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Aaron’s logo suggests development and progress, increasing wealth, which is possible for people of all incomes thanks to a special installment policy. The emblem shows that solving everyday problems with the company’s stores is easy.

Aaron’s: Brand overview

Founded: June 19, 1955
Founder: R. Charles Loudermilk
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Website: aarons.com

Aaron’s is a private rental and installment company for North Americans. The firm and its franchisees sell goods online and in 1,300 stores in the U.S. and Canada. The business generates up to $4 billion in revenue annually.

The creator and owner of Aarons (originally Aaron Rents) is an enterprising sales manager named Charles Loudermilk. He named the company based on considerations of the initial letters “Aa,” which would secure the top positions in the directories. The business grew in furniture rental, real estate, automobiles, appliances, and office equipment. Beginning in 1982, the businessman began selling stock in the company, retaining a 42% stake. Loudermilk currently serves on the board of directors. He was succeeded as president by Steven Olsen.

Meaning and History

Aaron’s Logo History

The creators of Aaron’s brand identified the main concepts with which it should be associated: accessibility, flexibility, optimism, care, help, trust, and respect. They assumed that a supplier of furniture, electronics, and home appliances offered quality home products that provided comfort. This position is reflected in the visual identity of the company. A pleasant blue color has long been used for the logo – a symbol of calmness. It brings a sense of harmony, relaxes, and reduces anxiety.

Aaron’s logo has come a long way in evolution to be successfully used on different media. It is found in the company’s official online store and physical stores in the United States and Canada. This is a powerful visual signal that the seller deserves unconditional trust.

What is Aaron’s?

A consumer-goods leasing company. The company has stores in Canada and 47 of the 50 U.S. states. It has existed since 1955. The company’s assets are over $3 billion. The President of Aaron’s is Stephen Olsen.

1955 – 1964

Aaron's Logo 1955

In 1955, Aaron Rents, Inc. was founded. Its logo looked like an oddly shaped advertising sign, with a large black arrow on the left and a white rectangle with a triangular cutout on the right. This design served as the basis for the inscription “AARON RENTS.” The word on the left was white because it stood out better against a dark background. For the second half of the text, on the contrary, black was used. The bold sans-serif font made the company name stand out.

1965 – early 1970s

Aaron's Logo 1965

During this period, the brand had an emblem consisting of two parts. The main element is the inscription “Aaron Rents.” It was in a contrast italic serif typeface, roughly similar to FontSite Inc.’s Bodoni Recut FS Condensed Italic. Between the words was an oval containing a black-and-white portrait of a man with a bagpipe.

Early 1970s – 1990s

Aaron's Logo 1970s

The company began using a wordmark written in bold italic serifs. The font resembled SoftMaker’s Riccione Serial Bold Italic, SIL International’s Dai Banna SIL Light Bold Italic, or GNU FreeFont’s FreeSerif BoldItalic. A white version of the logo on a dark blue background has survived to this day – in this form, it was presented in advertising on the pages of a printed publication.

1987 – 2006

Aaron's Logo 1987

The new Aaron’s emblem contained a three-level inscription. At the top was the blue brand name, crossed out with a thin red stripe. The modern, bold sans-serif was in keeping with the brand’s aesthetic, while its softness was indicative of caring and customer-centricity.

The bright red word “RENT-TO-OWN” occupied the second line in slanted grotesque. It hinted at the core business of the company. At the very bottom was the dark blue phrase “ELECTRONICS APPLIANCES FURNITURE” – the category of products that could be purchased. And to the right of the inscription was a stylized image of light lightning splitting in two a circle of thin red and white stripes. The energy symbol was represented as a negative space.

2006 – 2018

Aaron's Old Logo

For Aaron’s logo, blue letters of the name were chosen, resting on a white cushion with a double outer outline: blue and brown-green. The logo was introduced around 2010 after Aaron Rent was renamed Aaron’s.

The white “cushion cloud” symbolizes the dreams the brand helps fulfill, and the double outline is an indicator of its customers’ special protection from life’s hardships. The company’s offer is beneficial to those who, for certain reasons, cannot take advantage of a bank loan. Thanks to Aarons, they can afford new things. In addition to the trade offer, the firm has a fund whose money is invested in the future of girls and boys from low-income families (BGCA clubs) in the communities where the outlets are located. In this way, Aarons protects the country’s future and helps families.

2018 – today

Aarons Logo

In 2018, the holding company split into PROG Holdings, Inc (consumer loans and leasing) and The Aaron’s Company (leasing, furniture manufacturing, and internet platform).

They chose a lighter color of letters for the new logo and removed the dark, heavy outline. Thanks to this, the logo has become more airy and modern.

Under the name of the company, its main principles are indicated: “Easy, Beautiful, Accessible”:

  • Easy. Buying and renting from Aarons is easy. Just choose an item online or in-store, and it’s delivered to the customer’s home.
  • Affordable. You won’t need a large sum to get started, so the offer is affordable for 50% of low-income families.
  • Beautiful. The company sells quality and beautiful items from well-known brands. In addition, the chain has begun renovating outlets and opening GenNext-type stores with more presentable and comfortable sales areas. By the beginning of 2022, there will be 100 of them.

Aaron’s helps low-income families get access to civilization’s benefits and live with dignity. That’s the message the logo carries.

Font and Colors

Aaron's Symbol

The color of the modern logo is light sky blue on a white background. It is associated with lightness, simplicity, and beauty, which express the essence of Aaron’s offerings and operating principles.

  • Light blue is the embodiment of customers’ dreams, the opportunity to raise the standard of living.
  • White – honest terms, transparency of the offer.The old logo had double protection of the lettering.
  • Blue outline – is an indicator of experience, the right choice, and quality developments. Rent helps users figure out if the thing suits them, if it is comfortable, and choose the perfect one for themselves. The price list includes quality and proven items and the best designs.
  • The swampy color of the outer trim is a combination of the hues of life (green), everyday life (brown), and consistency and reliability (gray). Their mix says that Aaron’s protects and enhances the living conditions of its users. She is a trustworthy partner.

The old and new logo font is the same – Futura Pro Extra Bold.

Aaron’s color codes

Bright Navy Blue Hex color: #0069c8
RGB: 0 105 200
CMYK: 100 48 0 22
Pantone: PMS 285 C