24: Brand overview

A24 is an American film company engaged in shooting, releasing, and distributing movies. It was founded through the efforts of David Fenkel, Daniel Katz, and John Hodges, three experienced film industry figures who left their previous jobs to create an independent studio. The company started in 2012, but its growth began in 2013 with the movie Spring Breakers. Subsequently, the company has produced eccentric films such as Ex Machina, Room, The Witch, Everything Everywhere All at Once, and many more. The company also has a television division that has produced Euphoria, Beef, Ziva, Irma Vep, and several other series.

Meaning and History

A24 Logo History

Exclusivity requires a unique perspective that allows for a proper appreciation of high artistic quality. This is the criterion by which the name of the movie company was chosen, and it does not matter what it means; the main thing is that it is eccentric. Associative links exist, although they are not obvious to everyone. The name of the company was inspired by the Italian highway of the same name, which Daniel Katz was driving along when he had the idea of starting a private movie rental company. This road is of great importance to Italian cinema, as it passes through several Abruzzo towns and rural landscapes that served as filming locations for the masters of Surrealism and Neorealism.

What is A24?

A24 is an American film company specializing in the creation and distribution of films and TV shows of an exclusive nature, akin to the underground, with a unique auteur perspective. It was founded in 2012 by David Fenkel, Daniel Katz, and John Hodges. The location of the headquarters is New York City, specifically Manhattan.

2012 – today

A24 Logo

A24’s logo is textual and minimalistic. There is nothing superfluous in it – only the name of the movie company engaged in the production and distribution of films. The name is written in one line and without spaces. The text is made elegantly, with a skillfully protruding corner of the letter “A”: it is curved, upturned, and slightly pointed. The tip of the letter resembles the number four. A striking similarity is observed between the letters “A” and “4”: each of them has two thin and one wide line.

In general, in the emblem, there is a significant contrast between the thickness of the strokes, and the elements resemble various geometric figures. For example, they consist of a truncated rectangle, elongated trapezoid, parallelogram, circle, and semicircle. This shape gives them a strict and professional look, which was the intention of designer Adam Grabowski, who worked on creating the visual style. He sought to harmoniously complement the overall style of the brand, developed by the multidisciplinary creative agency GrandArmy.

Font and Colors

A24 Emblem

The lettering in the A24 logo is in a custom font reminiscent of Purple Purse Pro Regular by Stiggy & Sands, with a few changes. Specifically, each glyph has been modified to produce a refined emblem.

A24 Symbol

The color palette, on the other hand, has remained unchanged – monochromatic. The combination of black and white fits perfectly into the concept of a strict but elegant design.


What does the acronym A24 stand for?

The A24 company takes its name from the Italian highway that founder Katz was driving on when he had the idea for the business. The initial funding came from Guggenheim Partners, and the company itself was created to distribute unique movies.

Why is A24 so famous?

A24 has built a reputation for producing distinctive films that often defy genre expectations. Each movie released by A24 features unique story elements and a distinctive creative voice that allows it to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

What kind of company created A24?

Based in Manhattan, A24 is an independent entertainment entity specializing in film production and distribution. The organization came into existence in 2012 and was founded by Daniel Katz, David Fenkel, and John Hodges.