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Costco Wholesale Logo
Costco Wholesale Logo PNG

Costco is a chain of stores with a unique business model. Each outlet is a warehouse where cardholders can only make purchases. You need to renew it, and therefore re-enter the Costco “club” once a year. In addition to goods, the company offers various services: insurance, travel arrangements, etc.

Meaning and History

Costco Logo History
Evolution of the Costco Logo

The iconic red and blue Costco Wholesale Corporation logo took on its current look at the millennium turn. Before that, it had been refined several times, although the general concept remained the same: horizontal inscription with minimal decor.

1976 – 1993

Price Club Logo 1976-1993

The modern Costco is the successor to the Price Club warehouse chain that began in 1976. Its predecessor had a very simple emblem: the black word PRICE CLUB on a white background.

1983 – 1993

Costco Logo 1983-1993

The Costco company appeared in 1983. Its name was presented on the trademark. To accentuate attention, the designers used a dark red color.

1993 – 1997

Costco Logo 1993-1997

After merging with Price Club, the chain of stores worked separately for some time. The rebranding affected the logo: the font became italic, the color of the lettering became light red, and a horizontal blue stripe appeared at the bottom.

1997 – today

Costco Wholesale Logo 1997-present

In 1997, PriceCostco became Costco Wholesale Corporation and introduced a new logo. The designers retained the iconic brand image: they left red lettering and added a blue word “WHOLESALE” with three short horizontal lines.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Costco Wholesale Emblem

Costco has a concept trademark: it contains the name of the chain of stores and the corporate colors with which it is associated. Three parallel stripes make the text dynamic.

The logo creators used the commercial Futura Extra Bold Oblique font. They lengthened the letters a bit and positioned them at a slight angle, tilted to the right. Another highlight of Costco is its eye-catching palette, which includes just two colors: red (# E31837) and blue (# 005DAA).