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Lidl Logo

Lidl Logo
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LIDL is a German brand of a food company in wholesale and discount trade of food and household goods. Today, she owns an extensive supermarket chain (over 10 thousand) throughout Europe and the United States, decorated in the same corporate style and colors – blue, yellow, and red.

Meaning and History

Lidl Logo History
Evolution of the Lidl Logo

The company was founded in 1930 and was founded by a small grocery store in Berlin, Joseph Schwarz, and his friend, professor of economics Ludwig Lidl, who proposed this idea. Initially, the company was called “Lidl & Schwarz,” but only the capacious and sonorous word LIDL was left as the name, changing the spelling to capital letters. Schwartz was in charge of the business, and it took him only ten years to bring wholesale food warehouses to leading positions in Germany and Austria. During the war, LIDL was one of the suppliers of provisions for the army.

After the defeat of Germany, the company was liquidated, as all its property was destroyed. But Josef Schwarz decided to recreate it from scratch, and after ten years, LIDL again entered the top three wholesale food agents.

Since 1977, the company has been divided into two segments – economic and grocery, and also began to wage “price wars,” offering its customers a price that is always lower than that of competitors. With prices in economy class, all goods in LIDL chains are of the highest quality.
In 1930, bright corporate colors were chosen with the memorable name – blue, yellow, and red – symbolizing friendliness, warmth, and reliability.

Also, then the logo was created, which has remained unchanged to this day. The base is a blue square as a symbol of stability, quality, and reliability. Inside, there is a yellow circle in a red rim, symbolizing the company’s loyalty and friendliness. There is the name of the LIDL trademark in the center, executed in large letters in blue and red. The lowercase letter i is depicted at an angle, which visually makes it even larger than others. This unconventional approach immediately attracts attention with its creativity.

The logo is bright, memorable, allows you to identify the brand at first glance. Experts say the LIDL emblem inspires confidence and the desire to shop from them.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Lidl Emblem

Since its inception, a well-known retail chain logo reflects an optimistic style, openness, and friendlinessโ€”the central link in the name – an inscription with three uppercase and one lowercase letter. Moreover, the developers highlighted the “i” in color – it is red, while the rest of the signs are blue. This symbol outwardly resembles a funny little man, who has a round dot instead of ahead. To emphasize this similarity, the letter was turned on its side. Next comes a yellow circle, outlined with a red stripe. All items are in a blue square.

Lidl Symbol

The letters in the logo are not written but drawn, making no sense to talk about a typographic typeface. Each sign in a word is individual. They are similar to serif fonts, but it is impossible to specify a completely identical version. “L” has a highly raised and cut end of the leg, “D” is very wide with an almost invisible inner gap, and “i” is lowercase.

The life-affirming and joyful logo color come from the combination of Pigment Red (# EE1C25), Rose Yellow (# FFF200), and Medium Persian Blue (# 015AA2).